Here’s an announcement from Bare Bones Software and UserLand.

The announcement is at (

This new software is the result of a collaboration between Bare Bones and
UserLand. It creates an easy and intuitive way to edit text stored in
Frontier’s object database with BBEdit 4.0, the leading HTML editing tool
on the Mac.

Imagine a pipe starting with BBEdit and connecting to WebStar and via FTP
to Unix and Windows servers. This is one end of the pipe. We’re also
working with Chuck Shotton, and should have an announcement and a new
software release next week.

The protocol is open and fully documented on the website and in source code
in the package. We encourage other editing and database vendors to
implement the protocol. It’s an easy one to support. It took me half a day
to do the Frontier side of the protocol.

As with all the new connections we’re developing in conjunction with other
Mac developers, this capability has no counterpart on other platforms. The
combination of BBEdit’s editing power and Frontier’s object storage and
scripting power are unique to the Mac.

Dave Winer