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Oct 31
Apple capital expenditures to increase by $3.4 billion in 2012
Apple's capital expenditures in its 2012 fiscal year are projected to increase by US$3.4 billion, as the company gears up for major projects like its new solar farm in North Carolina, and a new corporate campus in Cupertino, California, UBS analyst Maynard Um told clinets in a note -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( Last week it was reported by "The Charlotte Observer" ( that Apple has quietly begun work on a solar farm that apparently could help power its sprawling data center in southern Catawba County, North Carolina. Permits issued by Catawba County show that the company has been approved to reshape the slope of some of the 171 acres of vacant land it owns on Startown Road, opposite the data center, in preparation of building a solar farm, the article adds. The engineering plans show how the company will keep soil that it moves around the site from washing into creeks and other areas, notes "The Observer." The permit has no...
Oct 31
Apple reportedly buys 3D mapping company
Apple has apparently acquired a company called C3 Technologies that has sophisticated processing technology that can build 3D maps, reports "9to5Mac" ( Here's how the company is described: "C3 Technologies is the leading provider of 3D mapping solutions, offering photo-realistic models of the world for search, navigation and geographic information systems. Since 2007 when it was spun out of the aerospace and defense company Saab AB, venture-backed C3 has redefined mapping by applying previously classified image processing technology to the development of 3D maps as a platform for new social and commercial applications. The Sweden-based company’s automated software and advanced algorithms enable C3 to rapidly assemble extremely precise 3D models, and seamlessly integrate them with traditional 2D maps, satellite images, street level photography and user generated images, that together are forever changing how people use maps and explore the world." The C3...
Oct 31
iPads could outnumber computers in schools in next five years
A survey of technology directors in U.S. school districts found that all of them are testing or deploying the iPad and expect tablets to outnumber computers in the next five years, notes "AppleInsider" ( Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray revealed the results of the survey of 25 educational technology directors at a conference on the integration of technology in the classroom. The poll found that all of them were utilizing the iPad in schools, while none were testing or deploying Android-based tablets. "While this may be expected due to limited availability of Android tablets early in the tablet cycle, we also see it as evidence of Apple's first mover advantage," Munster told clients, as noted by "AppleInsider." "We also see a trend in education (which is mirrored in the enterprise) that familiarity with Apple devices among students (or employees) is causing a demand pull within institutions to also provide Apple devices." IT directors who...
Oct 31
Apple retail stores may soon allow self-checkout
Apple is planning to update its retail store iOS app so consumers can utilize self-checkout for purchases of accessories and other shelf-stocked items at the company's retail stores, according to "MacRumors" ( The self-checkout purchases will be charged via the Apple Store app to the customer's iTunes Store account, the article notes. It is not entirely clear what will happen once a user has checked out via the app, although store employees will of course be on the lookout for store visitors walking out with merchandise in hand, as they are already. Customers who have made a purchase through self-checkout will be able to show an emailed receipt to any employee, confirming their purchase.
Oct 31
Apple purportedly working on iPhone 4S battery problems
Apple engineers are purportedly contacting some iPhone 4S owners to try to solve problems with battery life on the new device, after some people have seen dramatic drops in longevity compared to previous models. One owner has told "The Guardian" ( that Apple contacted him directly and asked him to install a monitoring program on the phone to try to diagnose the problem, which is so far unexplained. In its data sheet for the iPhone 4S, which was released earlier this month, Apple quietly noted that the standby time for the new phone would only be 200 hours -- compared to 300 for the iPhone 4, and 250 hours even for the original 2007 iPhone. The company did not offer any reason when asked why by "The Guardian." However, Apple did note that other lifespans such as 3G talktime were as long or longer than previous models.
Oct 31
Analysts: CDMA-based iPhone likely for China Telecom next year
Apple’s CDMA-based iPhone will most likely find a new home with China Telecom during the first half of 2012, UBS analysts Jinjin Wang and Maynard Um said in a note to clients -- as reported by "The Mac Observer" ( If so, China Telecom will get what they see as a "much needed" addition to its high-end phone lineup, the article adds. “Jinjin Wang believes that China Telecom needs an improved handset portfolio and more support from third party distribution channels in order to drive further stand alone wireless service,” Um said. “The CDMA iPhone launch should be a positive driver as it will also help China Telecom penetrate the high-end segment.”
Oct 31
New ebook looks at 'Talking to Siri'
Written by two veterans of the Apple world, "Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant" is a short, US$4.99 ebook that teaches readers how to use Siri. Siri, introduced with the iPhone 4S, lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Apple says that you can ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. I haven't tried it, but Apple says Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. What differentiates Siri from competing technologies is its ability to not only recognize words spoken in a normal tone of voice, but its capacity to pick up on the contextual meaning of a phrase, according to Apple. "Talking to Siri" offers practical, how-to advice mixed with examples. Tutorials show you how to set up Siri in your preferences, and how to manage the interactive conversations you have with your voice assistant. Talking to Siri was written by two veterans of the Apple world, Erica...
Oct 31
Dynasty of Egypt comes to the Mac App Store
Selectsoft has introduced Dynasty of Egypt 1.0, a match-3 game for Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. It costs US$4.99 and is available at the Mac App Store. Here's how Dynasty of Egypt is described: "Enjoy explosive sphere shooter action during the Age of the Pyramids. Use your powerful stone shooter to destroy the Spheres of Divination before they disappear deep within the earth. Switch between shooters & rotate your angle of attack, as you blaze through over 1,000 levels of exciting action/puzzle fun, filled with magic power-ups, twisting paths & more. "The fun gameplay combines match-3 strategy with arcade-style shooting as players try to blast the colorful spheres descending along a twisting path. Rotate your shooters to adjust your aim and switch between shooters to choose the best location to launch your attack. Capture amazing power-ups including lasers, bombs, ball-eater and more to help you clear the board before the spheres vanish beneath the ground. Test your skills as the...
Oct 31
TRENDnet shipping 450 Mbps HD Media Bridge
TRENDnet ( has released the 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N HD Media Bridge (model TEW-680MB), which purportedly the highest wireless connection speeds available for up to four media center devices such as media players, gaming consoles, Internet televisions, and NVRs. The US$169.99 device helps ensure that the wireless component of an overall network does not produce lag or jitter when wirelessly streaming HD movies and more to a media center, according to Zak Wood, director of Global Marketing for TRENDnet. Dual Band technology provides the option of connecting either over the common 2.4GHz wireless network or over the low interference 5GHz network. A popular network configuration when connecting to a Dual Band router is to dedicate the router's 5GHz band to the TEW-680MB and the 2.4GHz band to laptops and mobile devices, according to Wood. The TEW-680MB needs to be connected to a 450Mbps router, such as TRENDnet's TEW-692GR, in order to maintain 450Mbps...
Oct 31
New Dolly Drive throttle lets users control bandwidth and upload...
Dolly Drive (, online backup for Apple's Time Machine, has added a bandwidth throttle in its version 1.5 upgrade, giving users greater control of Internet speed used during Time Machine backups to the cloud, while simultaneously letting users allocate more bandwidth for other programs during those backups. The upgrades to overall control of backups include a new user interface designed to provide easier access to Dolly Drive 1.5 works with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. Dolly Drive is a subscription software and online storage service designed for Apple's Time Machine. In addition to providing Mac users offsite cloud storage directly through the Time Machine application, the application allows users to create a bootable clone of their Mac on an external hard drive for local disaster recovery.
Oct 31
ShredIt X updated to version 6.0.2
Mireth Technology ( has released version 6.0.2 of ShredIt X, its file shredder and hard drive cleaner software for Mac OS X.  The update is a maintenance release. ShredIt is privacy software for Mac OS X that erases data so it can't be recovered. It can be used to erase files, folders, disk free space, previously deleted files, hard drives, external drives, network drives and CD-RWs. It comes with a range of features, including built-in safety features along with advanced shredding features such as, government standards compliance and a configurable overwrite pattern. ShredIt X is available for immediate download, or on CD-ROM, starting at US$24.95. Registered users of previous versions of ShredIt X can upgrade for free. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available.
Oct 31
Calcline algebra solver for Mac OS X revved to version 3.0
Tension Software has updated Calcline, its algebra calculator for Mac OS X, to version 3.0. It sports a redesigned improved interface. Version 3.0 now displays a variable and constant value also when in small size (strip) window. There's a scrollable variable and constant list when in small window and more. Calcline requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher and costs US$5.99. It's available at the Mac App Store or directly from the developer (
Oct 28
Apple Lossless Codec goes open source
Apple’s Apple Lossless Codec, or ALAC, used to create lossless music files that are compatible, has gone open source, and is available under the Apache license. Details can be found at . The Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is an audio codec developed by Apple and supported on iPhone, iPad, most iPods, Mac and iTunes.  ALAC is a data compression method which reduces the size of audio files with no loss of information.  A decoded ALAC stream is bit-for-bit identical to the original uncompressed audio file. The Apple Lossless Audio Codec project contains the sources for the ALAC encoder and decoder.  Also included is an example command line utility, called alacconvert, to read and write audio data to/from Core Audio Format (CAF) and WAVE files.  A description of a 'magic cookie' for use with files based on the ISO base media file format (e.g. MP4 and M4A) is included as well. On his "Kirkville" blog (, author and reviewer...
Oct 28
Taiwan Premiere worries about Apple's swipe-to-unlock...
The swipe-to-unlock feature is found on a multitude of different touchscreen smartphones today, but the idea officially belongs to Apple, according to the U.S. Patent Office. Depending on how Apple wields its newly granted patent, it could mean trouble for makers of Android phones, many of which use slide-to-unlock features that sound very similar, notes "MacNewsWorld" ( The swipe-to-unlock idea became the intellectual property of Apple this week when the U.S. Patent Office approved the company's patent for "unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image." The original patent was filed in December 2005, more than a year before the first iPhone was released. "Focus Taiwan" ( says that Taiwan Premiere Wu Den-yih is concerned about the possible adverse effects of Apple's latest patent victory on Taiwanese companies, particularly those in the smartphone and tablet sectors. Wu has directed the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)...
Oct 28
Apple number five among global phone vendors
Apple gained share and posted the third-highest growth rate of any top five mobile phone vendor but dropped to the number five position globally, according to a new IDC report ( Global iPhone shipments declined sequentially during the same quarter that company founder Steve Jobs handed the CEO reins to Tim Cook, according to the research group. The decline, not coincidentally, happened as Apple readied itself for the 4S launch, which many waited for. Apple's ability to upgrade 3GS users to the 4S, for example, and make continued inroads into developing economies, where it has been less successful, will help dictate the company's smartphone fortunes in the future, according to IDC. The research group says Apple has 4.3% market share globally; that's up 21.3% year-over-year. Ahead of it are Nokia (27.1%), Samsung (22.3%), LG Electronics (5.4%) and ZTE (5.4%). The worldwide mobile phone market grew 12.8% year over year in the third quarter of 2011 (3Q11), as...
Oct 28
Apple updates Aperture, HP Printer software
Apple has updated Aperture, its tool for pro photographers, and its HP printer drivers. Aperture 3.2.1 resolves an issue that could cause the software to quit unexpectedly at launch on Macs with Core Duo processors. It also addresses problems that could cause the Crop tool to switch to the incorrect orientation or resize incorrectly and resolves rendering issues when cropping images with Onscreen Proofing enabled Finally, location menus are now displayed correctly on the map in the Places view when "Photos" is selected in the Library Inspector. Apple has also released HP Printer Software Update 2.8 for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. You can obtain the updates via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.
Oct 28
Decorate your Mac desktop with uDesktop 1.0
Aperio Lux has released uDesktop 1.0 for Mac OS X, an app that lets you access thousands of widescreen wallpapers for the desktop of your Mac. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher, costs US$1.99 and is available at the Mac App Store in the Lifestyle category. All images are grouped by category and resolution. You can browse the images by date acquired or popularity. uDesktop lets you not only download wallpapers for your desktop but also to access all previously downloaded ones from the Downloads section. uDesktop lets you set the selected image not only on the main and secondary monitors but also on both of them at once. You can also set it up so the image installs automatically at downloading or so that the image changes automatically on a timer.
Oct 28
Adobe spins a Carousel for OS X, iOS devices
Adobe has released Adobe Carousel in the Apple App Store and Mac App Store. It's a photography solution that gives consumers access to their entire photo library from their iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. Carousel lets you browse, adjust and share photos without worrying about manual syncing. It's powered by the same photo-processing engine used in Lightroom, Adobe's software for pro photographers. Adobe Carousel comprises a set of client apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS desktops; support for Windows and Android is expected in the first half of 2012. Photo libraries imported into Adobe Carousel are automatically accessible on any supported device through Carousel's cloud-based smart mesh technology. Once photos are imported, any edits, deletions or additions made to the library on one device automatically update across all devices linked to the account. Subscribers can import an unlimited number of JPEG files and install Adobe Carousel on as many of their compatible...
Oct 28
NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk now supports Macs
Norton by Symantec has announced expansion of its NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk service to include support for Macs and Mac OS X applications. This personal IT help desk service for consumers and small businesses with up to 10 computers now offers multi-platform support for Mac systems and applications, as well as Windows-based systems and many digital devices. With Norton market research finding that U.S. households have an average of 4.5 devices between desktop computers, laptops tablets, mobile phones and more, Ultimate Help Desk provides one-stop remote help. According to a recent Norton research study, 11% of U.S. households use a combination of Mac and PC-based computer systems at home.  Both Mac and PC users cited performance degradation and Internet connection problems as the most common issues encountered.  One in four PC owners and one in three Mac owners expressed interest in a third-party technical support plan that would provide year-round technical service coverage for...
Oct 28
iHome releases AirPlay rechargeable speaker system
iHome has released the iW1 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker System with AirPlay.  The iW1 is a portable speaker system that is set-up via the free iHome Connect app to stream audio within Wi-Fi network range from your iTunes library or iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. AirPlay is Apple technology for wireless music streaming. It gives music lovers complete access, control, and playback of their entire iTunes music library. It requires iTunes 10.1 or later. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and controllable by the capacitive touch panel, iOS device or included remote control, the iW1 enables a wireless listening experience that employs Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS) technology and four active speakers. Using AirPlay, owners can wirelessly stream music over Wi-Fi to the unit from iTunes on their Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and enjoy music in any room of the house. The iW1 is currently available for purchase at the Apple Store, Best Buy and Crutchfield for US$...
Oct 28
SEIntelligence is new search engine optimization tool for Mac OS...
RAGE Software has released SEIntelligence ( native, professional Search Engine Optimization software for Mac OS X. It costs US$199.95, and there are no subscription or monthly fees. SEIntelligence tracks a website's top competitors with the current high ranking websites in all major search engines. It then uses statistical analysis to compare a user's website with their competition, outlining what aspects of a website need to be optimized in order to achieve higher search engine rankings, according to the folks at RAGE Software. SEIntelligence also provides "Off Page Optimizations" reports, which includes analyzing incoming links from third party websites and social media marketing strategies. The app can purportedly discover the link strategies used by a website's competitors. SEIntelligence is built for popular Mac web building applications including iWeb, RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Dreamweaver and more. In addition, SEIntelligence can...
Oct 28
BUMPscape game bumps onto the Mac
BUMPscape is a new action/arcade game for the Mac. It requires Mac OS X 10.6, costs US$2.99 (for a limited time) and is available exclusively at the Mac App Store. Here's how the game is described: "As the sole survivor from a distant human outpost devastated by mysterious alien forces, the character is in charge of traveling back to her home world to warn humans about an imminent planetary invasion. During her journey back she has to smash countless hordes of enemies, aided only by a bumping ship which is upgraded and equipped along the way, in order to face the ever increasing numbers of alien attackers. BUMPscape offers 50 levels of game play,10 special missions rewarding weapons and power-ups to aid in battles, three playable ships and 15 weapons. There are also several types of alien opponents, each with its own traits and abilities.
Oct 28
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars comes to the Mac
Feral Interactive has released the US$29.99 action-adventure game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for the Mac. It's developed by TT Games and LucasArts. Here's how the game is described: "LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is a tongue-in-cheek take on the entire Clone Wars era that recreates scenes from the hit animated television show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as fan-favorite moments from the theatrical Star Wars saga. Featuring 16 different star systems, 32 story-based missions, 48 bonus levels and over 100 playable characters, this is the biggest LEGO Star Wars video game to date.  "Players will combat Separatist forces aboard the massive battleship the Resolute, blast off in their favorite ships in multi-layered space battles, and destroy hundreds of droids in strategic ground battles new to the series. Whether Padawan or Jedi Master, players of all skill levels can take on the Sith in single player mode, or with their friends and family during drop in/drop out co-...
Oct 28
New ebook looks at taking control of iCloud
TidBITS Publishing has released "Take Control of iCloud," an US$15, 143-page ebook that helps readers successfully migrate to Apple's iCloud and its many services. 
Written by tech expert Joe Kissell, the book explains how to handle a variety of setup scenarios and concerns (including multiple Apple IDs and upgrading from MobileMe, iCloud's predecessor), and how to best use the many features in iCloud: iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, iCloud Backup, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, Find My iPhone, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and more. For more information about the book, including table of contents, author bios, and cover graphic, go to .
Oct 28
OWC announces SSD enclosure solutions
Other World Computing ( has announced two enclosure solutions for utilizing the factory Flash SSD from any 2010 or 2011 Apple MacBook Air model as an external drive. Both the OWC Mercury On-The-Go (S$69) and OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini enclosure ($109.99) solutions provide MacBook Air owners continued external use of the factory drive. They also offer a method of data migration when upgrading to the higher capacity and higher performance of an OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD.
Oct 28
Black Cat Systems releases Elmer 8.5.0
Black Cat Systems ( has released Elmer 8.5.0. The upgrade includes the new General Class question pool, which went into effect July 1, 2011. Elmer creates sample tests to help you prepare for your amateur (ham) radio written examination. It contains all FCC question pools for each of the three written exams: Technician, General, and Extra Class. Elmer will grade your sample test, showing you which questions were answered incorrectly. It will also indicate if you passed the exam. Elmer keeps track of quick questions give you difficulty, and custom tailors exams to emphasize these questions. A demo copy of Elmer may be downloaded from the Black Cat Systems web site. Registration is US$24.995. Versions for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are also available at the Apple App Store.
Oct 28
Keycue update for Mac OS X adds extended shortcut descriptions
Ergonis Software ( has released KeyCue 6, an update of the keyboard shortcut "cheat sheet." The new version offers extended shortcut descriptions for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, as well as descriptions of universal text editing and navigation shortcuts. Up to now, KeyCue showed only keyboard shortcuts that are included in the applications' menus. Many applications, however, offer further shortcuts that cannot be found in the menus and were therefore not included in KeyCue's shortcut overview. With KeyCue 6, users can now define their own shortcut descriptions for their favorite programs, and KeyCue merges them with the shortcuts found in the menus. KeyCue uses the same key symbols that are used throughout Mac OS X, but some of these are obscure and need an explanation, especially for users who are new to the Mac. Switchers will particularly appreciate the new legend, according to the folks at Ergonis. Like the shortcut table itself, the legend is compact...
Oct 28
Application Wizard conjures up version 3.1
MaBaSoft ( has updated Application Wizard -- their application launcher, quitter, and switcher for Mac OS X -- to version 3.1. The update solves incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"), adds the possibility to disable window restoration for specific applications, and introduces several other Lion-related features. Application Wizard lets you open, quit, show and hide applications, open them automatically at startup and force them to open using Rosetta, turn single application mode on and quit background-only applications and the Finder. With the software you can also navigate volumes and frequently used folders to quickly open enclosed items, access favorite files, recent folders, Address Book contacts and your iPhoto or Aperture library, preview images, music, movies and PDF files, copy pictures and display slideshows, view the metadata associated with files and check system memory usage. Application Wizard 3.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. A single-...
Oct 28
Endpoint Protector 4 ready for Lion
CoSoSys has released a new version of their flagship device control and data loss prevention solution, Endpoint Protector. The new version ensures complete control over the latest portable and mobile devices available, according to CoSoSys CEO Roman Foeckl. It's also compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). Offering enhanced protection, increased effectiveness and the fastest implementation time in its segment, the out-of-the-box hardware and virtual appliance is now available for small, medium and large companies and organizations, he adds. By continuously adapting to new and highly spread security threats affecting both small businesses and large corporations, Endpoint Protector 4 focuses not only on proactively protecting company networks from data loss, leakage and theft by blocking, controlling and monitoring all ports, but also on offering complete detailed reports on the information transferred in and out of the network. Endpoint Protector 4 is designed to minimize internal...
Oct 28
NI launches free Maschine expansion offer
Native Instruments has launched a special offer for its Maschine groove production systems. From Oct. 27 to Dec. 31, every new purchase of the regular Maschine version will include two Maschine Expansions of choice as a free download, while new owners of the compact Maschine Mikro can select one expansion fom the existing arsenal. The available Maschine Expansions include Transistor Punch, Vintage Heat and the recently released True School library. For more info go to .
Oct 28
DX Toolbox revved to version 3.7
Black Cat Systems has released DX Toolbox version 3.7, an update of the Mac OS X radio propagation/conditions analysis and forecasting tool for amateur radio operators, shortwave listeners, and other radio enthusiasts. This version adds a SWBC (Shortwave Broadcast) lookup tool that has information about over 12,000 shortwave radio transmissions. Broadcasts can be searched by station name, frequency, time of transmission, and country. Those broadcasts currently on the air can be shown. This makes it easy to find and tune into international shortwave broadcasts, according to the folks at Black Cat. DX Toolbox us designed to help amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners estimate radio propagation conditions. Several propagation forecasting charts are available to estimate signal levels and path conditions between any two points on the Earth. DX Toolbox sells for US$24.99. A feature complete demo is available at the product web site (
Oct 27
'NYT': Apple HDTV will use Siri as its main interface
"The New York Times" ( says that Apple is indeed working on its own HDTV -- and that it will use Siri as its main interface. Siri, introduced with the iPhone 4S, lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Apple says that you can ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. I haven't tried it, but Apple says Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. What differentiates Siri from competing technologies is its ability to not only recognize words spoken in a normal tone of voice, but its capacity to pick up on the contextual meaning of a phrase, according to Apple. According to "The Times," you'll be able to sit on your couch and rather than fumble with several remotes or use hand gestures, you simply talk: “Put on the last episode of Gossip Girl.” “Play the local news headlines.” “Play some Coldplay music videos.” Siri does the rest. Nick Bilton, writing for "The Times" says: "...
Oct 27
Pixelmator 2.0 launches on the Mac App Store
The Pixelmator Team ( has released Pixelmator 2.0, the latest version of its image editing app that provides tools to create, edit, and enhance still images. It's available at the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category for US$20 and requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Pixelmator 2.0 features new drawing and retouching tools, Content-Aware Fill, a Healing Tool, a Smudge Tool, and more. Designed from the ground up for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"), the new version supports Lion features such as Full Screen, Versions and Auto Save, and is available from the Mac App Store The new drawing tools in Pixelmator allow users to add, create, combine and edit vector shapes easily, says Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team.. In addition to Pen and Freeform Pen tools, Pixelmator also includes pre-drawn shape tools for quickly adding triangles, lines, circles or rectangles into compositions. Fill and stroke settings for created shapes, as well as shadows, can be...
Oct 27
Sprint expects to sell more than one million iPhones this quarter
Sprint announces it has entered into a four-year deal valued at US$15.5 billion to sell the iPhone. The carrier says it expects iPhone-related revenue to outperform the deal. (Of course, I hope they would expect that). "We expect the lifetime value of a typical iPhone customer to be at least 50% -- yes, at least 50% -- greater than a typical smartphone user, driven primarily by more efficient use of our network and lower churn," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call this week. Sprint also said it expects to sell more than one million iPhone handsets in the fourth quarter of this year. -- Dennis Sellers
Oct 27
Apple offering in-store pickup for online purchases
Apple is rolling out an in-store pickup option for online purchases. Place an Apple order online, and you can pick up your order at your nearest Apple retail store -- that is, if you live in San Francisco. The program allows U.S. customers to elect in-store pickup for their purchases instead of home delivery. It appears that you can choose to pick up almost any computer, accessory, or custom configuration, though more complicated orders tend to come with a longer waiting time, notes "PC World" ( Apple is using three stores in the Bay Area city as a testing ground for the program, with other U.S. stores coming soon, the article adds.
Oct 27
Zimbabwe students may get solar-powered iPads
The government has entered into a joint venture with Apple to distribute solar-powered iPads to remote rural schools in Zimbabwe, reports "NewsDay" ( The program is part of efforts to reduce the digital divide between the rural and urban areas in the country. Education, Sport, Arts and Culture ministerDavid Coltart announced the development yesterday via his Facebook page. Most rural schools in Zimbabwe lack basic infrastructure. Sseveral computers donated by President Robert Mugabe as part of his rural computerization program have either been stolen or remained unused due to absence of electricity, notes "NewsDay."
Oct 27
Australian court to fast-track Samsung appeal against Apple
The Federal Court of Australia will fast-track Samsung Electronics' appeal against a ban on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 as Apple goes after online sellers who are still selling the tablet despite the injunction, reports the "Sydney Morning Herald" ( Apple won an injunction against Samsung earlier this month in Australia, temporarily preventing the sale of the Galaxy 10.1 tab. Apple accused Samsung of copying its iPad. But while local retailers like Harvey Norman have been prevented from selling the device, several online sellers have been ignoring the injunction and offering the tablet to Australians, says the "Herald." Apple is now going after them, threatening legal action. and have both received threatening legal letters, the article adds.
Oct 27
Apple may get chance to sell mobile devices to US government
The US Department of Veterans Affairs is investigating Apple as a potential supplier of mobile computing devices for its staff, reports "Bloomberg" ( The Department is exploring security systems that would permit employees to use as many as 100,000 mobile devices, including the iPad "without endangering the privacy of sensitive information," the article adds. VA officials are researching "mobile device management" services that will protect e-mail and control access to agency computer networks for people using smartphones and tablet computers, Roger Baker, the agency’s chief information officer, told "Bloomberg" via email. The VA’s decision may open a new market for Apple, which has until now lagged behind competitors Deal and RIM in selling technology to the government. The VA is looking for technology that would allow its employees to use as many as 100,000 iPads and iPhones within 18 months, including a mix of government-owned and personal mobile devices, Jo...
Oct 27
Forrester: time for enterprise IT to support Macs
In a new study ( Forrester Research says it's time for IT in the enterprise to support Macs. That's pretty shocking as Forrester has long been "the voice of Windows in the enterprise," notes "Fortune" ( However, Forrester's new study fins that Mac users are more productive and, in face, "Mac users are your heroes and you should enable them, not hinder them." "Mac users are drinking furniture polish in back hallways, getting their fix from fellow bootleggers who have blazed the trails around IT's prohibition," writes David K. Johnson for Forrester Research in an introduction to their study. "End user computing professionals steeped in two decades of Microsoft management traditions are either prohibiting Macs on the company network or limiting their support to executives only. It's time to repeal prohibition and take decisive action. This document is the first in a collection in which we'll introduce you to a new class of Mac users,...
Oct 27
iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air firmware updated
Apple has posted firmware updates for the iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. You can obtain the updates via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app. iMac EFI Update 1.7 enables Lion Recovery from an Internet connection and includes fixes that resolve issues with Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance on iMac (early 2011) models. It's a 3.69MB update and requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.4 fixes several issues to improve the stability of Mac mini (mid 2011) computers and is recommended for all users. It's a 4.01MB download and requires Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.3 and MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.2 fixers several issues to improve stability. They're 4.17MB and 4MB downloads, respectively, and require Lion. Apple has also Apple also released Thunderbolt Software Update 1.1 for Macs running OS X 10.7.2. The 72.53MB update provides...
Oct 27
'Steve Jobs--One Last Thing' to premiere on PBC Nov. 2
PBS announced today that "Steve Jobs--One Last Thing" has been added to the primetime lineup following the premiere episode of Nova, "The Fabric of the Cosmos." Through interviews with colleagues and others who knew Jobs, "Steve Jobs--One Last Thing" provides an inside look at the man and the major influences that helped shape his life and career. Titled as a play on the famous catchphrase used by Jobs at his product launch presentations, "Steve Jobs--One Last Thing" premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 10-11 p.m. (Eastern) on PBS (check local listings). "Steve Jobs--One Last Thing" features interviews with, among others, Ronald Wayne, co-founder of Apple with Jobs and Steve Wozniak; Ross Perot, who invested in NeXT Computer when Jobs was running out of money; Walt pre, principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, who interviewed Jobs every year from 2003-2010;, frontman and producer for The Black Eyed Peas, whose "I Gotta Feeling" currently ranks as the most...
Oct 27
BassJump subwoofer jumps to version 2
Twelve South ( has introduced the US$69.99 BassJump 2, a new version of the portable, USB-powered subwoofer that turns a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air into a travel-friendly sound system. Like the original, BassJump 2 is powered by a single USB connection and uses proprietary software that blends the sound output of the BassJump subwoofer with the output of built-in Mac speakers for enhanced sound. The new BassJump 2 includes remastered software that delivers greater compatibility and eight more decibels of sound. Software refinements make BassJump 2 compatible with iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display speakers, as well as third party USB and headphone-connected speakers. The subwoofer enhances the sound of iMacs and Apple Thunderbolt Displays by adding mid- and low-frequencies for a deeper, fuller sound, according to the folks at Twelve South.
Oct 27
Stock Keeper is new DAM app for Mac OS X
Minder Softworks has announced Stock Keeper (, a new digital asset management application for Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It costs US$19; bulk discounts and global licenses are available. A 30-day demo is available for download. Stock Keeper allows graphic designers, multimedia producers, software developers, and anyone who uses digital media to manage their digital assets. It helps users to find and save stock media online using a built-in web browser, save files from their hard drive, manage usage licenses, and more.

Stock Keeper doesn't force a user to work within a defined workflow, but is flexible enough to adapt to any workflow, says programmer Michael LaMorte. For those who use stock photography and download media from online, it has a built-in web browser and groups of bookmarks it calls Web Search Groups that open in tabs. It comes with 28 sources for online media, but users can add their own, and create their own search...
Oct 27
Alien Skin announces Blow Up 3 plug-in for Photoshop
Alien Skin Software has announced Blow Up 3, the new version of its photo enlargement plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Lightroom on Mac OS X (10.6 or later) and Windows. Blow Up enlarges photos while keeping them crystal clear, even at huge sizes, says designer Terence Tay. Version 3 keeps edges sharp and smooth, even more so than in version 2, he adds. Blow Up 3 comes with presets for standard paper sizes. And it now works in Lightroom. Blow Up 3 will be available in November at for US$199. That's a price drop of $50 from version 2. Owners of Blow Up 1.x or 2.x may upgrade for $99. Free upgrades will be automatically sent to everyone who purchased Blow Up 2 directly from Alien Skin Software in July or later.
Oct 27
Mail Designer for the Mac adds HTML doc export
Equinux has updated Mail Designer for the Mac to version 1.2. Designs can now be exported as an HTML document. The new HTML export plug-in will create a folder containing a HTML document and associated images. Users can also choose to export their design with a custom image URL, which makes it easy to send newsletters with mail services while externally hosting the images. The 1.2 update also makes numerous improvements to the tools built-in to Mail Designer; for instance, it makes it easier to create emails with multiple column layouts, image placeholders and custom backgrounds. Layout blocks can now be duplicated via a menu bar command and have all been adjusted in width so they can be combined more easily. Background image compatibility has also been improved, so backgrounds look better in Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird. Mail Designer 1.2 also adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") features, including full-screen mode and resume. Equinux is releasing a software development kit...
Oct 27
App Tamer update uses less CPT time
St. Clair Software has released App Tamer 1.1.1 (, an update of the app for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher that gives you control over your applications so you can save battery and CPU (central processing unit) power. The new version uses less CPU time itself and fixes compatibility issues with Alien Skin Photoshop plugins. Some Mac applications, especially web browsers, continue running tasks or animations even when they're supposed to be idle in the background. This can consume valuable processing power and reduce battery life. App Tamer's AutoStop capability automatically pauses these applications when you switch away from them, and then restarts them when you click back to them. This frees your CPU and reduces power consumption, according to the folks at St. Clair. App Tamer shows the average percentage of your processor(s) being used by each app, and graphically displays a history of CPU usage. You can enable AutoStop for any application, as well as...
Oct 27
Seagate releases firmware update for GoFlex Satellite
Seagate has released a firmware upgrade ( for the GoFlex Satellite to enhance existing features and provide customers with the ability to experience music the way they’ve come to expect on an iPod, iPad or Android device.   Last spring Seagate introduced the storage product that allows people to wirelessly extend the storage of their mobile device to accommodate streaming of HD video, and other files. The new firmware upgrade provides enhancements that include sort options for music, slideshow effects, existing playlist support, iTunes playlist export and music cover art among other advances. 
Oct 27
Chronosync, Chronoagent for Mac OS X updated
Econ Technologies ( has updated ChronoSync to version 4.2.4 and updated ChronoAgent for Mac to version 1.2.3. The update includes several enhancements and bug fixes. As always, all existing ChronoSync users update for free. ChronoSync is anautomated synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X .and ChronoAgent for Mac is a utility that runs on the destination Mac and communicates directly with ChronoSync, giving you full root access to the destination Mac. ChronoSync and ChronoAgent for Mac will run natively on both Power PC and Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. A demo is available for download. ChronoSync costs US$40 and ChronoAgent is priced at $10.
Oct 27
Pdf-Office Professional revved to version 10
Universe Software has updated pdf-Office Professional, the PDF form creation software, to version 10, which offers improvements in image processing and can now correct most of the errors in imported graphics. The pdf-Office Professional interface is similar to that of Microsoft Word. Texts can be entered directly, while form fields, graphics, etc., can be positioned by drag and drop. You can add form fields with additional calculations or JavaScript to the template. Forms created in pdf-Office Professional can be shown using a launcher for Acrobat Reader immediately after creation to test functionality, so you can check for possible data entry errors. All additions to the template and the PDF template itself can then be saved together as a new PDF file. pdf-Office Professional supports all PDF security settings, including 128-bit encryption for ideal document protection. Once created, templates can be altered or added to at any time. pdf-Office Professional is compatible with Mac OS...
Oct 27
ID2Office ready for Lion
Recosoft Corp. ( has released ID2Office 1.1, an update to the InDesign plug-in to convert InDesign files to the Microsoft Office file formats. The upgrade is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and adds further conversion related enhancements. ID2Office 1.1 now converts InDesign character & paragraph style sheets to Microsoft Word style style sheets. It also improves the fidelity of the converted output when exporting InDesign documents to the Word/PowerPoint formats. ID2Office converts the text, associated fonts and styles, paragraph structure, corresponding property information, frames linking information, tables, graphics and other InDesign object and document properties to the matching Microsoft Word/PowerPoint object and File properties. It converts every page into an equivalent page in the resulting Word/PowerPoint file. ID2Office supports InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5. It requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher. An annual...

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