As you know, you’ve gotten a handful of e-mails from MacDev-1 regarding Mac OS
development news. The original list for MacDev-1 was seeded with press and
influence makers names drawn from companies all over the community. It was
never the intention to send MacDev-1 msgs to any mailing list — that would be
poor netiquette.

It took us a bit to figure this one out because only one person was complaining
(that we know of). But, in the end, he shed some very useful light on it being
the tools-hackers address that was the recipient. That address will be removed
later this morning (when I get into the office). You shouldn’t receive any
more MacDev-1 messages through tools-hackers — but if you do, let us know
(there must be another address).

If you are interested in continuing to find out about Mac OS news, you will
need to subscribe to MacDev-1 individually. To subscribe to MacDev-1, send


sub MacDev-1 yourname

in the body of the message.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter — and we hope to see you
subscribe to MacDev-1. Good luck on your Newton development!

Neil Ticktin
MacTech Magazine