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Austin, TX (May 28, 1997) – Purity Software is proud to announce a public
beta program for Macintosh Web Masters looking for the ultimate web site
security solution. WebSentinel replaces or supplements your web server’s
built-in security, allowing more flexibility and power to manage users and
secure areas with a complete Macintosh user interface. Features include
GREP match strings, custom “No Access” files for each realm, and full
caching. WebSentinel’s extensible plug-in architecture allows you to
integrate existing user data and security architectures.

As of today, interested users can download a preliminary beta version of
WebSentinel from Purity Software’s web site and begin using the new product
immediately. The software is available at

The initial version of WebSentinel due later this quarter will focus on
ease of administration and the capability of working with tens of thousands
of user accounts on a web site. “I want WebSentinel to set a new standard
for Macintosh-based CGI products in terms of interface, useability, and raw
power,” said Nathan Nunn, President of Purity Software, “I consider many of
the products offered in the past sub-standard in terms of user interface
and experience. We are developing products for a Macintosh audience, so
there is no excuse for a lack of native GUI administration tools.”

Though WebSentinel was initially announced at MacWorld 1997 in San
Francisco earlier this year, development was delayed to further improve the
quality of the product.


WebSentinel requires an Apple Macintosh or compatible computer running
System 7.5 or higher, 1MB RAM for the Admin application, and a Macintosh
web server that supports the W*API version 1.1 such as WebSTAR v1.3.2 or
v2.0 by StarNine Technologies, a division of Quarterdeck or Quid Pro Quo
v1.0 by Chris Hawk.


WebSentinel has a MSRP of $99.95 and is expected to ship later this
quarter. Educational institutions qualify for a 15% discount on total
package price. Further details on purchasing WebSentinel are available on
Purity’s web site at (


– Users who pre-purchase WebSentinel while participating in the public beta
program will receive a 15% discount and will be provided printed
documentation when the final software ships.

– Users of competing or outdated web site security packages qualify for a
15% discount when upgrading to WebSentinel for their web site.


Purity Software, Inc. was founded in 1995, is a privately-held corporation
based in Austin, TX. The company is committed to developing the finest
products possible for the Macintosh and Be communities. Purity Software may
be contacted at 1016 Mopac Circle, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78746, USA;
512-328-2288; fax 512-328-2688;

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