EveryDay Objects, Inc., is selling two products to help CPX developers create
powerful applications.

1) HotTCP! – this product enables TCP/IP connections to be incorporated into
the CPX development environment. We used this product in our own Entrada
products presented at Apple WWDC 1996 in San Jose. HotTCP! sells for $99 +
shipping and handling.

2) Thread! – this product enables any CPX application to be fully threaded.
This product sell for $20 and is distributed via email only.

All prices are U.S. currency.

See our web site at (http://www.pla-net.net/edo) for more information.

Donald W. Larson, CFO, CIO, and Partner
EveryDay Objects, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
VAR for Pictorius, Inc.
Selling Single & Site Licenses of Entrada Products
E-Mail: dwlarson@sd.znet.com
WWW: http://www.pla-net.net/edo