Apple Plans to Provide Customers with
Best-of-Class Internet Access With Mac OS 8

Mac OS 8 Planned to Offer Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet
Explorer Browsers

WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-Apple Computer, Inc. today revealed its
plans that customers of its upcoming operating system, Mac OS 8, will have
access to best-of-class Internet access via Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Scheduled to be released this summer,
Mac OS 8 reaffirms Apple’s continuing efforts to integrate the Internet
into the core operating system.

“The depth of Internet integration in Mac OS 8 is going to surprise many
observers-and delight customers,” said Jim Gable, vice president of
Platform and Software Technologies. “The natural extension of this
philosophy is to include both of the world’s leading browser technologies,
giving customers choices for the best possible Internet experience.”

Internet Features Mac OS 8 provides key Internet features including
integrated installation, set up, and configuration; automated Internet
service provider new account creation process; single-click access to the
Internet via desktop web and mail icons; and single-point access to
multiple network configurations. In addition to Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer for communicating with the web and other online
services, it is planned that Mac OS 8 will also offer users Cyberdog 2.0
for building custom Internet access documents, and America Online 3.0. Mac
OS Runtime for Java enables users to run Java cross-platform applets
outside of a browser.

Mac OS 8 provides users with easy access to Internet authoring and sharing
of content within intranets and over the Internet via Personal Web Sharing,
and Personal Net Finder. Personal Web Sharing enables files and folder
served by Personal File Sharing to be accessed be web browsers on any
platform. Personal Net Finder provides a Finder-like representation of
those files in shared folders.

Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator 3.01 is an integrated web browser combining electronic
mail, threaded discussion groups, chat, and file transfer services to
enable users to access and share information seamlessly. Navigator 3.0
provides users with rich content through support of HTML, Java, JavaScript,
video, audio, and 3D which extends Netscape Navigator capabilities for
keeping users in touch. Among the features included in Navigator 3.01 is
Cool Talk-or Internet telephony capabilities-allowing users to experience
real time audio and data communication. For more information about
Navigator and all Netscape products, customers can go to

“We are excited to provide Mac users with the award-winning Netscape
Navigator browser as part of Mac OS 8,” said Bob Lisbonne, vice president,
client product marketing at Netscape. “With Netscape Navigator, Mac
customers have a universal client to share, communicate and collaborate
over the Internet and Intranet all within a single, easy to use

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 operates effectively with Mac OS 8.
Microsoft Internet Explorer allows users to view the widest range of
content while keeping memory use low and rendering speed high. A
significant upgrade from 3.0a, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 provides
users with support for JavaScript and ActiveX scripting, autosearch
capabilities, a Download Manager for tracking and managing multiple
downloads, a major Internet Mail and News upgrade, and much more. For more
information about Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh, go to Now with 68K support.

“We are very excited to be shipping Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 with
MacOS 8,” said Don Bradford, general manager of “MSBay,” Macintosh Internet
Client Group at Microsoft corporation. “In response to our users and
developers, we’ve added a number of innovative features to this release
that make browsing and collaboration easier and more effective than ever.
We remain committed to building the best-performing, most useful browser on
the Macintosh by ensuring that Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 still runs
in 4 MB of RAM and offers a choice of Java Virtual Machines on the Mac.”

Multimedia Plug-ins
The Internet features of Mac OS 8 also include a variety of multimedia
plug-ins so Mac OS customers can take full advantage of the rich multimedia
content available over the Internet. These include Apple’s industry-leading
QuickTime technology, enabling users to experience audio, video, animation,
and interactive virtual reality scenes; Macromedia Shockwave, for
interacting with “shocked” multimedia content created in Macromedia
Director, Authorware and Freehand; EmeraldNet LiveAudio, used to play
pre-recorded sound in a variety of popular audio formats; and Adobe
Acrobat, for viewing documents with true font and graphics fidelity.

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