KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, March 1, 1997:

theta group is pleased to announce the availability of
LiveAccess 1 Update 1, the first update to its innovative
suite of OpenDoc parts for accessing relational database
systems like FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension, Oracle7, ODBC.

Update 1 includes lots of exciting new functionality, like
tighter Cyberdog integration (Cyberdog-enabled LiveAccess
controls, direct resolution of URLs fetched from any kind
of database system; e.g. to build a FileMaker Pro or
4D-driven Notebook-style documents), fully internationalized,
database independent date/time handling, off-line viewing
of result sets and more great stuff.

LiveAccess 1 Update 1 ist still only $69 including
connectivity to FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension, Oracle7,
ODBC and dtF.

More details on LiveAccess 1 Update 1 can be found at


About LiveAccess

LiveAccess is a suite of MacOS OpenDoc Live Objects for
accessing relational database systems like FileMaker Pro,
4D, Oracle7, dtF and ODBC-compliant database systems.

LiveAccess allows any user to integrate a live database
connection to the supported database systems into their
favourite OpenDoc containers, enabling them to work with
the data they need in the context of the task at hand.
There is no need for learning SQL, AppleScript or any other
database language, integrating data from all supported
database systems just by dragging & dropping LiveAccess
documents into your OpenDoc container. LiveAccess also
fully integrates with other third-party OpenDoc Live
Objects for data visualization and analysis, e.g.
charting Live Objects.

About theta group

Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, theta group provides advanced
database solutions and tools for the Apple Macintosh.
(mailto:info@thetagroup.com), (http://www.thetagroup.com)

theta group
Viktoriastr. 17
76133 Karlsruhe