BENTLEY PR : Bentley releases localized versions of MicroStation 95 for
Apple Macintosh

MicroStation 95 for Apple Power Macintosh is the most complete release of
MicroStation ever released on any platform

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, April 7, 1997– Bentley, a worldwide leader in
engineering software and user services today announced a major productivity
upgrade for MicroStation users on the Apple Macintosh platform. The new
release of its MicroStation flagship product is focused on maximizing user
productivity while minimizing the efforts required to upgrade from the
current MicroStation V5 release. MicroStation 95 for Apple Macintosh includes
many new enhancements that have been developed since the initial release of
MicroStation 95 on the Windows platform and is the most complete release of
MicroStation that Bentley has ever released on any platform.

MicroStation 95 new productivity features include a streamlined graphical
user interface, the new AccuDraw and SmartLine drawing technologies, as
well as a multi-platform MicroStation BASIC language and development
environment. The new graphical user interface speeds up user interaction
through consolidated and dockable tool palettes, fly-over help and user
definable workspaces. The AccuDraw technology enhances productivity in almost
all user design tasks by combining the speed of graphical manipulation with
the accuracy of a keyboard. The BASIC development environment boosts
productivity by allowing end-users to automate repetitive tasks or write
company specific macros using visual programming.

In addition to enhancing productivity, MicroStation 95 incorporates several
new features that accommodate the needs of professional users in various
application domains. MicroStation 95 allows users to attach binary
tone raster files and perform basic warping functions. Plotting
and printing are improved through the support of pen-tables, configuration
files and plot priority settings. Three dimensional design and modeling
functionality now includes key frame animation and improved performance of
hidden-line removal.

The availability of localized versions of MicroStation 95 for the Apple
platform is a result of the strategic alliance between Apple Europe and
Bentley Europe on providing solutions for the European architectural and
industrial design markets. Maarten van Emmerik, Vice President of Marketing
and Technology of Bentley Europe and industrial designer himself, notes, “The
new release of MicroStation offers benefits throughout the whole design
cycle. You can use scanned color sketches as a basis for creating a 3D model
and quickly make modifications in a 2D or 3D view with AccuDraw. The new
built-in animation capabilities are extremely useful to communicate the
dynamic behavior of a new design and to make a professional presentation”.

MicroStation 95 is being used by over 250.000 users in building engineering,
mechanical engineering and geoengineering and runs on 14 platforms including
DOS, Windows, OS/2 and UNIX. A native version MicroStation 95 for Apple
Macintosh is currently shipping in English, German and French and Italian.
Other Bentley products for the Apple Macintosh include MicroStation TriForma
for architectural design and MicroStation MasterPiece for advanced
photo-realistic visualization and animation.

More on Bentley
Bentley Systems, Inc., is a worldwide leader in engineering software and user
services. The company now serves over 250,000 professionals in
building/plant engineering, geoengineering, and mechanical engineering. Its
MicroStation desktop products are proven at over 70% of the largest U.S.
engineering firms and are the software foundation of well-known buildings,
roadways, machines, and industrial plants around the world. Its new line of
Internet/intranet-based ModelServer products are the first to unite
engineering and the enterprise. With revenues now over $120M annually,
Bentley was listed as the fourth fastest growing company on the 1996
Softletter 100 and awarded 1996 Growth Company of the Year by the Eastern
Technology Council.