For Immediate Release:

QuickCRC 1.0 – Software Design Tool

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, May 20, 1997 — Excel Software, makers of the popular
MacA&D and WinA&D software engineering tools, today announced availability
of QuickCRC 1.0 for both Macintosh and Windows 95/NT. QuickCRC is a
software design tool for discovering objects and related information for an
object-oriented software development project. QuickCRC automates the CRC
card concept of identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations
between objects. It provides developers with a powerful, intuitive design
tool that requires little or no formal training.

QuickCRC uses a diagram workspace for creating card and scenario objects.
A card represents the properties of a class including its name,
description, superclasses, subclasses, attributes, responsibilities and
collaborating objects. A scenario represents a design mechanism defined as
a series of steps involving communicating objects. Scenarios can reference
cards or other scenarios. Information is entered into the Property dialog
of each card and scenario object. Cards and scenarios can also reference
external agents defined by the designer to identify system and user
interfaces for the software being designed.

QuickCRC provides active simulation of an evolving design. Features
include single stepping backwards, forwards or over a called scenario or
jumping to a specific location in the scenario stack of a multiple scenario
simulation. Designers can even simulate mechanisms in an incomplete design
by just selecting a scenario and clicking the Simulate button.

QuickCRC automatically and transparently maintains relationships between
cards, scenarios and external agents as fluid design changes take place
during the early phase of a development project. For example, if a card
references undefined subclasses or superclasses, those cards are generated
automatically. Name changes and cross references between objects get
updated instantly. Card and scenario objects can be arranged visually on
the diagram by QuickCRC based on user specified criteria to highlight
relationships between objects. Card and scenario objects can be separated
into different diagrams based on functional areas of a complex design or
cut and pasted between different project documents.

Design models can be verified to locate errors. Information can be listed
to a text report to serve as a coding specification. Design models can
also be exported or imported to Excel Software’s MacA&D and WinA&D software
engineering tools for detailed design or code generation. Likewise, Excel
Software’s MacTranslator and WinTranslator can be used to automatically
generate QuickCRC design models from existing C++, Object Pascal or Delphi

QuickCRC for Macintosh at $395 is compatible with Macintosh computers or
Solaris and HP-UX computers using Apple’s Macintosh Application Environment
(MAE) software. QuickCRC for Windows at $395 is a 32 bit application
compatible with Windows 95 or Windows NT. Site licensing of each product
is available. Contact Excel Software for more information or product
brochures. A free trial version can be downloaded from the company’s web

Excel Software
Ph: (515) 752-5359
Fax: (515) 752-2435