Press Contact: For Release August 4, 1997
Gordy Davies
Metrowerks Inc.
(512) 873-4797


PowerPlant Class Libraries Expanded to Support
Mac OS 8 Appearance Manager

AUSTIN, Texas – August 4, 1997 – Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF,
TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world’s leading providers of software development
tools, is announcing additions to CodeWarrior Professional that will take
advantage of the new features in Mac OS 8.

CodeWarrior will soon support the Mac OS 8 Appearance Manager by creating
new classes in PowerPlant for using the new interface controls, which
include sliders, progress bars, group boxes, pop-up menu buttons, bevel
buttons, and image wells. Existing PowerPlant grayscale classes are being
modified to implement these same controls under System 7.5. This way,
customers can create PowerPlant applications that have the same look and
feel, whether running on System 7.5 or on Mac OS 8.

Metrowerks will also soon be providing full Java 1.1.3 support for Mac OS
8, in both the tools and the VM.

“We’re very excited about all the new features coming out with Mac OS 8,”
said Greg Galanos, president and chief technology officer of Metrowerks.
“And we’re working hard to make sure Mac developers can take full advantage
of the new system by using our tools.

“All these changes will be available as a downloadable patch, for all our
CodeWarrior Professional customers, by the end of August,” Galanos said.
“However, for those who want an early look, we’ll be demonstrating an alpha
version at our kiosk in the Apple developers section at Macworld Expo in
Boston next week.”

CodeWarrior Professional 2, due out later this year, will include the new
tools. For those who have an earlier version of CodeWarrior, or who plan to
purchase CodeWarrior Professional 1, the patch will be available free of

CodeWarrior Professional Pricing and Availability

CodeWarrior Professional is available from Metrowerks and Metrowerks’
authorized distributors for an SRP of US$599, with competitive upgrades
being offered at US$449, and academic pricing at US$119. All purchases
include one free product update and technical support for a year from

About PowerPlant

PowerPlant is Metrowerks’ object-oriented application framework and its
class library for 68K and PowerPC Macintosh. The PowerPlant class library
has been developed specifically for the Macintosh operating system and
exploits core Apple technologies. PowerPlant is designed to be easy to use,
and when used, to produce commercial-quality applications that are small
with respect to code size and efficient with respect to speed and memory

About CodeWarrior

CodeWarrior is an intuitive suite of software development tools that
includes an award-winning IDE complete with project manager, resource and
text editors, debugger, class browser, online documentation and tutorials.
CodeWarrior’s cross-platform compilers support C, C++, Java, and Pascal and
allow programmers to build applications for Windows 95, Windows NT and
Mac OS, all from one unique development environment.

About Metrowerks (

Founded in 1985, Metrowerks develops, markets and supports a complete line
of programming tools used for software development for a number of
operating systems and microprocessors. Intended for use on desktop
computers or embedded systems, these operating systems include Mac OS,
Windows 95, Windows NT, PlayStation OS, BeOS and Palm OS, running on
68K, PowerPC, MIPS and x86 microprocessors. Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior
products are used by over 90,000 registered users in 70 countries. More
information is available by visiting on the web.


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