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Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, May-23-1997. UNI SOFTWARE PLUS today announced the
IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY of the new version 1.8 of its popular version
control tool VOODOO.

The new version offers so many great new features that it should be called
2.0. However, since we did already reserve this version number for the next
great step (the client server solution) this version is just called 1.8.
Here is a list of the most important new features of version 1.8:

+ Support of AppleEvents and AppleScript
+ Smooth integration with Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE
(compatible with CW IDE 1.7.4 as well as with the upcoming CW IDE 2.0)
+ Essential parts PowerPC native
+ Fetch and Store operations are backgroundable
+ Show differences between versions (not only for text files!)
+ Configurable local file locking (Finder flag or ‘ckid’ resource)
+ Improved handling of local files including the creation of folder structures
+ Change local path prefix command allows to “move” whole subtrees
+ Improved user interface
+ Improved and bigger dialogs for Store & Fetch commands
+ View command lets you easily open any object of the version pool
+ Significant performance improvements in many places

“One of VOODOO’s great advantages always was its ease of use. The
easy-to-use graphical user interface makes VOODOO suitable not only for
programming projects but for projects of any kind. The new version supports
Metrowerks’ version control interface and thus can be smoothly integrated
with the CodeWarrior IDE. Now users may choose whether they want to perform
their version control tasks directly from inside the CodeWarrior IDE or
whether they want to use the graphical project browser (the VOODOO
stand-alone application). This is a further step in making version control
not only feasible but pleasant.” said Christoph Reichenberger, VOODOO
product manager, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS.

Another unique feature of VOODOO is its amazing delta storage of arbitrary
files with space savings of 95% and more. In version 1.8 the delta
generation process has been improved and is PPC native now. The new version
also supports the comparison of files of different types. Right now VOODOO
can display the differences of text files, MS Word files and resource files
using different helper applications. Other file types will follow.

Pricing and Availability:
VOODOO 1.8 is available from UNI SOFTWARE PLUS and selected retailers for a
suggested price of US$229. Academic prices as well as special prices for
multiple licenses are available. Customers who buy VOODOO 1.7 were already
informed about available upgrade paths.

Save your money and our trees – VOODOO UNBOXED
Starting with version 1.8 of VOODOO, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS also offers an
unboxed version of VOODOO, i.e., you can download the software together
with the full online documentation and obtain a serial number directly via
the web. Of course, the unboxed version is cheaper than the boxed version
and no shipment has to be paid.

More information as well as a free demo version may be obtained from
( as well as by sending
mail to (

VOODOO Engine For OEMs:
In addition to the full version control tool UNI SOFTWARE PLUS will soon
release a “VOODOO Engine” which is a server application with an AppleEvent
interface that can be used to integrate version control functionality in
other applications.

For Newcomers – What is VOODOO?
VOODOO (Versions Of Outdated Documents Organized Orthogonally) is a
stand-alone version control tool with a neat graphical user interface
offering many features for the simple and clear management of projects in
which files evolve in numerous versions. The tool manages not only variants
and revisions of single files, but of whole software projects (multiple
files, multiple users, multiple variants, access rights, project structure,
project history, etc.).

VOODOO differs from previous source code control systems in its orthogonal
approach to version management. This means that for every component of a
project hierarchy you can not only store its revision history but also
different variants of the same component. The orthogonal organization of
revisions and variants leads to a much clearer organization than with other
tools which use trees for organizing variants and revisions.

VOODOO uses delta storage for storing the different versions with savings
of about 95% (up to 99%). It is not restricted to text files but also
handles files of arbitrary type (desktop publishing documents, databases,
libraries, applications, etc.)

VOODOO proves suitable for projects of any size, small (one developer) to
large (many developers). A flexible locking mechanism ensures data
integrity when several developers work on the same project.

VOODOO At A Glance:
* Clear organization of variants and revisions
* Efficient delta storage of arbitrary (text as well as non-text)
documents (about 95 % savings)
* View differences of files of different types (not only text-files)
* Management of users and access rights
* Management of versions of components as well as versions
of the project structure
* Neat graphical user interface, Scriptable, CodeWarrior integration
* Easy to use