Capite Libro 1.0

Capite Libro – everybody’s multimedia tool for electronic books, with compiler.

Capite Libro is a very useful hyperbook tool, for making manuals,
ReadMe-files, catalogs, product tours, or just any information you want to
spread to the MacOS-world.

Capite Libro is e.g. very well suited for ReadMe-documents, since the
compiled documents (i.e. applications) can run on anything from a MacPlus
with System 6.0.5; and the program files are small (and fast). Furthermore,
it’s very easy to update your ReadMe-documents with new compilations.

For people who only need to fill their multimedia products with text,
pictures, sound and links, Capite Libro is a very capable, fast, and easily
worked little tool, at a very attractive price (perhaps the most attractive
in the market). But those who want to add movies and scripts, have to wait
for future versions.

When you edit a document, you’re working with cards, which you fill with
different fields for text, pictures, sound and links, as easily as with a
layout program. You can also make backgrounds, which can be shared by many
cards. A document can contain up to 2000 cards. With the built-in compiler
you can easily convert documents to real royalty-free, double-clickable
standalone applications. The size of a compiled document is about the size
of the document plus 120 K.

System Requirements
Capite Libro 1.0 requires a Macintosh Plus or better MacOS compatible
computer with System 6.0.5 or later and 600 K of free memory.

Price: SEK 600 (or about USD 90, JPY 9700, XEU 70)
Manufacturer/Distributor: Capite Computator (Sweden/Europe)

For questions, please contact:
Torbjoern Larsson

Capite Computator
Box 16011

BBS: +46-18 212 673 (pause 4 s)-43
(TTY-terminal, 7-bit ASCII, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)
Fax: +46-18 212 673-42
Vox: +46-18 212 673-41