DynaMorph (the Cross Platform Server Side Scripting Engine) continues to
blaze new ground. With release 1.1 you will find:

– Automatic periodic backup of the built-in database

– The most powerful templating architecture on the market

– A boatload of new commands for streamlining the process of site creation

– Much improved set of examples
Chat, Guestbooks, Hitcounting, Rotating Ads, OnLine Calendar,
Form Processing and much much more


– Extensive online manual with detailed tutorials on getting started as
well as advanced topics including Advertisement management, Visitor
tracking, and more


All this with a Most Powerful Cross Platform scripting engine. Perfect for
those who like their mac but need to deliver their sites to the Dark Side.

Start enjoying site building for the Wild World Web … Test Drive DynaMorph!

Visit us now at http://www.morphtech.com/