Absoft is pleased to announce Pro Fortran, a new Fortran toolset for Power
Macintosh. Pro Fortran is a complete development toolset which includes:
F90 compiler, upgraded VAX compatible F77, and Plum Hall validated C/C++
compilers. All compilers utilize a common development environment, tools
and user interface (individual compiler interfaces are also included).
Selected source file will automatically invoke the proper compiler, and
linker will include proper libraries. All languages are link compatible and
mixed language applications can easily be created.

Absoft’s primary focus remains on Fortran compilers. The new F90 compiler
is the first available for Power Macintosh. The upgraded F77, designed for
porting legacy workstation code to the desktop now includes LS F77
extensions. New compile and runtime options allow byte swapping for porting
code to/from Intel. The C/C++ compilers are included for those wishing
mixed language development in a single environment.

Special upgrade pricing is available for existing Absoft and LS Fortran
users. Contact Absoft http://www.absoft.com for details. Accepting orders
now, shipments begin in mid-February.