Royal Software, Inc., Largo, FL, announces the release of FTP Tool 1.2, the
Internet connectivity solution for application developers. FTP Tool is a
fully scriptable code resource supporting most modern scripting languages
such as Hypercard, SuperCard, Oracle Media Objects and Director for
dynamically transferring and managing files across the Internet. It
provides a unique solution for developers wishing to implement dynamic
Internet updating, interactive feedback and remote file management into
their applications.

No longer do you need to understand the complicated syntax of FTP and other
languages to implement Internet connectivity into your applications. By
providing a simple to use set of commands you can develop custom gateways
and front ends to the Internet for multimedia, CBT, education or business.

Unlike competitive products FTP Tool is fully self-contained and does not
require a separate server application. It has been optimized for both 68K
and PowerPC based Macintosh computers running Open Transport or MacTCP and
occupies less than 60K of RAM. Intelligent asynchronous operation allows
the background execution of tasks and automatic selection of networking
architecture and code model. What’s more FTP Tool is available license-free
for use in commercial applications.

Feature highlights
* Self-contained code resource
* PowerMacintosh and Macintosh Native
* Supports both Open Transport and MacTCP
* No external server application required
* Completely asynchronous operation
* Requires less than 60K of RAM
* DNS command support
* No license free

Initialization Routines
Utility Routines
NameToIP (hostname)
IPToName (hostip)
FTP Routines
FTPopen (name),(user),(pass)
FTPget (file),(path),(mode),[(status)]
FTPput (file),(path),(mode),[(status)]
FTPdelete (file)
FTPdir (dir)
FTPlist (dir)
FTPrmd (dir)
FTPmkd (dir)
FTPcwd (dir)

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FTP Tools 1.2 Product #31-0933 $54.95

This product is also available as part of Royal Software’s TCPSuite
product. You get all the functionality of FTP Tools 1.2 plus the SendEmail
and GetURL XCMDs as well.

TCP Suite 1.0 Product #31-0930 $99.95

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