To all Webmasters and Webmaster wannabes:

WebTen 1.1, Tenon’s new Apache Web server, is available for a limited time
)from DevDepot at the special price of $350. To order, point your
browser at:


To read about WebTen and to download a copy for testing, see:


According to Ziff Davis, Tenon’s Apache Web server is the fastest Web
server for Macintosh. In the typical 4 -12 client range, WebTen is three
times faster than WebSTAR! On a heavily loaded system, WebTen is still 30%

Tenon is committed to making the Macintosh a world class Web server. Why
shouldn’t the world’s most popular Web creation platform be the world’s
most popular Web server platform? The only thing that is holding the
Macintosh back today in Web serving is performance. With Tenon’s
system-level additions (a native fast file system and an advanced TCP
stack), the Mac can reach a new level of performance. Tenon’s goal is to
make Macintosh Web performance comparable to UNIX and NT servers, even
before Rhapsody. A WebTen “supercache” upgrade under development has
already been measured by Ziff Davis Labs to yield 300 connections a second!

With Tenon’s true virtual hosting and proxy service, the Macintosh is no
longer a second-class citizen on the Internet. Join the Tenon revolution
and start serving Web pages with WebTen today.