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Aug 24
Typinator for OS X gets 50 enhancements
Ergonis Software ( has released Typinator 4.5, the latest version of its tool for auto-typing text and auto-correcting typos systemwide across all Mac OS X applications. It comes with a list of 50 enhancements, including the ability to import Microsoft Office ACL files and support for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Typinator 4.5 also improves compatibility with many third-party applications, such as Safari 5.1, Canvas X, Google Earth, BBEdit, and more. Typinator requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Mac OS X 10.6 or higher is recommended, and the software is fully compatible with OS X Lion. Typinator can be purchased on the Ergonis Software web site for $19.99 for a single user license. A family pack for installation on up to five computers is $29.99. The upgrade to Typinator 4.5 is free for anyone who purchased Typinator in the last two years.
Aug 24
Real Software adds Lion support
Real Software ( -- creator of object-oriented, cross-platform software development tools for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the web -- has announced the latest version of its flagship product, Real Studio. The new Real Studio 2011 Release 3 -- updating both the web and desktop Editions -- contains 70 improvements and 11 new features, including OS X Lion support and increased HTML5 GeoLocation capabilities. Additionally, the installation process for web applications has been streamlined with an improved CGI deployment option, says Geoff Perlman, Real Software founder and CEO. This release also offers a new customer database application demo for Real Studio Web Edition. Anyone can access this application, the data can be edited and the full source code is available. For more information or to view this example application, please go to . Real Studio 2011 Release 3 is currently available to all current and new Real Software customers....
Aug 24
QNAP expands business series turbo NAS line-up
QNAP Systems ( has expanded its business series desktop Turbo NAS servers. The new TS-879 Pro (8 drive) and TS-1079 Pro (10 Drive), with up to 30TB of online storage, aims to fulfill the massive storage needs of the high-end SMB (small to medium sized business) environments, says QNAP President Richard Lee. The new models feature Intel Core i3 CPUs to deliver data throughput over 1,000MB/second via 10 GbE networking. They're Mac, Windows and Linux compatible. Contact QNAP for pricing.
Aug 24
Adobe releases Lightroom, Camera Raw updates
Adobe has announced the availability of Lightroom 3.5 and Camera Raw 6.5 Release Candidates on Adobe Labs. The Release Candidates bring camera support to 12 new raw file formats including the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 and add over 25 new lens profiles including support for the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G ED and Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 L USM lenses to help photographers automatically correct unwanted distortion and chromatic aberration. In addition, the Lightroom 3.5 and Camera Raw 6.5 updates address a number of issues reported by customers on the previous releases. Lightroom is a digital photography workflow solution that helps photographers import, manage, enhance and showcase all their images within one application. The Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in provides access to raw image formats produced by many leading digital camera. The Lightroom 3.5 update is available as a free download for Lightroom 3 customers, and the Photoshop Camera Raw 6.5 plug-in is available as a free download for...
Aug 24
OfficeTime updated for the Mac, creators of the OfficeTime time tracking solution, has launched a time-saving update. The latest version offers increased speed and faster file opening. It also allows users to import contacts from Outlook on the Windows version, eliminating manual data entry for addresses when invoicing.   OfficeTime supports professionals who track or invoice work on an hourly fee schedule or against a fixed cost project -- or who simply need to know where they're spending their time to be more productive. It also allows team reporting. The latest version of OfficeTime automatically creates grandfathered backups -- generating an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backup. These changes are a precursor to the imminent release of the first iOS version, which will be launched on Thursday, Aug. 25. For more info, go to     The Mac and PC versions can be purchased at for US$47. No monthly subscription fee is required. 
Aug 23
Sprint to carry the iPhone 5 starting in October?
Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the iPhone 5 in mid-October, according to "The Wall Street Journal" (, quoting unnamed "people familiar with the situation." Top U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless and No. 2 AT&T Inc. will begin selling the phone in mid-October as well, the article says. Sprint had more than 52 million subscribers at the end of the second quarter, compared with 106 million for Verizon and nearly 99 million for AT&T. Richard Doherty, director of the research firm Envisioneering Group, told the "Journal" that the addition of the iPhone would help Sprint to retain many of its customers who want to upgrade to the popular device. The iPhone will also increase foot traffic in Sprint stores, which should help the company to sell high-margin iPhone accessories, he added.
Aug 23
McAfee: Android now 'most attacked' mobile operating...
McAfee ( has released the "McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2011," showing that the amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76% since last quarter, to become the most attacked mobile operating system. 2011 has also resulted in the busiest ever first half-year in malware history, including a first-ever appearance of Mac fake AV and a significant uptick in rootkits, suggesting that McAfee’s comprehensive malware “zoo” collection will reach a record 75 million samples by the year’s end. “This year we’ve seen record-breaking numbers of malware, especially on mobile devices, where the uptick is in direct correlation to popularity,” says Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs. “Overall attacks are becoming more stealth and more sophisticated, suggesting that we could see attacks that remain unnoticed for longer periods of time. High-profile hacktivist groups have also changed the landscape by drawing a line between attacks for personal...
Aug 23
Apple could make up to 35 million iPhones in December quarter
In an update on Apple's supply chain ongoings sent to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( -- FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger said Apple has revised upwards its current third quarter production to 27.9 million units from 23.6 million units, representing a sequential rise of 33%, mostly from GSM versions of the handset. "[Third quarter] iPhone builds were revised higher due to an additional 3.1M iPhone 4 builds (to 15.2M units) and due to an additional 1.4M iPhone 5 builds (to 6.8M units)," he told clients. "We still see 3M builds planned on the legacy iPhone 3GS to satisfy demands from various US and European carriers calling for a low cost device to compete with Android handsets." The remaining three million units Apple intends to produce during the third quarter will be of the CDMA flavor, which "were ratcheted up slightly," Berger added. For the fourth quarter, he predicts that Apple's build plan remains at 30 million units. The analyst...
Aug 23
'2001: A Space Odyssey' now part of Apple-Samsung...
Samsung has filed its opposition brief to Apple's motion for a preliminary injunction in the United States. And they're citing Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" film as prior art against the iPad design patent, reports "FOSS Patents" ( In a clip from the movie, two astronauts are eating and at the same time using personal tablet computers. "Ever since Apple started to assert the design of the iPad against other manufacturers, many people have been wondering whether there's actually prior art for the general design of the iPad in some futuristic devices shown in sci-fi movies and TV series," says Florian Mueller, writing for "FOSS Patents." "And indeed, Samsung's lawyers make this claim now in their defense against Apple's motion for a preliminary injunction." This is all part of an ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Last week the former filed a patent lawsuit against the latter in South Korea, claiming that Samsung’s Galaxy line of...
Aug 23
Three more Apple retail stores to open this week
Apple will open three new retail stores in France, North Carolina and Arkansas this week, reports "ifoAppleStore" ( The first store to open on Saturday will be at the Carré Sénart shopping mall south of Paris. The store will be the fourth store in the region and the ninth in the country. The next opening will be at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. It will be the city's second Apple retail store. Arkansas will get its first Apple store when the Promenade at Chenal store opens on Saturday. Apple will open about 14 more stores by Sept. 30 in order to meet a goal of opening 30 stores by the end of the fiscal year, notes "ifoAppleStore."
Aug 23
iPhone 5 to be dual-mode 'world phone'?
The upcoming iPhone 5 will support access to both CDMA and GSM networks, allowing it to operate in most countries around the world, according to "TechCrunch" (, quoting an unnamed source. In cellular service there are two main competing network technologies: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Both boast "3G" standards, or third generation technologies. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA; AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. The first iPhone was a GSM phone released on June 29, 2007, exclusively on the AT&T network in the United States. On Feb. 10, 2011, a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 for Verizon made its debut. Now that Apple is catering to both carriers (and their respective networks), "it makes all the sense in the world for the company to combine support for both CDMA and GSM in a single device, turning it into a ‘world phone’ or a ‘global phone'," says "TechCrunch." -- Dennis Sellers
Aug 23
United Pilots getting iPads
Approximately 11,000 pilots at United Continental will begin receiving iPads today as the carrier converts to paperless cockpits, according to "MarketWatch" ( The iPads will replace paper flight manuals and navigational charts with applications such as Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck. Using the iPad should improve safety and efficency as pilots will no longer have to thumb through thousands of sheets of paper to find what they need during a flight, the airline said. What's more, the move saves 16 million sheets of paper and 326,000 gallons in fuel because of the lighter weight, says "MarketWatch."
Aug 23
Apple may allow China Mobile to sell the iPhone on 2G
Apple may soon allow China Mobile to distribute the iPhone, a deal that could give Apple a bigger share of China's mobile phone market, but one that means Apple would have to develop an iPhone specifically for China Mobile, which operates a 3G network incompatible with current models of the iPhone, or make iPhone buyers use the carrier's slower 2G network, according to "Computerworld" ( China Mobile is the country's biggest network operator, with more than 600 million customers. Apple's current Chinese partner network, China Unicom, has around 183 million customers. "Computerworld" says China Mobile has been talking with Apple about reselling the iPhone for some time. However, C.K. Lu, an analyst with research firm Gartner, thinks the chances of Apple designing an iPhone for use on China Mobile's TD-SCDMA network is slim "I don't think Apple will want to use this immature technology," he told "Computerworld." "Unless China Mobile can make a deal with Apple that...
Aug 23
Apple to release cheaper iPhone 4?
Asian suppliers to Applehave begun manufacturing a lower-priced version of its iPhone 4 with a smaller 8GB flash drive, reports "Reuters" (, quoting two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the matter." The flash drive for the 8GB iPhone 4 is purportedly being manufactured by a Korean company. Currently, Apple currently sources its flash drives from Japan's Toshiba and South Korea's Samsung Electronics. "Reuters" says the cheaper iPhone should arrive within weeks. And some analysts think a less expensive iPhone 4 could help Apple boost sales in emerging markets. "Apple may want to push into the emerging market segment where customers want to switch to low- to mid-end smartphones from high-end feature phones, which usually cost $150-200," Yuanta Securities analyst Bonnie Chang told "Reuters." "But I think for an 8GB iPhone 4 the price is hard to go below $200, so Apple will still need a completely new phone with low specifications for the emerging markets."
Aug 23
Apple releases Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) v3.5.1 Admin Update
Apple has released Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) v3.5.1 Admin Update ( for OS X Lion, Lion Server, Mac OS X 10.5.x or Mac OS X Server 10.6.x. It requires Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.0 or later and a network connection via Ethernet (recommended), AirPort (Wi-Fi), or IP over FireWire. The update fixes an issue that could prevent reporting tasks from completing.
Aug 23
Targus releases Lap Lounge for iPad 2
Targus has released the Lap Lounge for iPad 2 (, an US$49.99, soft, bean bag-filled cushion that conforms to your lap with a functional stand that provides multiple viewing angles. The stand frames the iPad and provides built-in sound amplification, by redirecting the sound toward the user. A zippered pocket stores a tuck-away carry handle and can double as an accessory pocket. The Lap Lounge also includes a stylus loop on the side.
Aug 23
CES iLounge triples in size
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says the iLounge Pavilion at the 2012 International CES will be the largest in show history, spanning 75,000 square feet. Experiencing 50% growth over its 2011 CES footprint, iLounge has tripled in size since its CES debut in 2010. Sponsored by, the 2012 iLounge Pavilion is the largest dedicated exhibition of iPod, iPhone and iPad related products and services in the world. The 2012 International CES will run January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The success of the iLounge Pavilion is unparalleled, featuring the largest number of i-related product launches at any event, any time of year,” says Karen Chupka, senior vice president, events and conferences, CEA. “With strong industry demand for a showcase of these popular products, the iLounge Pavilion at the 2012 International CES is the place where key business is done for this space.” Products and technologies for the next generation of iPad, iPhone and iPod offerings from...
Aug 23
Rally Blue Gasket case races onto the iPhone 4 scene
id America ( has a new addition to its brushed aluminum Gasket iPhone 4 case series: the Rally Blue, inspired by rally racing. The new color joins existing colors Aluminum Silver, Titanium Gray, Vintage Gold, Modern Bronze and Jet Black. In addition, a Carbon Back Skin inspired from automotive performance material carbon fiber, will be released. Coupled with the new case the protective skin offers optimal thickness, all while allowing the Gasket Case to fit perfectly over it, according to Abraham Jackal, marketing manager of id America. The conceptual muse behind the Gasket case was inspired by the shape of a head gasket on a performance engine. The case provides a secure fit with a brushed aluminum outer skeleton and a suede inner lining. The Carbon Back-Skin is designed to simulate the texture of actual carbon fiber. The weaved design provides additional grip and more protection for the iPhone 4 device. The skin is easily applied and removed without leaving...
Aug 23
New versions of FontExplorer X available
Monotype Imaging Holdings and its subsidiary, Linotype, have released new versions of their FontExplorer X font management solution: FontExplorer X Pro 3.1 for Mac and 2.3 for Windows systems, in addition to FontExplorer X Server 1.6. They're available at . FontExplorer X Server now features LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) functions, which support multiple domains, nested groups and the ability to monitor active or open directory groups for user changes. Version 1.6 also enables network administrators to disconnect users from the server and prevent server updates. Both server and client machines require updates to the latest versions of FontExplorer X in order to take advantage of the new server functions. Among several new features, FontXplorer X Pro 3.1 for client machines introduces support for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and debuts with support for a full-screen mode. The latest Mac version also introduces a plug-in for Adobe InCopy CS5.5, and...
Aug 23
ShredIt X ready for Lion
Mireth Technology ( has released version 6 of ShredIt X, its file shredder and hard drive cleaner software for Mac OS X.  It adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). ShredIt is privacy software for Mac OS X that erases data so it can't be recovered. It can be used to erase files, folders, disk free space, previously deleted files, hard drives, external drives, network drives and CD-RWs. It comes with a range of features, including built-in safety features along with advanced shredding features such as, government standards compliance and a configurable overwrite pattern. ShredIt X is available for immediate download, or on CD-ROM, starting at US$24.95. Registered users of previous versions of ShredIt X can take advantage of an upgrade discount. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available.
Aug 23
Wx for Mac OS X gets maintenance update
Hunter Research and Technology has released version 6.1 of its weather app Wx ( It's available in the Mac App Store for US$9.99 and is compatible with OS X 10.6. and 10.7. Version 6.1 is a maintenance update. Wx displays current conditions, forecasts, warnings, and radar for U.S. locations using XML data from the National Weather Service. The app is designed for two types of customers: serious weather watchers who want detailed information and facts with no fuss, and casual users who want a fast, clean, and functional weather app. Wx helps users set up locations on an embedded map, guiding them to choose nearby NWS observation sites, nearby NEXRAD radar, and nearby city- and county-based alert zones. The app sets up a seven-day summary "point" forecast customized for the specific latitude and longitude of the location, and a seven-day "pro" forecast that graphs temperature (actual and apparent), dew point, relative humidity, cloud cover, wind speed, wind...
Aug 23
GeekSuite introduces Client Folder Maker 4.0 for Mac OS X
GeekSuit has announced Client Folder Maker 4.0 for Mac OS X (10.5 or later), an update to their folder creation and management utility. Designed to automate the process of starting a new job folder for a client, Client Folder Maker will generate any hierarchy of documents and support folders that are preset by the user. It supports unlimited hierarchy templates or presets, and is targeted to desktop publishers, attorneys, prepress operators, consultants, web designers, and others who regularly create new job folders for their clients. Client Folder Maker invoked via a menu item, or keyboard shortcut, the utility also accommodates auto-incrementing and limited AppleScript, PHP, Bash, and Shell scripts within presets. Users fill in the client name and job number text fields, and hit the create folder button. Client Folder Maker will create a preset folder hierarchy based on the client's name and job number, with all the support folders inside. Client Folder Maker 4.0 costs US$9.99...
Aug 23
Myithemes releases five new iWeb themes
In collaboration with iPresentee, Myithemes ( had added five new iWeb templates to be used with Apple's website building app. The new themes are Newspaper, Photo Tree, Real estate, White simplicity and Religion. They can be customized and include an installer to make sure the templates end up in the right place. Myithemes' themes require Mac OS X 10.4.3 or higher and iWeb 2.0 (iLife '08) or iWeb 3.0 (iLife '09 or iLife '11). Each iWeb template is available from US$9.99.
Aug 22
Antitrust complaint filed against Apple, ebook publishers
Another day, another lawsuit. Finkelstein Thompson LLP ( has filed a class action complaint against Apple, Inc. and six major book publishers, alleging a horizontal conspiracy to fix and increase the price of eBooks in the United States. These allegations, if proved, may entitle purchasers of eBooks to monetary damages. The publishers include Hachette Book Group, Inc., HarperCollins Publishers Inc., Macmillan Publishers, Inc., Penguin Group (USA), Inc., Random House, Inc., and Simon & Schuster, Inc. The action is currently pending before Judge George B. Daniels of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Finkelstein Thompson has also moved the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate all similar class actions filed in other courts before Judge Daniels. The complaint alleges that six of the defendants implemented price-fixing agreements contemporaneously with Apple’s introduction of the iPad in April, 2010...
Aug 22
Apple releases iTunes 10.4.1
Apple has posted iTunes 10.4.1. It can be obtained via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app. iTunes 10.4.1 -- a 90.26MB download -- requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and QuickTime 7.5 or higher. According to Apple, it provides a number of improvements, including: ° Fixes a problem where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes; ° Addresses issues with adding artwork to songs and videos; ° Resolves an issue that may cause iTunes to become unresponsive when purchasing an HD movie; ° Fixes a problem where iTunes may take longer than expected to open after waking your Mac from sleep ; ° Addresses issues with VoiceOver support.
Aug 22
Mac sales grow 26% year-over-year in July
In a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( -- Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster say he's analyzed the latest data from The NPD Group ( and has found that the release of new MacBook Airs and Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") last month resulted in Mac US sales growth of 26% year-over-year. This puts Mac sales on a pace to meet consensus estimates of 4.5 million total sales for the three-month period ending September. Munster estimates that Apple will sell 4.4 million to 4.6 million Macs during the September quarter -- both of which would represent a quarterly best. "We believe Mac sales benefited from the July 20 launch of OS X Lion along with refreshed MacBook Airs and Mac minis," he says. "But these tailwinds will fade throughout the September quarter and year-over-year compares get slightly tougher in the last two months of the quarter."
Aug 22
Versavu Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case available for the iPad...
Targus has announced the Versavu Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case ( for the iPad 2. The $99.99 case features a patent-pending mechanism that allows the Apple tablet to rotate a full 360 degrees from landscape to portrait positions and includes a low-profile wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. The Versavu converts into a stand to hold the device upright for hands free viewing of video, online books and more. Its hard-shell design offers a molded exterior to protect the displays. The keyboard is Bluetooth and can be charged inside of the case. The Versavu case includes a scratch-resistant frame around the keyboard to prevent the iPad from touching the keys when the case is closed and ready for transport. The Versavu Keyboard and Case also includes a built-in holster for a pen or stylus. Featuring a soft interior lining to protect the iPad, it provides full access to all iPad functions so the device is fully operational inside of the case.
Aug 22
LG CEO: Apple HDTVs will use LCDs not OLEDs
Speculation that Apple will partner with LG to unveil its own line of HDTVs for 2012 have been debunked by LG Display CEO Kwon Young-Soo, reports "OLED-Display" ( The CEO says Apple is "still pessimistic about using OLED displays." The report doesn't say that Apple isn't interested in the TV market, however. "OLED-Display" says the company may use picture quality-enhanced and tech-sharpened LCD displays for its televisions, "as there are minor differences between OLEDs and LCDs at least to general consumers who don’t have much knowledge of displays." Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry has said he thinks Apple will launch a new high-definition television in March 2012 with three screen sizes and price points. And Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has repeated said he thinks that Apple will launch a HDTV with integrated DVR and support for film, music and game downloads. The Apple-branded set, he told clients, would wirelessly sync with iPods,...
Aug 22
No UDIS support in iOS 5?
Apple has told software developers to stop using Unique Device Identifier (UDID) in the upcoming iOS 5, according to "The Wall Street Journal" ( It's a feature of its mobile software that can be used to track user behavior and gather their personal data. Because the UDID is unique to each iPhone and iPad, it can provide a means for third-party advertisers looking for a way to track a mobile device users' online activities. Because the UDID is not alterable or deletable by a iPhone or iPad user, some have referred to the UDID as a "supercookie." Such tracking has caused concerns among privacy advocates because it could give personal information about users without their knowledge. On the other hand, the change removes a way for makers of apps, advertising networks, social game networks and analytics firms to easily offer their services, notes "The Journal." Apple hasn't set a deadline for the change though iOS 5 is due sometime this fall. However, the company...
Aug 22
NPD Group: iOS has 29% share of US smartphone market
According to The NPD Group (, Google's Android operating system (OS) continued to dominate U.S. smartphone market share, accounting for 52% of units sold in the second quarter (Q2) of 2011. Like Android, Apple's iOS experienced slight quarterly gain rising to 29% in Q2; however, the BlackBerry OS share fell to 11%, as Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, and webOS held steady at less than 5% of the market each. "Google's acquisition of Motorola shifts the balance of power in the handset-patent conflict between Google and its operating system competitors," says Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis for NPD. "Android's momentum has made for a large pie that is attractive to Motorola's Android rivals, even if they must compete with their operating system developer." Motorola's overall mobile phone market share declined three percentage points, from 12% in Q2 2010 to 9% in Q2 2011. The company's share of the smartphone market also declined from 15% to 12%....
Aug 22
Adobe Digital Enterprise platform available
Adobe has announced the immediate availability and free trial of its new Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform ( and first set of solutions for Customer Experience Management (CEM). The platform and solutions enable enterprises to bring together marketing and IT to build and deliver immersive, multi-channel digital interactions for today’s social and mobile customers while increasing brand loyalty and bolstering competitive differentiation. The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform, first unveiled in June, is an open, modular, standards-based offering for delivering digital solutions across social, Web, mobile, and print channels. It provides enterprises a unified foundation to make, manage and deliver multi-channel digital experiences leveraging HTML5, Adobe AIR, Flash Player, and Adobe Reader. The platform includes integration with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to optimize digital marketing campaigns and personalize digital experiences across all marketing, sales...
Aug 22
Monotype debuts Edge360 3D text rendering techonlogy
Monotype Imaging Holdings (, a provider of , an embedded solution for delivering text in 2D and 3D environments. Supported by Monotype Imaging’s iType font engine version 5.0, also newly released, Edge360 works on devices such as smartphones and tablets that support OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware acceleration technology. A video demonstration of Edge360 is available at . “We’re opening unprecedented opportunities for enhancing user interfaces, applications and games,” says John Seguin, executive vice president of Monotype Imaging. “With Edge360, text can be zoomed in and out very quickly or rotated in three dimensions -- all while retaining clarity throughout the process. Edge360 allows device manufacturers to integrate high-quality, movable text to achieve visually striking user experiences.” Edge360 is an optionally licensed technology of iType 5.0, the newest release of Monotype Imaging's scalable font engine that...
Aug 22
Mac Screen Rotate lets you rotate your screen with keyboard...
Mac Screen Rotate ( is a new app for Mac OS X that allows you to rotate your display for portrait viewing with global keyboard shortcuts. It costs US$4.99; a demo is available for download. Mac Screen Rotate also rotates the tracking of the built-in touchpad to align with the portrait screen orientation and switches the arrow keys. It allows you to, for example, hold the MacBook Air like a book and use it like an ebook reader.
Aug 22
Salt sprinkled on the Mac
Iceland's ipSoft has released Salt for the Mac ( It's an US$99, document-based, portable database app with import/export capabilities. Salt is designed to be used for creating large scale websites. It contains tree-like, keyword oriented data structures that can be organized. Salt requires Mac OS 10.5.8. It's available on the Mac App Store.
Aug 22
Microsoft Excel 2011 Tutorial available
Infinite Skills has announced a new video series to help Mac users work productively with the latest edition of Excel for OS X. The 59-lesson video series addresses common functionalities and workflows. Learning Microsoft Excel 2011 Training has a runtime of 4.5 hours and features tips and walkthroughs on subjects such as cell customization, calculations, chart creation and Excel pivot tables using real world examples. The Excel 2011 Tutorial begins with a quick explanation of Excel project structure and an explanation of how math functions are executed within the application. From this starting point, the training moves into its first sample project, a functional spreadsheet for recording sales data. Viewers learn basic entry and formulas, which form the basis of tutorials to follow. The next project is a profits and loss sheet, demonstrating named ranges, 3D referencing and PDF export. As the tutorials move through sports scoring, expense claim forms, stock reports and more, tutor...
Aug 22
Graphic Node extends template range
Graphic Node ( has added to its range of template packs for Pages, Apple's word processing/document creation app (available for US$19.99 a the Mac App Store). The five new packs, like the rest of the Pages Templates Pro collection, give an assortment of ready-made templates for brochures, business cards, and more. The templates are predominantly intended for business use. Each pack within the Pages Templates Pro line consists of six uniformly styled document templates Pages Templates Pro requires Pages '08 or later. Each pack of Pages Templates Pro costs US$9.99, and the Pages Templates Pro Bundle is $49.
Aug 22
Atomic Mac explodes to version 6.9.4
Black Cat Systems ( has released version 6.9.4 of the Atomic Mac, a periodic table of the elements and nuclear database for the Macintosh. This new version updates the Nuclides Table display. In addition to the usual information found in such programs, The Atomic Mac also contains a wealth of nuclear information on each isotope, including half life, decay mode, and daughter products. X-ray data (fluorescence and binding energies) is also available. A molecular weight calculator is designed to make it easy to find the molecular weight of compounds. A shaded diagram showing the ranges of physical properties makes it easy to visualize relationships across the periodic table. The Atomic Mac runs under Mac OS X 10.4 and later and costs US$25. Site licenses are also available. In addition, Black Cat Systems offers discounts on registration fees to students, teachers, schools, and other educational institutions. Details are available at http://www....
Aug 19
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Free?
Posted by Greg Mills While there is still blood in the water from the HP TouchPad disaster, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 is making news, due to a give away program Best Buy is offering this weekend. It seems when you buy certain large Screen TV sets, Best Buy will give you Samsung Galaxy 10.1 for free. That's right, absoultely free. When new high tech hardware is used as a grab bag item, you know it must be a real dog in the retail market. Samsung has been stung by import bans due to patent infringement that have been on and off for the last two weeks. However, hardware being seen as "hard to sell" in the market place is far worse than simply having a bit of legal trouble, just ask HP. While the most recent Samsung Android OS handsets are selling briskly, the Galazy Tabs may not fare so well against Apple's iPad 2. Consumers who hear about the HP Palm TouchPad being recalled are going to think long and hard before putting out their hard earned cash to buy anything but an iPad....
Aug 19
Apple goes after knock-off stores in the Big Apple
"Reuters" ( reports that Apple has cracked down on stores in the Chinatown section of Queens, New York, accused of selling rip-off Apple gear with the company's logo, according to documents unsealed Thursday in Brooklyn federal court. Court records reveal that Apple has already seized unauthorized iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories sold by two stores in the Flushing neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens, and is now demanding the names of its customers and suppliers, the article adds. It is also asking one of the defendants -- Apple Story -- to change its name. The trademark infringement lawsuit was first filed July 25 against Apple Story and Fun Zone., both owned by New York resident Janie Po Chiang, who is named as a co-defendant in the suit, along with Fun Zone manager Jimmy Kwok. However, the case remained under seal until Thursday, when U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto ordered the record to be made public following a request from "Reuters."
Aug 19
The iPhone 5 coming in early October?
"BGR" ( says that an AT&T vice president has confirmed to several employees that the iPhone 5 is slated to launch in early October. There's been an ongoing discussion about whether the next gen Apple smartphone will arrive in September or October. Seems it's the latter if "BGR" is correct. Additionally, the AT&T vice prez has reported told managers: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.”
Aug 19
Apple again accused of filing in accurate evidence
Apple has filed inaccurate evidence again in a major case against Samsung, this time in the Netherlands, where the company is arguing Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones are too similar to its iPhone 3G, reports "Computerworld UK" ( In the ongoing legal brouhaha, a picture of a Galaxy S smartphone was allegedly resized to match an iPhone 3G. During the court hearing last week, Samsung's lawyer, Bas Berghuis of Simmons and Simmons, claimed that Apple has been "manipulating visual evidence, making Samsung's devices appear more similar to Apple's," says "Computerworld UK." Earlier this week, Apple and its lawyers were accused of misleading the judge of a Düsseldorf court by filing flawed evidence of the similarity between the iPad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets based on an inaccurate picture, an investigation by (, a Dutch IDG publication, reported. Last week, the German court ordered a preliminary injunction against the...
Aug 19
Apple market cap now 75% of entire European bank stock index
First Apple overtook Exxon as the biggest company in America. Now its market cap just hit 75% of the market cap of the entire European bank stock index, reports "ZeroHedge" (, a site designed to, among other things, "widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the professional investing public." "We expect parity within a few months," says Tyler Durden, writing for "ZeroHedge." "Since Apple's cash generation of about $10 billion per quarter, and growing at ~100% each quarter, means that the firm will have more than a trillion in a few short years, and not a penny in debt on the other side, we are going to go ahead and say what everyone is thinking: Steve Jobs for lifetime Federal Reserve chairman."
Aug 19
China Mobile pushing Apple for TD-LTE iPhone
China Mobile's chairman says he has met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs to talk about an iPhone 4 model supporting the TD-LTE standard that China Mobile is obliged to deploy, reports "The Register" ( That would enable China Mobile to sell the handsets to its subscribers, rather than relying on the "grey imports" that have already supplied 7.44 million of them with iPhones, the article adds. Those iPhones can only use 2G connectivity, as China Mobile's 3G network uses the locally-designed TD-SCDMA standard, which is incompatible with everything else. The iPhone's official distributer in China is Chain Unicom, which runs a more-familiar 3G technology (UMTS) in internationally recognized frequency bands.
Aug 19
Apple's alleged price discrimination against Australians...
Tony King, Apple Australia's managing director Tony King has agreed to meet with a Federal Labor MP to explain "why the Jobs' Mob is ripping off its Aussie customers," says "TechEye" ( It's part of an inquiry by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission into price discrimination by technology companies in Australia. Video games are regularly 60% more expensive in Australia and citizens have to pay "hundreds of dollars more for laptops and in some cases almost double what Americans pay for software from companies like Adobe and Microsoft," says "TechEye." For example, Apple recently reduced the prices of apps, music and other content bought through iTunes, but said content is still significantly more expensive in Oz. What's more, the new MacBook Air and the new Apple Thunderbolt displays are $300 and $270 more expensive for Australians.
Aug 19
Apple, others scale down chipset orders for fourth quarter
Some handset solution suppliers have indicated that a number of handset vendors, including Apple and HTC, have scaled down their chipset orders for the fourth quarter as compared with the third on concerns of the global economy, reports "DigiTimes" ( Quoting unnamed "sources at Taiwan-based chipset makers," the article says that while most smartphone vendors are likely to reach their shipment targets for the third quarter, they have begun to reduce orders for parts and components for the fourth quarter in preparation for a "possible impact from changing economic conditions." Apple has also scaled down its orders for handset parts and components to be shipped at the end of third quarter, according to "DigiTimes."
Aug 19
'WSJ': iPad 3 due in early 2012
The latest rumored release date for the iPad 3: early spring, according to "The Wall Street Journal" ( Quoting unnamed "people familiar with the situation," the article says has ordered key components such as display panels and chips for a new iPad it is aiming to launch early next year. The iPad 3 is expected to feature a high resolution display - 2048 by 1536 compared with 1024 by 768 in the iPad 2. Apple's suppliers have already shipped small quantities of components for the sampling of the iPad 3. Suppliers said Apple has placed orders for a 9.7-inch screen device, says "The Journal."
Aug 19
iFixit announces Dozuki for making user manuals
iFixit has announced Dozuki (, the software behind iFixit’s manuals. Dozuki has two products, Guidebook and Answers. "User manuals are stuck in the 20th century," says iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens. "Even the best manuals are still distributed as static PDFs. Service technicians are often stuck with documentation that is months, if not years, out of date. Users hate IKEA-style manuals with vague instructions, confusing graphics, and no photos. We started iFixit with the idea that there was a better way -- that useful documentation could help people do amazing things." Guidebook is a modern procedural documentation platform designed to make easy for anyone to create how-to instructions or publish service documentation for complex devices. Every manual is available online, as downloadable PDFs, through dedicated mobile apps like iFixit’s iOS app -- or through custom API (application programming interface) applications. It’s simple for technicians to suggest changes, so...
Aug 19
Freed-Hardeman University to introduce iPads as part of iKnow 2....
“For the first time since kindergarten, I will have to learn how to go to class again.” That is what Freed-Hardeman University prospective student Katie Scott said when she was told about iKnow 2.0, the initiative created by the university to shift the paradigm of traditional instruction at FHU. Beginning in the fall of 2012, iKnow 2.0 will provide an iPad to every student who enrolls as a freshman at Freed-Hardeman University as well as every faculty member at the institution. “We want our faculty, our staff, our university, to be at the forefront of technology,” says Mark Scott, vice president of technology and innovation “This program will continue to allow for that, while creating an atmosphere of shared knowledge and a higher education experience unlike any other.” iKnow 2.0 will provide an iPad to all freshmen beginning with the fall 2012 cohort. In addition, FHU will establish minimum MacBook requirements for incoming freshmen. It is anticipated that continuing and transfer...
Aug 19
Atomos announces integration with Final Cut Pro X
Atomos (, a maker of portable devices for recording to the Apple ProRes codec, has announced integration of its Ninja and soon-to-be-released Samurai field recorders with Final Cut Pro X. Both the HDMI-equipped Ninja and the HD-SDI Samurai can record up to eight hours of ProRes video onto a single HDD. These compact recorders also work with SSDs, and both devices offer support for ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, and ProRes 422 LT. Priced at US$995 and $1595, respectively, the Ninja and Samurai include all accessories required to start shooting and editing.   Atomos recorders come with touchscreens, video monitors, a “continuous-power” battery-looping system and more. After recording, simply place your Atomos media drive into the supplied docking station and start editing immediately.
Aug 19
Music Man revved for Lion
Mireth Technology has updated Music Man ( -- the Mac OS X ripper, converter, burner, player digital music software -- to version 4.0. The upgrade adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). Music Man can rip, convert, burn and play MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AIF, Audio CD, MIDI and Ogg Vorbis on Mac OS X. It also has burning features, such as variable burn quality that allows for burning up to four times as much music on a USB Flash Drive as when using standard burn technology, according to the folks at Mireth. Another feature is the mono mixdown feature, which burns all the music to both the right and left track, so one-ear listening lets you hear both tracks. Music Man is available for download, or on CD-ROM, starting at $24.95. Registered users of Music Man version 3.x can take advantage of this free update. Registered users of previous versions of Music Man can take advantage of an upgrade discount. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available.

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…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
*Apple* iPhone 6s and New Products Tester Ne...
…we therefore look forward to put out products to quality test for durability. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, Read more
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