AutoShare 1.3, a freeware list server and auto-responder for EIMS (formerly
AIMS and MailShare), has been released and may be downloaded from
and also from the mirror site at
until it’s up on Info-Mac in the comm/inet/mail directory.

Version 1.3 offers
– improvements and bug fixes
– expanded full scriptability
– improved Admin with balloon help
– subscriber and administrator web forms
– Mac-to-HTML and MIME-to-HTML character conversions
– list-specific passwords for remote administration by e-mail
– new post and nopost subscriber options
– choice of RFC From vs envelope sender for subscriber lists
– Mac-to-MIME configuration, unconditional option added
– scripted e-mail using the Send Mail AppleScript command
– updated Frontier glue document
– using AutoShare with NewsRunner
– monthly help files on a per-list basis
– specific key strings for poll accounts
– additional newer X-List RFC fields
– considerably improved speed for large enclosures

Mikael Hansen ( (