VRML Object Library Available
San Diego, September 10, 1996 — Barking Dog Software Co. has released a VRML
model library intended for 3D Web designers on PC and Macintosh platforms.
The library of objects is specially designed for fast and efficient display,
even on older machines, and will sell for $149.00.

VRML promises to bring 3D to the Web, but existing larger models are
unsuitable for most machines. Further, untested developer tools and a
turbulent VRML specification have made producing model libraries expensive.
This library of objects is unique, because all objects were designed and
hand-optimized to insure maximum efficiency and were tested with
cross-platform, multi-browser compatability in mind. The resulting objects
render quickly and consume nominal memory while maintaining visual appeal.

The VRML library contains everyday objects, 3D icons, human forms, useful
symbols and even a few unusual objects to provide everything necessary to
produce interesting Web pages. Additional libraries are being developed to
serve specialized market needs.

For more information about Barking Dog’s VRML library, contact BDSC at (619)
222-8361 or e-mail wagnerpaul@aol.com.

For more information, Press Only:
Nancy Collier
Barking Dog Software Co.
(619) 222-8361