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Eric Zelenka, (

StarNine is proud to announce the availability of the W*API Sapplet
documentation for writing W*API based server-side applets (or sapplets)
for use with the WebSTAR Java VM.

The WebSTAR Java VM is a PowerPC only W*API Plug-In included with WebSTAR
2.0 which gives WebSTAR the ability to run sapplets to perform a variety
of useful server-side functions. Because of the power of the Java
language, sapplets can easily be created to handle processing of HTML form
results, database access, multi-user web applications that require shared
space and out of band connectivity to Java applets running on the client
side. Sapplets also have the power of the W*API for access to traditional
CGI-like server functions including methods for getting and setting W*API
parameters, opening and managing TCP/IP communication streams, and
handling logging and messaging.

To develop W*API sapplets you will need a Java development environment
that supports the 1.0.2 release of the Sun JDK, such as Roaster,
CodeWarrior or Cafe. You’ll also need a copy of WebSTAR 2.0 which includes
the WebSTAR Java VM, and the W*API 1.1 SDK that’s available at
( that
includes the W*API Sapplet documentation and sample code.

Users interested in writing to the W*API to develop either Plug-Ins or
Sapplets are encouraged to subscribe to the WebSTAR-Dev development list
at (