Maxum Development Announces Rumpus,
High Performance and Reliable FTP Services for the Macintosh

Streamwood, IL, April 16, 1997 — Maxum Development Corporation, a leading
developer of Macintosh(r) Web server tools, today announced RumpusA, a
full-service, high-performance FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Internet server.

While the World Wide Web continues to garner the lion’s share of the
attention focused on the Internet, FTP remains the service of choice for
transferring large amounts of data. In addition to performing file
transfers, FTP is also the most popular method of uploading and maintaining
Web content on Internet servers.

Choices in FTP server tools for Macintosh have, until now, been rather
limited, and Macintosh Internet developers have had few options outside of
using shareware. While shareware offerings have been adequate, the Mac has
no FTP server with workstation-like performance and reliability.

With Rumpus, Maxum is filling this gap with a commercial-quality,
high-performance solution to FTP services. Rumpus is based on Maxum’s
RushHour TCP/IP implementation, a time-tested and award winning engine that
offers excellent reliability and exceptional performance.

“We heard from too many of our customers that they needed a fast, reliable
FTP server.” said John O’Fallon, President of Maxum. “With Rumpus, the
speed and reliability are there, along with the support serious Internet
developers need to be able to rely on.”

In it’s first release of Rumpus, Maxum is focusing on providing completely
reliable, full-service, high-performance FTP services. The server will be
PowerPC and Open Transport native, but will also support both 68k Macs and
MacTCP. Additional features include:

* Simplified setup, with no need to configure AppleShare, File Sharing, or
Users and Groups for simple anonymous FTP.

* Anonymous and/or secure server access, with separate security settings
and security information caching.

* Automatic MacBinary and BinHex encoding.

* Complete logging, with separate anonymous and secure access logs.

* Support for both ASCII and binary file transfers.

A Beta version of Rumpus will be available for public testing in mid to
late April. When ready, the beta version will be able for download from
Maxum’s Web site at “”, and feedback is graciously
accepted at “”.

The completed package is due to ship in the second quarter, with an
expected retail price of $195. During the Beta test period, a “Buy The
Beta” program will allow early users to purchase Rumpus at the preferential
price of $99. Rumpus will also be included in the “MaxumPack”, which puts
several of Maxum’s essential Internet server tools into a single package.
Maxum will be extending Rumpus, free of charge, to all current MaxumPack

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development is a leading developer of commercial
World Wide Web server tools for business and education. Maxum products,
NetCloak and NetForms, were the first commercial tools for Macintosh-based
WWW servers and have since become industry mainstays. All Maxum products
are designed to enhance the function and performance of Web sites by making
them dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure, fast, and accessible.

Maxum, the Maxum logo, NetCloak, NetForms, Rumpus and the MaxumPack are
trademarks of Maxum Development Corp. Other product and corporate names
may be trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies, and are used
only for explanation and to the owners’ benefit, without intent to infringe.


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