Morph Technologies is Proud to announce its first in a series of E-Commerce
solutions for DynaMorph … the most versatile cross-platform scripting
solution on the market!

With the release of version 1.3 of DynaMorph we now offer optional modules
that allow you to extend DynaMorph for your particular needs. The first of
these modules that we are making available is:

MacAuthorize module for DynaMorph

With this add-in module you can now process forms and authorize credit
cards all in the span of a single connection to your server. This
particular module extends DynaMorph’s server-side command set, allowing it
to communicate directly with MacAuthorize and Authorize credit cards!

Additional information on the use of the module can be obtained at:

A fully functional demo version of the MacAuthorize module comes installed
in version 1.3 of DynaMorph. You can test out the new module prior to
purchasing. Download a fully capable version of DynaMorph and the new
E-Commerce module by visiting our site:

Pricing information for DynaMorph is available at:

Parties interested in building their own DynaMorph Extension Modules should
contact us at: we are happy to entertain
co-marketing arrangements. Details on the API for DynaMorph is located at: