ProMaker Utils 0.9.1 – For the FileMaker Professional

Announcing the release of of the first public release of ProMaker Utils
This is a FileMaker Pro productivity shareware tool for enhancing working
with ScriptMaker.

If you are a FileMaker Pro 3.0 user or developer and write ScriptMaker
scripts this small application can save you a lot of time. ProMaker Utils
makes it possible to paste an entire ScriptMaker script (all steps) from a
TEXT file into a FileMaker Pro script. No more clicking until your hands
hurt, just enter them in one go!

How does it work?
– Open FileMaker Pro and the script you want to paste the steps in.
– Use ProMaker Utils to open a TEXT file with the script-steps in it (some
sample text files are included).
– Enter the complete script by pressing command-E.

ProMaker Utils will bring FileMaker to the front and start pasting the
steps into the selected script. It is that simple.

System Requirements:
Macintosh with 68030 or better or Power Macintosh.
System 7.1 or later (also tested on the upcoming 8.0 release).
ProMaker Utils requires 600 Kb of RAM.
ProMaker Utils doesn’t use a patch or an extension so no potential
conflicts there.
Of course you need a copy of FileMaker Pro, this should be version 3.0v4
(US). or 3.0Bv4 (British).

IMPORTANT: Please update to v4: At the moment no support for older versions
is given. You should update FileMaker to the v4 version before using
ProMaker Utils (updating is a good idea anyway, as it fixes some nasty
bugs). These updaters can be found at: ( or
at (

ProMaker Utils is shareware ($15) and is available now for downloading at
our Web site at: ( Later it will become
available at the Info-Mac archives.

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