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ClearWay Technologies


— FireSite Now Also Optimized for 56K-128K ISDN-Based Web Servers —

Boston, MA., July 11, 1997 — ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announced
an updated version of its FireSite(tm) Web Site Accelerator, which contains
special optimizations for ISDN-based Web servers. When used with ISDN
lines running at speeds from 56Kbps to 128Kbps, FireSite 2.1 can sustain
page delivery speeds exceeding 500Kbps, and can increase Web site “traffic
capacity” by 400-800%. FireSite 2.1 also can now operated in conjunction
with “virtual ISDN connections”. Free Demos are available from

“We’ve received a huge amount of interest from Webmasters using ISDN lines.
They’re looking for higher performance and higher traffic capacity, without
the immediate cost increase of going to a T-1 line,” said Mark Kriegsman,
president of ClearWay Technologies. “FireSite 2.1 has had special
optimizations and features added for ISDN-based Web servers; Webmasters
with ISDN can now use FireSite 2.1 for an immediate performance boost, even
if they’re considering paying for a T-1 in the future. FireSite 2.1 is a
really affordable bridge to higher bandwidth.”

Many ISDN Webmasters are now hosting additional ‘virtual’ Web sites, and
FireSite 2.1, with its integrated Virtual Domain Manager, provides an
excellent solution. FireSite 2.1 Standard and Multimedia Edition include
the FireSite Virtual Domain Manager, the Web’s most advanced single-IP Web
hosting system. Because server load and bandwidth requirements increase as
more sites are hosted, FireSite’s speed and capacity increases are a
perfect companion for Webmasters hosting virtual Web sites on ISDN lines.

Prices for full-featured versions of FireSite 2.1 start at US$99. The list
of all FireSite 2.1 products and prices is available at

For orders and product information please call 1-888-55CLEAR (1-888-552-5327)