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Susan Marlett
ClearWay Technologies


— The Web’s Most Advanced Virtual Web Site Hosting System. Uses Only A
Single IP Address, Does Not Depend On HTTP ‘Host’ Field —

New York City, June 17, 1997, Mac OS Expo — ClearWay Technologies, Inc.
today announced FireSite(TM) Virtual Domain Manager (VDM), the Web’s most
advanced virtual Web site hosting system, and its immediate availability
for Web servers running StarNine’s WebSTAR. FireSite Virtual Domain
Manager allows Webmasters to ‘host’ multiple Web sites on a single Web
server without the need for additional IP addresses, and without relying
exclusively on the HTTP “Host” field. ClearWay has announced an
introductory price of US$99.00, and has made 30-day evaluation copies
freely available from their Web site.

“Web hosting is big business these days, and clients demand their own
virtual URLs,” explained Mark Kriegsman, president of ClearWay
Technologies. “Older systems either consumed multiple IP addresses, or
depended completely on the HTTP ‘Host’ field, which not all browsers
support. FireSite VDM overcomes almost every limitation of older systems,
and delivers a professional-quality Web hosting system that uses only a
single IP address.” By using a simultaneous combination of several
techniques, FireSite VDM can serve multiple Web sites without depending on
browsers to provide the HTTP “Host” field. FireSite virtual Web sites are
accessible to all browsers and search engines. In addition, FireSite VDM
includes resettable traffic statistics that can be used for customer

FireSite VDM, an integrated component of ClearWay’s FireSite Web Site
Accelerator since April, is now available as a stand-alone product.
Webmasters have praised the FireSite hosting system. Tim Taplin of
Colorado Business Systems said, “Now that we have seen FireSite in action,
we are aggressively pursuing web design and hosting clients.” Gabriel
Shirley of Quantum Efficiency Consulting in Nashville, TN, said simply,
“The multihoming feature is the best I’ve used.”

The introductory price of US$99.00 for FireSite Virtual Domain Manager is
effective through July 31, 1997 and includes “up and running” technical
support and free same-product upgrades for one year.

ClearWay Technologies, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the
leading developer of Internet acceleration tools. Founded in January 1996,
and privately held, ClearWay is best known for its FireSite Web Site
Accelerator. Further information on ClearWay Technologies may be obtained
by calling 1-888-55CLEAR, accessing ClearWay’s Web site at or by e-mailing