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Apr 04
[MD1] Desktop Database information released
Subject: Desktop Database information released (free) From: Thomas Tempelmann ( Would you please post the following information in your next MacTech issue. It is very valuable stuff to some Macintosh programmers and it is available all for free: Thomas Tempelmann has dug deeply into the Mac OS Desktop Database and came up with the following information free to the public: * Two html pages with everything you need to know about the format of the DTDB and how apps like the Finder use it. * The application "Desktop DB Diver" that allows you to browse all contents of your Desktop Databases. * Some source code dealing with finding the correct creator application for a document just as the Finder does it. All this available at his web site: Thomas Tempelmann E-mail: (private); (work) Personal web site: (
Apr 04
[NPL] 1.0.8
Introducing version 1.0.8 of with Interactive Mode. is a scripting aid for FileMaker Pro, making the replication of FileMaker scripts between database files much easier and quicker. Interactive Mode is a new feature where pauses each time a script, field or file needs to be selected during script entry. When pauses, it displays the details of the object to be selected along with instructions and waits until the operator has selected the object before continuing script entry. Version 1.0.8 also includes two small bug fixes, and improved versions of the About and About OneClick files. An updater is available for people who already are enjoying the functionality of A demo version of is available from's web site now. is Mac-only, and is fully compatible with Mac OS 8.5.1.'s web site is at ( The...
Apr 03
[NPL] Keyspan ships USB Adapter for Palm PDAs
Keyspan ships USB Adapter for Palm PDAs April 5, 1999- Richmond, California - Keyspan announced it is now shipping its new USB serial adapter specifically designed for Macintosh-based users of Palm connected organizers and other personal digital assistants (PDA). The Keyspan USB PDA Adapter is available now through leading catalogs and specialty retailers at a suggested retail price of $39. USB connections for Palm and other PDAs Keyspan's USB PDA Adapter provides the easiest, least expensive way to connect the Palm Computing platform to Apple Computer's iMac and to Apple's new "Blue G3" PowerMacs. The new adapter features a single DB9 port that connects directly to a Palm cradle or HotSync cable. The adapter is compatible with all Palm organizers and all versions of the Palm Desktop software for Mac OS. About Keyspan Keyspan products provide "Connections for Your Computer." The company's first products provided serial ports for connecting to traditional computer peripherals such as...
Apr 02
[NPL] FileMaker Developer Conference
1999 FileMaker Developer Conference Set for Aug. 24-27 in San Diego Early-bird registrants get $100 discount Santa Clara, Calif., April 5, 1999 - Early-bird online registration is now open for the 1999 FileMaker Developer Conference, in San Diego, Aug 24-27, the company announced. Registrants may sign up online for the annual conference at FileMaker is an increasingly popular platform for workgroup and Internet/Intranet publishing solutions. This year's conference will feature over 40 workshops and experts focusing on present and future FileMaker development issues. The conference will deliver all the latest, in-depth information and tools needed by IT managers, webmasters, commercial software developers, technical managers, power users, corporate and government programmers, and independent consultants and trainers. Technical workshops will include: FileMaker Pro Server technologies, FileMaker Pro Plug-Ins, scripting and calculations, interface design, web...
Apr 02
[NPL] Mailsmith 1.1.3
Mailsmith 1.1.3 Now Available from Bare Bones Software Bedford, MA -- April 2, 1999 -- Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of an update to Mailsmith, the company's Internet email client. Mailsmith 1.1.3 features significant enhancements, and addresses an assortment of customer-reported problems. This update is available free of charge to all Mailsmith customers. "Users of previous versions should be pleased by this update," says Rich Siegel, president and CEO. "We feel that Mailsmith 1.1.3 represents a significant step forward for the product, and we hope that our customers will appreciate the improvements in this release." Mailsmith 1.1.3 features a new "POP Monitor" window, which enables users to manually download or remove selected messages from their POP server. In addition, the ground-breaking "Rewrap Quoted Text" tool, introduced as a plug-in in Mailsmith 1.1.2, has been integrated into the application, along with several new...
Apr 02
[NPL] Pixeltek offers a truly complete Internet service
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pixeltek offers a truly complete Internet service Southern California web design firm offers a complete, lost cost and effective way to advertise and promote your business on the World Wide Web. REDLANDS, CA - It seems that many businesses have found that to get a truly effective and interactive web site on the Internet is more complicated than they first thought. Pixeltek web designs has introduced its line of Internet solution packages offering comprehensive web site services to remedy this and other Internet problems. Their services encompass the entire process from planning, designing, promoting and maintaining a web site specifically tailored for the small business to the Fortune 500 corporate business client. Most businesses do not need or cannot afford to hire a full time web master or web designer, but they do need a professional looking web site that will spark interest in their business in the Internet's ever growing market. Pixeltek offers web sites...
Apr 02
[NPL] LaCie Unveils Complete CD Write/Rewrite Freedom
From: Andy Marken (marken@CERF.NET) Subject: LaCie Unveils Complete CD Write/Rewrite Freedom The leader in Mac, Win 95 and Win NT storage solutions, LaCie this week announced a family of three new CD-RW drives that will meet the needs of professional digital content developers as well as business and home computer users. The LaCie USB Ultra Controller drivesdelivers transfer rates of 1 MB/s. All of the versatile drives come with a complete selection of CD write/rewrite software for recording data, audio and mixed mode CDs. Use the drive to prepare, edit, modify and store documents, data, images, multimedia presentations, photos and video. They're also excellent for backing up your hard drive and archiving documents, data and images. * LaCie CDRW 4416 - A full 2MB of buffer to handle your high-speed write and rewrite needs. The SCSI-2 interface passes data to the drive/media as fast as your computer can move it. The CDRW 4416 is attractively priced with an MSRP of $499 * LaCie CDRW...
Apr 02
[NPL] Aestiva's HTML/OS for Mac on WebTen
FOR RELEASE ON APRIL 2, 1999 Phone: 805-963-6983 888-2-WebTen FAX: 805-962-8202 Contact: Anita Holmgren Internet: POWERFUL, NEW WEB DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITIES AVAILABLE ON MACINTOSH Aestiva's HTML/OS now supported on Macintosh with WebTen Santa Barbara, CA, April 2, 1999. Tenon and Aestiva announce the immediate availability of Aestiva's HTML/OS, powerful software for developing advanced, dynamic web sites, on both Mac OS and Mac OS X Server. Aestiva's HTML/OS runs with WebTen on Mac OS and with WebTen or Apple's bundled Apache on OS X Server. Aestiva's HTML/OS is an extension to HTML that allows you to do on-the-fly word-processing, spreadsheet, database and programming operations within HTML documents. It can be used with any standard HTML editor and is easier to learn and deploy than Perl. For high-volume sites and database driven sites, HTML/OS is more effective than Perl because of its high-performance. In the same way...
Apr 02
[NPL] MacServerIP for Win NT
For Immediate Release Team ASA Distributes MacServerIP for Windows-NT in U.S. San Diego, CA -- Team ASA Inc., manufacturer of high-performance networking products for professional PrePress and Multimedia users, today began U.S. distribution of Cyan Software's MacServerIP to the prepress and digital media markets. MacServerIP is the first AppleShare type server for Windows-NT to support the Apple File Protocol over TCP/IP. MacServerIP is 2 to 4 times faster than Windows-NT Services For Macintosh (SFM). MacServerIP users access the NT server via the standard AppleShare IP interface. The MacServerIP product represents a significant advance in AppleShare-type (AFP) file servers for the Windows NT platform, offering a number of features not found in other products, including support for AFP-over-IP, excellent support of CD-ROMs and removable media, supports CD-ROM changes (SFM does not), sharing of non-NTFS volumes, and remote administration. "This is a win win situation for Windows and...
Apr 01
[NPL] Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.01b1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases the beta version of the Troi Grabber Plug-in, for FileMaker Pro 4 on Windows. Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands, March 31, 1999--Troi Automatisering today announced the release of the beta version of Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.0.1b1, for FileMaker Pro 4.0 (or later) on Windows. This plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the ability to grab a picture from a video input source and to put it directly into a container field. Peter Baanen, company president, states that "The Windows version of this plug-in has cost us quite some effort, and now we finally have a beta to download. Phew!". The Windows version of this plug-in is based on TWAIN. The plug-in works with any (video) input source that has compatible TWAIN drivers. Pricing & Availability A fully functional try-before-you-buy version is available for downloading at Troi's Web site at: ( Troi Grabber Plug-in is available for Mac OS and Windows95...
Apr 01
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Ultimate Resource for High Quality Java Applets, Java Banners, Java logos and Java Applications Champaign, Ill. -- April 1, 1999 (Software Wire) -- (, a Web site for high quality Java applets, Java banners, Java logos and Java applications, has been launched by Eslit Creations. This exclusive site has 66 high performance and multi-functional Java applets and Java banners designed for webmasters and Web site owners to enhance their web sites and to bring more traffic to their Web sites. It also has a showcase of 5 custom designed Java logos. All of the Java applets and Java banners at are highly configurable and user friendly. Users can create unique appearance for their Web sites by specifying applet parameters such as texts, images, colors and sounds. The applets are designed to create eye-catching animations and visually pleasing special effects for text and image presentations. Some complex and...
Apr 01
[MD1] MacHack Announces Winning Papers
MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- April 1, 1999 -- MacHack: The Annual Conference For Leading Edge Developers is proud to announce the winners of the 1999 papers competition. This annual event centers around academic style papers on topics of interest to the software development community. In the months preceding the conference, MacHack solicits and accepts papers on a wide variety of topics related to software development. For example, the subjects of last year's papers ranged from cross-platform development techniques, to anonymity in internet communications, to exception-handling strategies on the Macintosh, to macroscopic object architectures. Each paper accepted is published in the MacHack Conference proceedings and included on the MacHack CD. Each author gives a 50-minute presentation on his...
Mar 31
[NPL] WebTen 2.1.10: Dramatic Performance Improvements
FOR RELEASE ON MARCH 31, 1999 Phone: 805-963-6983 888-2-WebTen FAX: 805-962-8202 Contact: Anita Holmgren Internet: WEBTEN UPDATE FEATURES DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS IN PERFORMANCE AND PLUG-IN OPERATIONS Santa Barbara, CA, March 31. Tenon Intersystems today announced WebTen 2.1.10, a free upgrade to its industrial-strength, high-performance Apache-based Web server for Mac OS Power Macs. The new WebTen features improved robustness, improved performance, and improved WebSTAR-plug-in compatibility. WebTen policy changes in handling WebSTAR-style plug-ins have resulted in improved memory utilization and improved plug-in operation. Because many WebSTAR-style plug-ins are ill-equipped for dynamic unloading and loading, WebTen now no longer reloads W*API plug-ins during WebTen re-configurations. In addition, a memory corruption problem caused by W*API plug-ins that use the Mac OS thread manger, such as Lasso and WebCatalog, has been...
Mar 31
[MD1] mapsaVR and revolVR: New Wired Sprite QTVR Authoring Tools
Squamish Media Group Releases New Wired Sprite Authoring Tools for QuickTime VR Squamish, BC Canada, March 31, 1999 - Squamish Media Group, Inc., today announced two new wired sprite authoring tools, mapsaVR and revolVR, designed for content creators utilizing QuickTime VR on the web, CD-ROM or DVD. These new tools each provide a unique degree of functionality, and work together with soundsaVR 1.1, Squamish Media Group's popular wired sprite tool for embedding directional sound in QTVR. mapsaVR is a fast and affordable way to add clickable node markers, 3D direction/location indicators, and overhead maps to single node and multinode QTVR (1.0 or 2.0) panorama movies, radically reducing the time, effort, and expertise needed to create interactive QTVR movies using wired sprites. These features help the user to remain oriented while exploring complex QTVR environments, and significantly enhance the user navigation capabilities within nodes and scenes. With mapsaVR, you can import...
Mar 31
[NPL] Soundz 1.0
Soundz(sm) is an application for Mac OS 8.5 to create/modify sound sets to be used with Appearance. It comes with a few sample sounds and you can record your own right from within Soundz itself. This is donationware. There are no restrictions on its usage. If you would like to pay me, you can use the included Register program to send payments to Kagi. This will allow me to at least cover my development costs on programming tools! As this is my first program that I am releasing to the public I would very much like all your feedback. You can enter your remarks in the guestbook on my site. Requires Mac OS 8.5 or later Availability: Contact: About CrossRoads Solutions: CrossRoads Solutions is a company dedicated to the creation of innovative software for the Macintosh.
Mar 30
[NPL] X-Cal-Multi v1.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Damon Myers X-Cal-Multi v1.2 April 30, 1999 - CalendarServe has released X-Cal-Multi v1.2, the latest version of its high-performance calendar plug-in for WSAPI compatible Macintosh webservers. New in version 1.2 is a smaller and even faster data engine, "site-wrapper" template macros that make customizing the look of X-Cal-Multi a snap, and numerous other improvements. The demo inlcudes a complete, custom configured CNN website calendar that shows how easily X-Cal-Multi can be integrated with any site. ( (-- IMPORTANT !! ) To try out the X-Cal calendar plug-ins, visit ( or contact Damon Myers ( for more information. CalendarServe 2243 47th St, NW Washington, DC 20007
Mar 30
[MD1] H2C 1.0
Antoine Beyeler proudly annouces the release of the much-awaited H2C 1.0. H2C is a time saving jewel for C++ programmers. Instead of declaring each class member functions twice -- once in the header file (.h) and once in the source file (.cp) -- H2C automatically generates a source file containing all the class member functions from a given header file. H2C features: ++ rapid access with drag and drop of header files ++ plug-in architecture to create personalized output (source files written with a customized style, or, for example, code documentation template -- anything is possible!). Requirements: System 7.5 or later PowerPC processor For questions and information, be sure to visit If you decide to use H2C, please register. It's only 15 USD for a single user license or 400 USD for a site license. Antoine Beyeler Geneva, Switzerland
Mar 30
[NPL] Portfolio Web Edition 4.0
Extensis Corporation Announces Availability of Portfolio Web Edition 4.0 Searchable Asset Management Solution For Creative Professionals Now Brings The Web Within Reach Portland, OR - March 30, 1999 - Extensis Corporation today announced the availability of Portfolio Web Edition 4.0. Portfolio Web Edition includes Portfolio 4.0 digital asset management software and PortWeb 4.0, the Portfolio Web server plug-in tool that enable businesses to provide digital media including images, logos, photographs, documents, audio, or animations to users, partners and customers over the Internet. Extensis Portfolio lets individuals, workgroups and enterprises manage digital assets in visual catalogs. Its new client/server capabilities provide fully scalable digital asset management. Publishing assets to the Web with Extensis Portfolio Web Edition allows anyone with access to the Internet and a Web browser to search a Portfolio digital media catalog-all without the need for additional hardware,...
Mar 30
[NPL] HP VirtualVault Secures Open Mail
HP ANNOUNCES SECURE, BROWSER-BASED OPENMAIL SOLUTION Integration with VirtualVault Lowers Costs of Supporting Remote E-mail Users, Allows Users Secure Access from any Web Browser PALO ALTO, Calif., March 30, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced a new program that combines HP OpenMail with the HP VirtualVault trusted Web platform, enabling organizations to reduce the costs of supporting remote e-mail users dramatically while greatly simplifying access. The program integrates HP's OpenMail enterprise messaging solution with the HP Praesidium VirtualVault 3.5 trusted Web-server platform, enabling organizations to provide remote users convenient and direct access to their e-mail from any device that provides Internet access via a standard Web browser. This solution is based on the next version of OpenMail, which is being demonstrated this week at the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) conference in Dallas. The integration of OpenMail and VirtualVault eliminates the need for...
Mar 30
[NPL] iTOOL Announces Direct Reseller Program
For immediate release iTOOL Announces Direct Reseller Program iTOOL's Program empowers web companies to retain own label, and deliver turn-key e-commerce hosting and web development tools. (March 30, 1999) - Scottsdale, AZ - iTOOL Technologies announced today its Direct Reseller Program, a private label offering of iTOOL software that enables web-related businesses to expand their product offerings. iTOOL is a comprehensive build-it-yourself web development tool and hosting solution. With an iTOOL system, any small ISP, developer or web-related business can offer powerful online web development and hosting tools from their own site. Customers will benefit from instant setup, simple site and store creation wizards, online graphic tools, iEDIT visual page layout tool, and advanced application development tools including browser based database management, Cold Fusion, and Active Server Pages. The private label hosting service is maintained at the iTOOL data center. This empowers the...
Mar 29
[MD1] Open With Package 2.0
The Open With Package 2.0 is now Available. The Open With Package lets you easily open documents with any application that can open them. Simply control-click on a document and a list of all applications that can open it will pop-up in the contextual menu. Just choose the one that you want. Open With Package is a boon for developers and graphics professionals. For developers, you can control-click on ResEdit documents to open them with Resourcer or Constructor. Or control-click on MPW documents to open them with CodeWarrior. Graphics Pros can open Illustrator documents in Photoshop etc. No navigating through Open dialogs, the application you want is just a control-click away. The Open With Package consists of an application and contextual menu plugin which work in concert to find your applications, get info on them so the plugin shows only those applications that can open the documents selected, and do it quickly. Requires Mac OS 8.0 or later, Mac OS Easy Open. The Open With Package...
Mar 29
[NPL] SurfJet Agent 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LONG ISLAND, NY March 30, 1999 - Leptonic Systems Inc. has released version 1.1 of SurfJet Agent, the first Internet search assistant for the Macintosh that can actually learn from your feedback to improve its performance. Version 1.1 integrates Apple's 'Sherlock' technology, allowing it to access all the search sites that Sherlock can. Since SurfJet Agent uses the search site files directly, it works even on older systems that don't have Sherlock installed. SurfJet Agent differs from other search engine front ends by using the engines merely to find starting points for its search. It fetches, reads and intelligently follows links in the web pages, evaluating them in light of your interests. As you browse the results, you can correct the Agent's evaluation of your interest by moving a simple slider. The Agent can learn from this, adjust your interest profile, and improve its future evaluations. Features of SurfJet Agent: * Organizes your interests * Calls upon...
Mar 29
[NPL] Aladdin Ships DragStrip 3.7
ALADDIN SYSTEMS SHIPS DRAGSTRIP -A POPULAR DESKTOP ORGANIZER FOR AUTOMATICALLY LAUNCHING, FINDING, ORGANIZING, AND ACCESSING DOCUMENTS QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY DragStrip Is The Ultimate Desktop Organizer For Instant Access To Frequently Used Applications, Files, Folders, And Information Watsonville, CA- March 29, 1999 - Aladdin Systems, Inc. today announced that DragStrip(r) 3.7 shareware, the ultimate desktop organizer, is now available. DragStrip is a full-featured application that allows users unlimited flexibility in organizing and accessing frequently used files and applications. It helps to eliminate desktop clutter and repeated searches in disks, folders, and on the Internet, by placing drag-and-drop modifiable palettes on the desktop. A palette can easily handle a user's files, folders, applications, and URLs all in one location. "Aladdin is known for its helpful and easy-to-use organizational and access utilities," said Christopher Evans, president of Poppybank Software. "...
Mar 29
[NPL] Lasso 3.5 Web Data Engine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 29, 1999 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES LASSO 3.5 WEB DATA ENGINE New version supports JavaScript and XML standards and advanced functions for Web application developers. Available in full-featured Application Server editions along with specially priced Developer editions. BELLEVUE, WA -- March 29, 1999 -- Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced the Lasso 3.5 Web Data Engine, a significant upgrade to Blue World's popular award-winning tool for building and serving powerful database-driven Web applications. Key new features include support for Server-Side JavaScript, XML, syntax errors notification, data interaction with other CGIs, fault recovery, advanced security and enhanced credit card validation among others. In addition, Lasso 3.5 introduces support for Web servers from Netscape Communications and support for Windows 95/98. What's more, Lasso 3.5 introduces exclusive protection against service affecting issues associated with Web hosting FileMaker Pro...
Mar 29
[MD1] Metrowerks Announces CodeWarrior for Red Hat Linux
Red Hat and Metrowerks Deliver Mainstream Development Tools for Linux Red Hat Linux Positioned for Next Wave of Growth Research Triangle Park, N.C, and Austin, Texas--March 29, 1999- Red Hat(r) Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux software and expertise, and Metrowerks, Inc., (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE:MWK), a leading supplier of software development tools for telecom, desktop, embedded systems, and consumer electronics announced today that CodeWarrior(r) software development tools have been ported to the Red Hat Linux operating system. This agreement to bring commercial development tools to Linux is the latest in a series of applications that enhance the viability of the Linux OS. "Our work with Metrowerks helps to accelerate the adoption of Linux in the enterprise market," said Bob Young, CEO, Red Hat Software. "By making CodeWarrior's user-friendly development tools available, we will attract a broad base of software developers writing applications for the Red Hat platform." An...
Mar 29
[NPL] StarNine/BlueWorld collaborate on WebSTAR Lasso Publisher
For Immediate Release STARNINE AND BLUE WORLD EMBARK ON NEW STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP --Companies Collaborate to Create WebSTAR Lasso Publisher for Easy FileMaker Pro and ODBC Database Publishing in Upcoming Major WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 Upgrade-- BERKELEY, Calif., March 29, 1999 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. and Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced their new strategic relationship, marked by the inclusion of the new WebSTAR Lasso Publisher(tm) component within StarNine's upcoming WebSTAR(R) Server Suite 4.0, allowing organizations to easily deliver FileMaker Pro(R) and ODBC database content via the Web. The new WebSTAR Lasso Publisher plug-in, developed by Blue World and licensed and supported by StarNine, is based on Blue World's award-winning Lasso Web Data Engine(tm), the popular add-on for WebSTAR users. WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0, now in testing, is scheduled to be released in June of this year (see related release dated 3/29/99). Beyond continued development of WebSTAR...
Mar 29
[NPL] WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0
For Immediate Release STARNINE ANNOUNCES WEBSTAR SERVER SUITE 4.0 --New Version Doubles Performance; Adds Next Generation Email Server, Lasso Publishing of FileMaker Pro and ODBC Databases, and Integrated SSL Encryption with Multiple Certificate Support-- BERKELEY, Calif., March 29, 1999 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. today announced its next generation of WebSTAR(R), the highly acclaimed and widely-used Internet server software for the Mac(tm) OS, delivering performance improvements and new technology which transforms WebSTAR into a powerful, complete Internet Server Suite. Currently in testing, the newly renamed WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0, is due for release in June of this year. Beyond a dramatic two-fold increase in Web server performance, WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes a new SMTP/POP/IMAP email server with LDAP and remote Web-based email access capabilities, newly incorporated Lasso(tm)-based FileMaker Pro(tm) and ODBC database publishing from Blue World Communications(tm) (see...
Mar 29
[NPL] KnowledgeMiner Datamining Technology
Breakthrough Datamining Technology Announced KnowledgeMiner is in use by NASA, Boeing, MIT, Columbia, Notre Dame, University of Hamburg, Mobil Oil, Pfizer Inc., Dean & Company and many other corporations, universities, research institutions and individuals around the world in many fields of human enquiry. KnowledgeMiner Gold is the first choice in datamining because it provides the most objective, easiest, fastest and least expensive data mining technologies in the world. Also as it learns about a new dataset it generates equations, rules or patterns on the fly that model that data. It is knowledge extraction in its most advanced form. Mining data and striking gold is much more probable with a datamining tool like KnowledgeMiner then with neural nets, statistical programs or simple spreadsheets. KnowledgeMiner can be downloaded from: Included datasets and examples range from prediction of global temperature, stock market trends, medical diagnosis,...
Mar 28
[MD1] GameCode Available in Open Source
Copenhagen, March 27, 1999 Announcing GameCode Sren Grnbech [Sodan] in cooperation with Metrowerks, Inc., (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK) a leading supplier of software development tools for desktop and embedded systems, announced GameCode the cross platform multimedia library and toolbox. GameCode is available for Windows and Mac OS, with a Linux version in development. GameCode which was formerly found on the Metrowerks CodeWarrior CD, now has it's own web-site. GameCode is now Open Source and available on the net under an open MWPL "Mozilla style" license. GameCode may also be distributed on the CodeWarrior CD. What is GameCode GameCode is an Open Source cross platform multimedia development library. GameCode consists of three primary parts: 1) An easy-to-use programmers API which does basic setup. For example to set up a game or a multimedia application. 2) A number of functions to display graphics, play sounds, display text, etc. 3) A converter-tool which uses a simple script-...
Mar 26
[NPL] IncWell NetAnimation Contest
Win a Web Design Tool Chest with IncWell NetAnimator! March 26, 1999 Beaverton, Oregon. IncWell DMG, Ltd and Proactive International, LLC present the first IncWell NetAnimation Contest, celebrating the release of IncWell NetAnimator, a powerful web animation utility that anyone can use to build interesting interactive web sites. Create fun and interesting content and deploy it using IncWell NetAnimator on one of the Internet's many free web page hosting services, such as Tripod, Xoom, MacRules or any other. You can enter in any of three categories (but only submit one entry per category)- Games. IncWell NetAnimator creates fun and fast online games. Using NetAnimator powerful interactivity functions such as animation loops, markers and member morphing, create fun web based games. Web Design. Create web banners, navigation bars or some other web interface. Make use of IncWell NetAnimator's ability to jump within animations or launch URLs! Screen Saver. NetAnimator builds great native...
Mar 26
[NPL] Spinalot 2.2 Alpha
Spinalot is a CGI tool for building a dynamic web-site that supports a community working together. It lets your members talk to each other in conferences, share image, sound and movie files, publish URLs and create, organize, annotate and structure content. Download a fully functional trial version from This release is a "work-in-progress" version for people who want to experiment with Spinalot's features before some of the final "rough edges" are smoothed out. tom smith phone (+44) 1245 252009 fax (+44) 1245 252047 ULTRALAB, North Block, Anglia Polytechnic University, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, UK, CM1 1LL
Mar 26
[NPL] Abstrakt announces aliasManager 1.0 for FileMaker
Abstrakt announces aliasManager 1.0 Madrid, 03/22/99 - For Inmediate Release. Abstrakt has made available today aliasManager 1.0, a set of FileMaker Pro External Functions that allow users to create, store and handle alias from inside FileMaker Pro databases. With aliasManager 1.0 users can store alias to their favourite files in standard container fields. They simply need to pass the icon on the container field back to the aliasManager 1.0 functions to open the original file, get its complete path or simply reveal it on the Finder. Specially interesting for developers of multilingual products is the ability of aliasManager for changing the language used to show error messages with just a function call. Languages available right now are english, spanish and catalonian, with more languages coming soon. Price and availability aliasManager 1.0 is priced at 25$, with a developer license available for just 150$. aliasManager 1.0 can be registered online and put into production inmediatly,...
Mar 26
[NPL] Abstrakt Utilix for FileMaker
Madrid, 03/25/99 - For Inmediate Release. Abstrakt has released today a new version of Utilix. With more than 350 downloads since its first version, one month ago, this popular Filemaker Pro plug-in contains a set of free miscellaneous External Functions that complement the functionality of FileMaker Pro for Macintosh. Utilix 0.4 includes four new functions designed to help FileMaker Pro developers to create more integrated solutions. The functions Alerta and Request provide developers with two different dialogs. The first one shows a message to the user. Instead of using a fixed message like the built-in function, Alerta lets developer use any string, even the content of a field. The other one, Request, implements a simple data entry modal dialog, useful to ask user for specific values. The other two new additions to Utilix deal with the clipboard. Sometimes a developer uses a function of FileMaker Pro, such Copy or any External Function that changes the clipboard without the user...
Mar 26
[MD1] AppGuard Pro version 3.0.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Releases AppGuard Pro version 3.0.2 Application Trialware and Registration Code Plug-In Huntington Beach, CA - March 25, 1999: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of AppGuard Professional version 3.0.2, a 4th Dimension plug-in for creating Trialware and Registration interfaces for custom applications. AppGuard Professional is a standard 4th Dimension plug-in, which provides tools for easily integrating Trialware and Registration functionality into your custom application, which can be distributed on the web or other distribution services. Using AppGuard Professional, you can now easily distribute Trialware versions of any application by adding just a few lines of code. When a user receives your application, they will be presented with a greeting message and a unique product code. When the user is ready to purchase your product, they simply provide you with the product code and in turn receive and unlock code to register...
Mar 25
[MD1] SpotCheck 1.2
GenieWorks, LLC announces the release of SpotCheck 1.2, the Java code editor / browser made exclusively for the Macintosh. SpotCheck is the Java editor that really knows the Java language, analyzing your code as you work, providing ongoing feedback about "compiler" errors, and maintaining full-time, "live" cross-reference links for all identifiers. At $20, SpotCheck is by far the most value for your money in the arena of Mac Java development tools. It is the perfect companion to the free MRJ SDK -- together they form a complete, low-cost, yet remarkably effective Java development environment for the Macintosh. Version 1.2 contains many improvements. Most important is support for ANY 3rd party class libraries... now your code can be "SpotChecked" against any JAR or ZIP archive in your MRJClasses folder. This means that SpotCheck 1.2 can grow with you, as new releases of MRJ, JDK, Swing, etc. appear. Furthermore, the contents of MRJClasses are quickly indexed at startup, allowing you to...
Mar 25
[NPL] Style Master 1.2 Cascading Style Sheets Editor
Style Master, the acclaimed cascading style sheet editor for the Macintosh available just got better. Bondi Beach, Australia, March 26 1999. Western Civilisation ( announces the release and immediate availability of Style Master 1.2 , an important upgrade to the cascading style sheet editor that makes this new web standard accessible to all web developers. Now web masters of all levels of expertise can create and edit cascading style sheets that will work every time in targeted browsers, and easily integrate them with their sites. But most importantly, Style Master uses innovative online help to guide users through the pitfalls of style sheets, particularly selectors, and the problem of developing for different browsers that support style sheets only partially. TUCOWS said "It's a must for anyone who wants to work with style sheets". Web Review said: "Creating style sheets just got easier for designers working on the Mac, as Western Civilisation's...
Mar 25
[NPL] KVM switch units for PC-Sun-Mac
March 16, 1999 Brookfield, CT: Magenta Research is pleased to announce the latest product in our extraordinary line of KVM switch units. 'Works-in-a-Draw' is our multi-platform (PC-Sun-Mac) 1x8 KVM switch together with a high-quality 14" LCD Display and Keyboard / Mouse, all in a heavy-duty roller-bearinged 2U high 19" rack-mount draw. Perfect for Server Rooms. Any mix of PC, Sun or Mac CPUs can be installed, in any order, in any port, without any external adapters or the need to swap cards. Magenta Research offers the highest quality, performance and reliability KVM units available anywhere. If your system is critical, you can not afford a failure and you want the best, please call us at 203-740-0592 (fax-0596) for more information or view our web site at Traditionally in the business of providing hardware and software solutions exclusively to the International Financial Trading Floor Industry, Magenta Research LTD has now become a significant presence in...
Mar 25
[NPL] QPS Introduces Que! DVD-RAM Drive
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE QPS INTRODUCES QUE! DVD-RAM DRIVE FOR APPLE G3 AND PC DESKTOP COMPUTERS Yorba Linda, CA - March 24, 1999 - QPS, Inc. ( is announcing its latest product launch...the Que! DVD-RAM drive for Apple G3 and PC desktop computers. This new drive is ideal for desktop publishing, archiving and presentations. With Que! DVD-RAM, MPEG-2 and DVD movies can be recorded and played back on television sets or computer monitors in full screen. According to Pierre Abboud, QPS vice president, "The Que! DVD-RAM brings all of the excitement of the new DVD format to personal computers with 5.2 GB of double-sided data storage space. It has limitless possibilities at a very affordable price." The drive provides enhanced caching for read/write throughput and a maximum transfer rate of 16.6 MB/sec without leaving the digital domain. It is backward-read-compatible with CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-ROM media. The product will have immediate use as a replacement for DAT tape...
Mar 25
[NPL] Source for ISP, IS, IT News for Network Managers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New portal educates ISPs and IS managers by focusing on hot networking technologies. Walnet Creek, Calif. -- March 24, 1999 (Xpress Press) - The objective source for news and resources announced today that it has officially been opened to the public to dispense news and resources focused on hot internetworking technologies. The concept behind the is to deliver news stories, press releases, white papers, and competitive information pertaining to only the top 'hot networking technologies' all in one place. This saves internetworking professionals the time of locating news and product information on multitudes of sites. currently houses a wide range of information on VPN's, CLEC, Outsourcing, Caching. XDSL, Anti-Spam and Security. Instead of evaluating products by visiting individual vendor web sites, maintains buyers guides that allow people the opportunity to truly comparison shop and find the perfect solution...
Mar 25
[NPL] Farallon Reduces Cost of Networking
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farallon Reduces Cost of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Networking Announcing new economical 10Mb Starlet mini-hubs, daisy-chainable EtherWave for the price of regular Ethernet, and the affordable 10/100 Starlet Dual-Speed Hub. San Leandro, CA, March 24, 1999 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for both Macs and PCs, today announced great prices on some of their most popular Ethernet and Fast Ethernet solutions. Farallons new 10Base-T Starlet mini-hubs provide an economical way to network in the home, small office or school classroom. EtherWave, with models priced the same as regular Ethernet, gives customers two 10Base-T ports for the price of one. Additionally, Farallons 8-port Starlet Dual-Speed Hub offers affordable 10/100 integration of 10Mb and 100Mb devices. Farallons 10/100 Starlet Dual-Speed Hub Only $176.00 Equipped with 8 auto-negotiating 10/100 ports, Farallon's affordable, compact, plug-and-play dual...
Mar 25
[MD1] PuppetTime Director Preview Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME, INC. ANNOUNCES PREVIEW RELEASE OF PUPPETTIME DIRECTOR New Internet Company Demonstrates Easy-To-Use 3D Storytelling Technology, Invites Potential Customers To Make Requests SAN FRANCISCO (March 25th, 1999) - PuppetTime, Inc. announced today that it has released a preview of its revolutionary 3D storytelling application, PuppetTime(R) Director, on its web site PuppetTime Director allows users to manipulate 3D puppets using PuppetTime's patent-pending 3D digital actor plug-in architecture, which is built on top of Apple's QuickTime. Downloading the free preview will allow Mac users with QuickTime to create and view 3D movies. Playback for Windows users is also available. "The core philosophy at PuppetTime, Inc. is to bring the power of storytelling to the rest of us," says Deeje Cooley, PuppetTime's founder and CTO, "Everyone has a story to tell. Children are natural storytellers, while executives and professionals...
Mar 24
[MD1] Valentina 1.1.1 update
Update Valentina 1.1.1 fixes the next bugs: a) "security bug" like in Microsoft Word 98 (files of database contain information of deleted disk files); b) fixed crash when a selection of more than 300'000 records is sorted. About Valentina: Valentina is a database engine which works hundreds and sometimes a thousand times as fast as others MacOS DBMS (4th Dimension, FileMaker Pro, NeoAccess), see benchmarks at ( In particular: indexing 100-200 times faster; searching 100-500+ times faster; sorting )1000 times faster. Benchmark: 1) It takes Valentina 68k on the Macintosh LC/68020 31 seconds to perform the particular search. 2) It takes FileMaker PPC on the G3/233 71 seconds to perform the same test. 3) It takes Valentina PPC on the G3/233 about 0.4 of second to performs the same test. Valentina is available for Apple Script lovers, as scriptable standalone application....
Mar 24
[MD1] Joy ships with OS X Server
For immediate release. OS X SERVER SHIPS WITH JOY! =========================== Vienna, March 24, 1999. Joy, the development environment from AAA+, is now shipping on the 3rd party CD delivered with Mac OS X Server from Apple. Joy supports developers from the creation of prototypes right through to development of final shipping applications. AAA+ Software supplies its clients with custom solutions based on its Joy Enterprise technology. This has been available for many years. The Joy tools available to the public represent a shrink-wrapped subset, and are available at very low cost. The Joy Explorer and Joy Developer products allow the user to use the same tool, and the same paradigm, from initial prototyping through to final deployment of the full-scale working system. This is achieved through the Joy scripting engine. The Joy Scripting Engine allows you to write Objective-C code, C code, JavaScript code, and call Java code, all from one language. Tcl is also supported. This provides...
Mar 24
[NPL] Netopia Site Server v3.0
For Immediate Release Netopia Announces Version 3.0 Of Its Web Site Platform for Vertical Portals and Online Industry Associations Company to Expand Strategic Alliances in Key Vertical Markets by Helping Partners Increase "Portal Stickiness" and Community Development ALAMEDA, Calif., March 23, 1999 - Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a market leader in helping small businesses establish their Internet presence, today announced a major strategic initiative to generate new alliances and licensing agreements with vertical portals and industry associations utilizing the new 3.0 Netopia Site Server platform. Netopia Site Server 3.0 (NSS) is the core technology for "No Assembly Required" Web Site building services, the easiest way to create powerful, feature-rich web sites. Aligning with Netopia, partners can offer professionally designed web sites to their members, visitors and constituents, significantly augmenting their Internet service offerings by integrating portal content with member web...
Mar 24
[NPL] MindSpring Upgrades Mac OS Suite
NEWS RELEASE Release Dates: Immediate Media Contact: Ed Hansen, (404) 287-0893 Investor Contact: Debbie Isbitts (404) 815-0770 ext. 22845, MINDSPRING INTRODUCES NEW INTERNET SOFTWARE SUITE FOR MACINTOSH ATLANTA (March 23, 1999) - MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPG) today announced it has released MindSpring version 4.0 Internet Software for the Mac OS. This is MindSpring's first major upgrade of its Macintosh software since June 1996. The suite includes the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser, Microsoft Outlook Express for e-mail and news, and Fetch for file transfers. The access panel is a customized version of Gearbox by Rockstar Software, which provides a single starting point for Internet access. GearBox integrates into a single interface the tools used to connect the customer's modem to the Internet, report the status of their email, manage configuration settings and diagnose technical problems. It also displays...
Mar 24
[MD1] McSerialnumber 1.2 Cross-platform Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PALM HARBOR, FL March 23, 1999 - McWare USA, today released McSerialnumber 1.2 for Windows and Macintosh, the first cross-platform developer serialization scheme library generating simple-database application. Version 1.2 is the unified cross-platform release of the successful McSerialnumber 1.0 for the Macintosh. McSerialnumber supports both Microsoft Visual C++ and Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro development environments. Dedicated McSerialnumber applications run on Windows 95/98 and NT as well Mac OS 7.x, 8.x . Features of McSerialnumber: - The registered application enables you to build your company-own unique custom serial number library - McSerialnumber helps your software engineer to easy-custom-build a serial number scheme into any of your professional applications - McSerialnumber offers billions of master key combinations with a encoding/decoding library to secure your development investment - McSerialnumber database helps to track all of your registered...
Mar 23
[MD1] MacHack: Register and Win, Hacking Not Required
MacHack PR: Register and Win, Hacking Not Required. MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- March 22, 1999 -- MacHack, The Annual Conference For Leading Edge Developers, is proud to announce that all attendees who register for the conference by April 15, will be entered to win a Palm III connected organizer from Palm Computing, Inc., a 3Com company. Three of the Macintosh friendly organizers will be given away. One student attendee and two regular attendees will be the lucky winners. These users will receive their Palm III units connected organizer prior to the June, 1999, MacHack conference. These lucky hackers are encouraged, though not required, to enter this year's Best Hack Contest using their Palm Computing organizer as a platform for clever hacks. Palm Computing ( has also...
Mar 22
[NPL] Blue World Lasso Web to Support Apache on Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 22, 1999 BLUE WORLD LASSO WEB DATA ENGINE TO SUPPORT APACHE ON MAC OS X SERVER New Configuration to Provide Unrivaled Performance and Power to Further Lasso's Lead as the Dominant Force in Mac OS-Based Web Database Publishing BELLEVUE, WA - March 22, 1999 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced its plan to bring the award-winning Lasso Web Data Engine to industry leading Apache Web servers for the recently released Mac OS X Server operating system from Apple Computer. "As the leading Web Database Engine for Mac OS, support for Apple's new industrial-strength Mac OS X Server operating system furthers Lasso's dominant position within the growing Mac OS Internet server tool market," said Blue World president and CEO Bill Doerrfeld. "With support for Apache, trend-setting Lasso technology will enhance the most popular Web server used on the Internet, continuing Lasso's rapid acceptance and recognition as the price/performance leader among Web...
Mar 22
[NPL] Extensis Suitcase 8
Extensis Suitcase 8 Font Management Packs Advanced Features and Solid Compatibility Extensis Suitcase Makes its Mark as Solid Font Management For Future and Present Needs Portland, OR - March 22, 1999 - Extensis Corporation today announced the long-awaited Extensis Suitcase 8, its new complete font management software for all Macintosh users. In addition to bringing full Macintosh OS 8.5 compatibility to the newly branded package, Extensis Suitcase 8 will maintain its ease of use while adding new indispensable tools for anyone needing to manage fonts. "Fonts are like children. They're messy, they leave stuff laying around everywhere, but they give color to your life," said Mark Niemann-Ross, senior product marketing manager, Extensis Corporation. "Extensis lets Macintosh users focus on creativity and the job at hand while cleaning up the mess with its easy-to-use Suitcase font management tool." Full Featured Font Management Extensis has updated Suitcase 8 for full stability with...
Mar 22
[NPL] Text Cleaner Lite 1.51
Text Cleaner Lite 1.51, an update to the popular freeware utility is available for immediate download. The update includes documentation that was missing in 1.5 and an updated Panorama application (3.15). Please direct questions to ( Text below describes Text Cleaner Lite Text Cleaner Lite 1.51 by Studio 405, Inc. Text Cleaner Lite is the freeware version of the commercial package Text Cleaner. Text Cleaner Lite provides correct typesetting marks and input error correction in one pass, eliminating the need for common search and replace routines. The 1.5 upgrade adds text preparation for the World-Wide Web by changing common text characters with no direct HTML conversion to their web-safe counterparts. Summary of features: Removes multiple spaces, returns and tabs Creates curly or straight quotes Corrects foot and inch measurement marks Corrects apostrophes for year abbreviations Creates or removes en and em dashes Removes spaces before and after tabs, returns,...
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Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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