Bare Bones Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 1048
Bedford, MA 01730-1048
Allan Rousselle, VP Sales & Marketing

May 13, 1996


Natick, MA — Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the release of
version 4.0 of “BBEdit,” their popular and critically acclaimed text
editor for Mac(TM) OS-compatible systems. This new version includes
significant enhancements to its feature set and capabilities.

*Syntax Coloring for Easier Reading*

With the release of version 4.0, users can have BBEdit automatically
color keywords to make source code and HTML documents easier to read.
Users can specify which colors BBEdit uses to highlight language
keywords, comments, string constants, and HTML tags. BBEdit offers
syntax coloring for all of its supported languages, now including Java
as well as C, C++, Object Pascal, Rez, 68K assembler, Fortran, Tcl,
Perl, HTML, ScriptX, and GuideScript.

*Java Support*

BBEdit 4.0 includes support for Java, making it an excellent companion
for the Java development environments by Symantec, Metrowerks, Sun
Microsystems, and Natural Intelligence.

*Full Integration with Frontier 4.0,
for Even More Powerful Web Tools*

BBEdit 4.0 includes full integration with Frontier 4.0, the advanced
scripting system from UserLand Software. This combination of BBEdit and
Frontier provides “Web Site Scripting,” a powerful system for HTML
authoring and web site management. Web Site Scripting features include:

– an extensible Glossary database — any keyword typed in “double
quotes” is expanded to its glossary definition automatically.

– automatic substitution of HTML escape sequences — instead of
having to write complicated HTML escape sequences to display
special characters, simply type the characters as you would
normally, and the appropriate escape sequences are inserted

– URL and e-mail link generation — when you type a URL or e-mail
address, the macro processor will construct the correct HTML
anchor tags for you.

– one-key processing and previewing of pages.

*And a Host of Other Changes*

The BBEdit 4.0 package includes a number of other enhancements over
previous versions, including: version 2.1 of the BBEdit HTML Tools,
support for Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior 9, an automated installer, even more
Drag & Drop capabilities, enhanced AppleScript(R) features, and support
for PowerTalk(R) 1.5. Additionally, BBEdit 4.0 is even faster than
previous versions, thanks to several performance enhancements.

About BBEdit
—– ——
Since its first commercial release in 1993, BBEdit has established a
following among software developers, HTML authors, Internet users, and
many other Macintosh(R) users who need its plain-text editing and
transformation capabilities, and who value its integration with other
applications and new technologies. BBEdit was the first HTML editor to
be included with the Apple Internet Server Solution, and has become the
weapon of choice for HTML authors and webmasters all over the world, due
in large measure to its power and ease of use.

“BBEdit provides a clean, efficient environment for composing and
editing HTML code,” said Margaret Bossen, manager of multimedia
production at the Fallon McElligott advertising agency. “The web sites
we produce utilize advanced technology for high-profile clients, and
BBEdit is the only HTML editing tool available which meets our needs.”

BBEdit has an established tradition of technological leadership. It was
the first commercial text editor to integrate with Symantec and Apple
development tools, support emerging technologies such as Apple Guide,
AppleScript, Macintosh Drag and Drop, XTND(TM), PowerTalk, and Internet
integration, and to take advantage of the high performance PowerPC(TM)
processor used in the Power Macintosh(R) platform.

Bare Bones Software invites anyone interested in learning more about
BBEdit to visit their web site at (, or to send
e-mail inquiries to (

*Pricing and Availability*

The suggested retail price of BBEdit is US$119. Cross-upgrade options
are available for owners of Adobe PageMill and SiteMill, Metrowerks
CodeWarrior, Natural Intelligence’s Roaster, and other qualifying
products; contact Bare Bones Software for more information. BBEdit 4.0
can be purchased through Cyberian Outpost, the Apple Developer Catalog,
MacTech Magazine’s DevDepot, Full Moon Software, and other
resellers, as well as directly from Bare Bones Software.

*Upgrade Information*

Registered users who purchased BBEdit 3.5 on or after April 1, 1996 will
receive a free upgrade to BBEdit 4.0. The free upgrade packages will be
sent out after June 1st. Registered users who purchased any version of
BBEdit before April 1, 1996 are eligible for the special upgrade price
of US$39 plus shipping.

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Software, Inc. Other product names mentioned are trademarks or
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