Nombas has developed a JavaScript compatible interpreter that you can
include in your application or embedded system. This interpreter
developer’s kit is called the ScriptEase:Integration SDK. Using an
interpreter in your application means you get:

Faster Application Development
More Flexible Applications
Easier Portability
Improved Code Reuse

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK allows you to embed into your C/C++
application a fully functional, JavaScript compatible, script language
interpreter. You get the full power of an interpreter engine without the
time, engineering and hardware resources normally required when developing
your own macro language interpreter. The ScriptEase Interpreter offers all
the flow control operators: if, else, while, do/while, for switch, and
goto. Also included are the pre-processor directives, #include, #if,
#ifdef, #else #ifel, #endif, #define.

With The ScriptEase:Integration SDK you can allow access to your
applications’ functions and data through a controlled and safe environment.
ScriptEase variables include bytes, longs, floats and dynamically sizeable
arrays and structures. You can create ScriptEase functions that take a
variable number of arguments, or take variables of various types. You can
also create global variables and #defines that can be accessed by any
script. The option to interpret from a string in memory or from a file is
available. The SDK even includes a ScriptEase stack API that lets your
C/C++ application call ScriptEase functions directly.

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK is the easiest embeddable interpreter to use
and by far the most flexible. There are only two functions required to
initialize the interpreter and two calls to clean up. A fifth call,
CmmInterpt(), interprets the ScriptEase code. To extend the interpreters
function library with your own calls, simple wrapper functions will need to
be written. There are over 75 API functions available for you to get the
exact behavior you want from your ScriptEase functions. VBA, Perl, Python,
tcl, Java, none of these have the balance of power, flexibility, and
ease-of-use that the ScriptEase:Integration SDK offers. Do virtually
anything you would do in a compiled language in ScriptEase:

Read a file from a menu selection or button press
Make a calculation
Simulate key strokes
Format screen, file or printer output
Automate tasks
Spawn and/or subclass an application
Communicate via a network or with hardware
Make system calls

The ScriptEase:Integration SDK ships with numerous sample applications,
on-line and printed documentation (html format), and over 100 sample
wrapper functions. Also included is technical support via email, fax or
phone. The ScriptEase:Integration SDK is available for Windows 3.1,
Windows ’95/NT/PPC, Linux, Unix (Sun/Solaris, AIX, Irix, HP-UX, Digital
UNIX, SCO Unix & FreeBSD), DOS (including DPMI), OS/2, MacOS (68k and
PPC), NetWare, and embedded systems.

For more information, pricing and details call Nombas at 617-391-6595,
email sales at or take a look at the
ScriptEase:Integration SDK web site at:

There you will find more information about the SDK, view sample code, and
review a list of the ScriptEase:Integration SDK API functions. Download a
free, full-functioning evaluation copy from the web page.
Nombas – – ScriptEase:Integration SDK Development