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Pictorius Ships iNet Developer for Macintosh

New Intranet Development Tool Takes Team Approach to Building Powerful Sites

Thursday June 19,1997 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Pictorius
Incorporated, the leading developer of Intranet software solutions for the
corporate market, today released the commercial version of Pictorius iNet
Developer for Macintosh, a next generation Intranet site development tool.

Pictorius iNet Developer is a complete Intranet development solution
designed to allow multiple users in corporate environments the ability to
create complex sites, manage databases and change content instantly with an
easy-to-use, visual interface. Anticipating the release of Mac OS 8,
Pictorius iNet Developer includes support for context sensitive menus
available only in the new OS. This enhances user productivity by providing
immediate access to options available in specific areas of the application.

“With both the Macintosh and Windows versions of iNet Developer now
available, Pictorius is providing a powerful Intranet development tool for
cross platform corporate environments,” said Jesse Boudreau, President &
CEO of Pictorius, Inc. “The release of the Macintosh version of iNet
Developer reaffirms our commitment to the platform.” he continued.

Pictorius iNet Developer gives IS managers powerful tools to build custom
functionality into a site and enables content providers (e.g. Marketing,
Finance, HR departments) the freedom to update and maintain site content
themselves. With iNet Developer, both Macintosh and Windows PC users can
update and edit the same site simultaneously.

To simplify changes to a site, Pictorius iNet Developer uses a visual
representation of the site that lets users quickly maneuver through
individual pages and branches. The drag and drop interface lets users
implement changes while the site is running.

Pictorius iNet Developer also supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) so
that companies can easily integrate existing databases into their sites.
iNet Developer generates HTML “on-demand” making it easier to put
applications into production by eliminating the need to manage hundreds of
individual HTML files.

Pictorius iNet Developer also has the ability to import and export an
existing iNet site, or portion of a site, to or from a local machine. This
makes it ideal for editing and updating sites from remote locations and
removes the processing overhead from the server during site editing.

Pictorius iNet Developer includes Pictorius’ Prograph programming language,
an object-oriented and dynamic development environment, that allows users
to link objects to accomplish tasks. The visual interface of Prograph, and
its integrated debugger, help users quickly find mistakes and make changes
on the fly with the application running. The unique characteristics of the
development environment significantly increase programmer productivity and
software quality.

Pricing and Availability

A demo version of Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh is available on
the Pictorius web site ( for general download. The
demo does not include the programming environment. The commercial version
of Pictorius iNet Developer is $1495US, including the site and page editor,
the application server, the integrated programming environment and a web

System Requirements

The full installation of Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh, including
the iNet site and page editor, iNet application server, Pictorius Net
Servers and full programming environment requires a minimum 68030
processor, System 7.5.3, 32 MB of RAM and 100MB of hard disk space.


Press Contact:
Andrew Clarke
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