Conix Graphics announces OpenGL for the Macintosh

Arlington, TX (December 3, 1996) Conix Graphics announced today the release
of OpenGL version 1 for the Macintosh. Founder John Stauffer states, “We
are proud to offer this technology on the Macintosh platform. It will
afford Apple developers another tool for 3D graphics”.

OpenGL assists graphics developers in CAD, Mechanical implementation,
Architectural Design, Medical and Scientific Imaging, Geophysical Sciences,
Animation, Photorealism, Data Visualization, and Simulation.

OpenGL is the premier 2D and 3D graphics library that allows developers to
build geometric models, view models interactively in 3D space, control
color and lighting, manipulate pixels, and perform such tasks as alpha
blending, anti-aliasing, depth cueing and texture mapping.

Early benchmark testing shows that OpenGL for the Macintosh out performs
OpenGL offered by Microsoft and IBM.

Cross platform capability enables programmers the flexibility to transition
code easily and smoothly from one platform to another. Because of it’s
portability OpenGL provides an attractive alternative to QD3D.

OpenGL for the Macintosh by Conix also supports C, ADA, and FORTRAN.

Conix provides multi CPU support

Integration with Tenon’s MachTen UNIX and Hardware acceleration through
RAVE (Rendering Abstract Virtual Engine) will be available first quarter
of 1997.

Janet Stauffer, Sales & Marketing
Conix Graphics
Your OpenGL Solutions Source