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Subject: Prelude To Rhapsody For Program Members

You’ve asked for it, and here it is. If you are a program member and are
signed up for our seeding program, you too can get Prelude to Rhapsody. Due
to licensing restrictions this is a limited offer and you’ll need to
request it, but if you want it and will use it, you should be able to get
it. Note the special addition of WebObjects which was provided as a bonus
to WWDC attendees is not included in this package, but all of the rest of
the software you need to get started is.




Prelude to Rhapsody for Apple Developer Program Members

Due to the phenomenal success of the Prelude to Rhapsody bundle that was
given to all attendees of last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference,
Apple Developer Relations has obtained a limited supply of Prelude to
Rhapsody development tools and is very pleased to be able to offer these to
members of Apple’s Developer Programs.

Apple is making these OPENSTEP development tools available free of charge
to qualified program members on a first-come, first-served basis. The set
of tools includes OPENSTEP User 4.2 for Mach Prerelease 2, OPENSTEP
Developer 4.2 for Mach Prerelease 2, OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 for Windows NT
and Windows 95 Prerelease and associated online documentation.

We want to make sure you are ready for Rhapsody which is why we are
providing you with this early opportunity to gain hands-on experience with
OPENSTEP tools and APIs. The tools are Intel-based, but will allow you to
start learning the OPENSTEP programming environment which will evolve to
form the basis of the Rhapsody platform and the Yellow Box. Apple remains
on schedule to deliver a Rhapsody Developer Release later this year, in
preparation for the introduction of customer releases in 1998.

You must act quickly if you want to take advantage of this terrific offer.
Supplies are limited and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity
to spend some quality time working with the OPENSTEP tools prior to the
Rhapsody Developer Release.

Who qualifies for this offer?

ALL levels of Macintosh Developer Program and Apple Media Program members

– who have signed non-disclosure agreements
– who did not already receive the OPENSTEP tools as part of their WWDC bundle
* Offer is limited to one set of tools per program membership

Additional information may be found on our Developer World web site at
(www.devworld). To request your free OPENSTEP tools (Part Number R0724ZA)
today, contact us in one of the following ways.

1-800-282-2732 Toll Free (US)
1-800-637-0029 Toll Free (Canada)
1-716-871-6555 International




Mark B. Johnson
Director, Rhapsody Developer Team 1 Infinite Loop, MS 303-2R
Apple Computer, Inc. Cupertino, CA 95014 USA