WebSonar; Extends AppleShare IP 5.0

June 2, 1997, Midlothian, Virginia. Virginia Systems announced that their
WebSonar Internet document server can be used with AppleShare IP 5.0.

First announced in January, AppleShare IP 5.0 (ASIP) comprises AppleShare,
FTP, Web, e-mail and print servers. The AppleTalk Filing Protocol-compliant
file server can communicate using AppleTalk and TCP/IP.

WebSonar can search over 12,000 pages per second and display the full
contents of found documents. Based on Virginia Systems’ Sonar Professional
search engine WebSonar allows users to publish information quickly and
easily on either the Internet or an intranet, without having to convert
their files to HTML.

WebSonar provides “context” to the stateless HTTP protocol requests so that
a user’s input on one Web page is “remembered” when the same user moves to
a different page or even opens a new window, and asks for something else.

Document Libraries can be automatically updated by simply adding new files
to the library item folder. The Oklahoma City bombing trial transcripts,
available on the WebSonar web site, are updated daily using this feature.
The web site has over 300 megabytes of documents to search, including the
complete works of Shakespeare, the Bible, hundreds of literary works, the
U.S. Constitution, and much more.

Among the features of WebSonar are: phonetic, synonym and Boolean searches;
relevancy ranking which displays the most relevant documents first; a
built-in thesaurus; a Go To Document command which displays the names of
all found documents and the number of times that the search phrase appears
in them; support for non-HTML based documents, such as Microsoft Word,
WordPerfect, QuarkXPress and ASCII; and the grouping of documents into
“libraries,” any of which can be selected for searching.

You can download all the WebSonar information in a MS Word document by
linking to: http://www.websonar.com/websonardescription.hqx file size: 60
kilobytes, estimated transfer time at 28.8, less than three seconds!

WebSonar is fast, secure, inexpensive, and easy to use. A demo is available
for downloading at http://www.websonar.com

Prices vary based on configuration between the number of local users and
the number of Internet users.

For Example:
1 local user/1 Internet user – $395
1 local user/5 concurrent Internet users – $795

Virginia Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 and specializes in document
imaging, text retrieval and index generation software.

For further information, contact:
Virginia Systems, 5509 West Bay Court, Midlothian, VA 23112-2506
Phone: (804) 739-3200, FAX: (804) 739-8376, Email: vasys@concentric.net