No Wonder, Inc.
Contact: Scott William, President/CEO
Telephone: 913-696-0179, Fax: 913-696-0431

Free Computer Support Online for MacOS, Windows, Be, Solaris, and
OS/2 Users

(Overland Park, KS–July 8, 1997)–No Wonder, Inc. announces Free Computer
Support for users of MacOS, Windows 95/NT, Windows 3.x, Be, OS/2 and
Solaris. No Wonder has been providing free support to the MacOS community
for over 8 months. During this time it has been 100% volunteer based,
computer users helping computer users. No Wonder is made up of volunteers
from all over the world including Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Sweden
and the US.

Free Computer Support is available to all Internet users. What sets No
Wonder apart from individual company web support sites, is the personal
relationship they provide to its users. Scott William,
Founder/President/CEO said, “It is our goal to keep users from spending
hours on-line searching for answers through databases, which may or may not
help them. Users can simply come to our site, ask our support staff, and
get a personal reply in 24 hours or less at no cost.” No Wonder extends
this help with on-line message boards and chat rooms, allowing both users
access to public forums set up specifically for real time technical support.

Club No Wonder is the company’s alternative to Free Support. It includes
3-hour turn around time on support through E-mail, plus other benefits and
features. Scott Johnson, Director of Support commented, “We wanted to
provide faster support to our users, than our already less than 24 hour
turn around for free support.” Individuals can gain the enhanced support
options for only $10.00 every 3-months.

Unlike individual manufacturer support, we do not limit support to one
machine, or one line of products. “If your scanner is causing a conflict
with your internal hard drive because of an extension installed that is not
compatible with the current revision of system software, chances of finding
that information in a database is like finding a needle in the haystack.”
says Johnson.

No Wonder covers all aspects of a computer, the software running, and all
peripherals. There will be times the support team of troubleshooters will
find a problem, and have to point users in the direction of the help desk
of a specified company. This will allow users to call the company knowing
exactly what the problem is, what is causing it so either parts can be
replaced, updates can be issued, or whatever means a company so decides how
to support their product and customers. “It is a win – win situation for
users and help desks all over,” commented William.

In addition to the community atmosphere and support the site has on-line
chat rooms, message boards, and a full featured computer classifieds area.
William says, “It is my vision to see No Wonder become a household name
for on-line computer support, and today is the day we begin to make this

PO BOX 25445
Shawnee Mission, KS 66225