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The idea is simple: use Java to provide a cross-platform WWW chat tool that
everybody can use. No IRC support, no fancy graphics, no blinking
advertisements, no advertisements you didn’t sell, no outrageous cost, no
slow applets that bring your machine to a crawl – just a BasiChat for
regular users.

Most existing chat servers suffer from either feature bloat (the expensive
ones loaded with plug-ins) or inefficient design (the free and cheap ones).
We designed BasiChat to elegantly offer only core functionality for
web-based chat. The server is cross-platform, extremely efficient, and easy
to install. Simple design is the centerpiece of this application.

The Server:

Supports multiple independent channels, with multiple rooms,
with private messages.
Logs a client’s entrance and exit
Can do ‘session’ logging, which can be turned on/off at any time
Gives complete control over all channels, rooms and users
Runs on any Java-capable system, with a very low impact on a
server’s resources.
Has been successfully tested on the following platforms
Pentium 100 w/ Win95
Pentium 100 w/ WinNT 4.0
Pentium 100 w/ Linux 2.X
Pentium 75 w/ WinNT 3.51
Pentium 75 w/ WinNT 4.0
Cyrix 120 w/ Linux 2.X
Sparc 5 w/ Solaris 2.5
Quarda 660AV with MRJ
486/66 w/ Linux 2.X (– current BasiChat server

Much like the Web’s many other promising developments, Web chats quickly
became mired in bandwidth bog. Feature bloat such as sounds, 3-D and images
were cool — if you had a T1. Much development takes place as if no one is
using modems. BasiChat, however, is snappy, even at 14.4K. We wanted all
current browsers to have seemless access to this application. No plug-ins
required. No advertisements or logos included. BasiChat also launches a
separate window to allow you to continue browsing while participating in or
following a realtime discussion.

The Client:

NOTE: If you are using a Netscape 4.0 beta, use beta version 4 or later, as
earlier versions had broken java implementations

Unlimited number of users connect for no additional charge to you! Runs
within any Java-capable web-browser, including Netscape 3.01 on the
Macintosh. Uses very few of a client’s resources. Easily configured for
use with a front-end manager. (Which eLine Productions has and/or can
customize) Floats outside of browser, enabling a client to continue
browsing while in a chat. Base applet takes very little space within an
HTML document, permitting for custom HTML headers, advertising, Applet
background/foreground colors, buttons, labels, and client’s name
configurable via (HTML) tags.

The Price: $399