Iconovex Corp. Introduces EchoSearch Web Software for the Macintosh The
First Truly Intelligent Desktop Research Tool

Bloomington, MN – Iconovex Corporation, makers of the award-winning
intelligent desktop-based professional research tool EchoSearch, announces
a Macintosh version, EchoSearch 1.08. A simple, yet powerful tool,
EchoSearch significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of Internet
or corporate Intranet searches.

“With the wealth of information available today online, millions of
Macintosh users of the Internet and corporate Intranets need a tool to help
sort through and find relevant information,” states Zeyad Abbas, general
manager of Iconovex. “EchoSearch addresses the needs of those users, with a
tool that will not only find information, but synthesize and distill it.”

Making use of Java’s multi-threading capabilities, EchoSearch enables users
to simultaneously query multiple search engines. Unlike other Web search
tools, EchoSearch features an intelligent back-end that can index and
accurately summarize the research documents that are gathered in response
to the query.

Once the complete hit list has been built, EchoSearch again uses Java’s
multi-threading capabilities to simultaneously download the documents AND
to process them linguistically, extracting the important phrases and ideas.
The resulting indexes and summaries are then matched against the user’s
original query and the user is presented with a condensed view that
contains only the most relevant entries. These entries are then
hyperlinked to their occurrences in the original documents.

After viewing the research results, a user has the option of refining the
original search by returning to the EchoSearch interface and clicking on
the “Refine Results” button. When this alternative is selected, the
program then displays another subset view of the refined query on the
initial global views (documents/hits that were found the first time).

“Today’s typical search engine is only capable of returning document names
and maybe the first sentence or two, thereby leaving end-users with the
time-consuming task of examining each hit individually,” adds Abbas. “Our
EchoSearch software takes searching to the document content level by
automatically collecting the summaries and indexes that match the original
query, thus improving both the speed and accuracy of the search.”

EchoSearch for the Macintosh can be downloaded for free starting March 11th
from the Iconovex Web site at For additional
information contact Iconovex Corporation at 800-943-0292, or via E-mail at EchoSearch, also available on an IBM platform is part of
the highly acknowledged Iconovex product line, which includes Indexicon*
and SWAPI(tm), all of which are based on Syntactica*, Iconovex’s
proprietary indexing and abstracting engine.

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Iconovex Corporation is a software development company and a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Innovex, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVX), the world’s leading
manufacturer of lead-wire assemblies for the thin film disk drive market