Mulitmedia Animation Making Software version 2.0

Make 2D animations for your game, homepage, application or just for fun

Announcing the release of Multimedia Animation Maker 2.0. Finally there
is an inexpensive but powerful tool to make two-dimensional animations.
With the help of this program you can create animations for your game,
you can enhance your world wide web pages, create animated about
dialogs, impress your friends and much more. It is really easy to use.
The program comes along with comprehensive documentation. You can
download it at:


A german version of Multimedia Animation Maker is also available. You
can download it at:


System requirements:
* System 7.0 or greater
* 68030, 68040 or PowerPC
* 3 MB of hard drive space
* 2 MB free memory
* Works best with at least 256 colors and 13″ monitor

Try it out and have fun.

Andre Voget and Johannes Selbach