The Return of Nisus Software’s QUED/M.
The Saga Continues!

SOLANA BEACH, CA, Nisus Software Inc. releases QUED/M 3.0. Oh so many
years ago there was just one choice when it came to editing code or large
amounts of text on the Macintosh…QUED/M. But then it faded away in sea
of competition. With the release of version 3.0, users and reviewers
acclaim that QUED/M is back and is better than ever. The text editor that
dominated the 1980’s is revived and ready to take the lead with
innovative features such as Unlimited Undos, Color Coding, GREP Find,
Macro Programming Dialect and Noncontiguous Selection.

QUED/M targets not only programmers but anyone who needs a fast,
versatile, and powerful program that can handle volumes of text. Users
can speed-search closed files, opening only the ones that contain what
you are looking for. With one command, QUED/M can combine two or three
versions of the same file and mark the differences automatically.

The upgrade price of QUED/M 3.0 is just $49.00 from any previous version.
For those new to QUED/M there’s an introductory price of just $69.00.
(Suggested Retail Price is $119.00.) All versions include a FREE copy of
Nisus Software Inc.’s MailKeeperA, the solution to e-mail overload.

Paul Cary
Director of Marketing
Nisus Software Inc.