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Jan 20
PDFPen 5.2.1 available in Spanish
SmileOnMyMac has updated PDFPen (, its PDF editing and form-filling tool for Mac OS X, to version 5.2.1. The update adds Spanish localization and improves the Italian localization. It also fixes a performance issue with continuous viewing. The changes in PDFpen 5.2.1 have also been made in PDFpenPro 5.2.1, the pro version that can also convert websites into PDFs, create fillable PDF forms, and construct document table of contents. PDFpen costs US$59.95, and PDFpenPro is $99.95. Family pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $74.95 for PDFpen and $129.95 for PDFpenPro. Upgrades from earlier versions of either application are $25, and free to users who purchased after Feb. 14, 2010. Upgrades from any version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro are $40. PDFpen 5.0.2 and PDFpen Pro 5.0.2 require Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Demo versions are available for download.
Jan 20
Skysoft updates SyncPod for Mac
iSkysoft Studioh has upgraded SyncPod for Mac ( The upgrade "aims at revolutionizing" the way Mac users backup and share multimedia files, such as music, TV shows, and audiobook, videos, pictures, PDF and ePub e-books, to Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. The new interface facilitates drag-and-drop file transfer. Also, the upgraded SyncPod for Mac comes with more user-friendly features. SyncPod for Mac offers the ability to back-up your iOS device's content to your Mac and transfer multimedia files from Mac to Apple devices. It costs US$39 for a single user license. SyncPod for Mac requires an Intel-based Mac (32-bit or 64-bit) running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
Jan 20
Better Finder Rename gets new text moving actions ( has released A Better Finder Rename 8.7.3, the latest version of its contextual menu plug-in that allows users to quickly rename multiple files. The new version adds new text moving actions. A Better Finder Rename sports an instant preview feature. The tool features capture time and date extraction (EXIF JPEG and most RAW formats) for digital photographers, ID3 tag extraction for music lovers, regular expression support, plain-text file import for renaming from databases and many other features. A Better Finder Rename is US$19.95 shareware for a single user license. Family, business and enterprise licensing is also available. Customers may chose to include a "forever upgrade" with their purchase.
Jan 20
Batchoutput Server adds booklets imposition
Zevrix Solutions has updated BatchOutput Server (, an output workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign, to version 4.7. The new version adds the ability to impose booklets during printing directly from BatchOutput Server by using InDesign's Print Booklet feature. It also gives an option to ignore links on pasteboard when checking InDesign documents for missing images. Under BatchOutput Server workflow, production artists and prepress operators simply submit files to hotfolders that reside on the network. BatchOutput Server automatically outputs the files from its dedicated station using hotfolder settings, and will auto-activate document fonts as well. BatchOutput 4.7 can be purchased from the Zevrix Solutions web site for US$699.95, as well as from authorized resellers. A demo is available for download. BatchOutput 4.7 is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2 and higher, a Universal Binary, and works with Adobe InDesign CS-CS5.
Jan 19
Mobile developers rate AT&T best in North America
When asked by the Evans Data Corp. ( -- which conducts market research, market intelligence, and strategic planning in the software development industry -- to rank the capabilities that carriers offer to developers, those in North America ranked AT&T better than all competitors in four essential areas. AT&T was ranked best in Mobile Application Distribution by 37% -- almost twice as many Sprint, which was rated second in that category. Twenty-six percent chose AT&T as having the best Tool Offerings -- almost a quarter more than T-Mobile, the next choice. AT&T also edged out Verizon as the carrier with the best Supported Technologies and the best Market Potential. When all four categories were combined, AT&T was selected as tops by almost twice as many developers than the next closest competitor, Verizon. The Mobile Development survey is conducted twice a year and focuses on mobile development on a worldwide basis. It includes such as...
Jan 19
Columnist: time for Jobs to hand over the CEO title to Cook
The time has come for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to hand over the reins to the company’s No. 2 executive and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, Therese Poletti writes in a column ( for "MarketWatch." She says the need for Jobs to take another medical leave of absence makes this imperative. Even in taking a medical leave, he said he will “be involved in major strategic decisions for the company.” Poletti says this leaves investors not knowing how Cook will run the company completely on his own. She says Jobs should become Apple's "chief visionary officer," giving Cooks the "autonomy he deserves." Poletti also notes that Cook sounded like a CEO in Tuesday's conference call with analysts and press involving Apple's latest (and greatest) financial results. But as long as Jobs retains the title, Cook can't make many big decisions without him, she adds. Also, "bviously Jobs is irreplaceable as the industry’s innovator, but he has more pressing matters today than being CEO of...
Jan 19
Multi-core processors coming to mobile devices
Over the next few years multi-core processors are expected to play an important role in enabling high-performance mobile computing at low-power consumption, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics ( "AppleInsider" ( has reported that the iPad 2 will will pack a new version of Apple's custom A4 chip, with dual, faster graphics cores. "Apple's next custom System on a Chip is expected to jump from the SGX535 (which has been used since the iPhone 3GS) to the new SGX543 graphics and video core, which is said to offer around twice the processing power at the same clock speed," says "AppleInsider." "The new graphics core also supports OpenCL, used to offload general purpose computing tasks on the GPU for fast execution The Strategy Analytics research group says Samsung, Nvidia, Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Marvell, Renesas and Broadcom are well-positioned to capture market share in the smartphone multi-core...
Jan 19
Columnist: time for Jobs to hand over the CEO title to Cook
The time has come for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to hand over the reins to the company’s No. 2 executive and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, Therese Poletti writes in a column ( for "MarketWatch." She says the need for Jobs to take another medical leave of absence makes this imperative. Even in taking a medical leave, he said he will “be involved in major strategic decisions for the company.” Poletti says this leaves investors not knowing how Cook will run the company completely on his own. She says Jobs should become Apple's "chief visionary officer," giving Cooks the "autonomy he deserves." Poletti also notes that Cook sounded like a CEO in Tuesday's conference call with analysts and press involving Apple's latest (and greatest) financial results. But as long as Jobs retains the title, Cook can't make many big decisions without him, she adds. Also, "bviously Jobs is irreplaceable as the industry’s innovator, but he has more pressing matters today than being CEO of...
Jan 19
Apple's financial results ease worries about Jobs'...
Apple’s 78% surge in profit has helped alleviate -- at least a bit -- concerns about the company’s future as CEO Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence and Chief Operating Office Tim Cook heads the ship. On Tuesday Apple announced the financial results for its fiscal 2011 first quarter that ended Dec. 25, 2010. The company posted record revenue of US$26.74 billion and record net quarterly profit of $6 billion, or $6.43 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $15.68 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.38 billion, or $3.67 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 38.5% compared to 40.9 % in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 62% of the quarter’s revenue. Apple sold 4.13 million Macs during the quarter, a 23% unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The company sold 16.24 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 86%t unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 19.45 million iPods during the quarter, representing a...
Jan 19
WEBSIWYG brings WYSIWYG font catalog to the browser
Insider Software has announced WEBSIWYG, a font-catalog web service that lets users view and request fonts residing on networked FontAgent Pro Servers. It lets users browse and download fonts from enterprise font servers, while assisting administrators with font license allocation and compliance. FontAgent Pro Server customers can enable their users to preview all fonts available on their organization's font servers, without requiring them to install the actual font files. By offering users the ability to preview fonts in any web browser, administrators allow them to explore their enterprise font server the same way they explore font vendor web sites. Using WEBSIWYG, authorized users can log into FontAgent Pro Server and see what fonts are available, filter their search results, and see expanded previews of the fonts they have selected. To download a font from the server, users add it to their shopping cart with a click. When a user finishes shopping, WEBSIWYG sends an email request...
Jan 19
CadFaster demoed running on the iPad, iPhone
CadFaster ( says its CadFaster|Collaborate online software tool for the real-time annotation and co-viewing of 3D CAD models is being demonstrated on both the iPad and iPhone at SolidWorks World 2011. CadFaster|Collaborate is the first online solution to be able to render large 3D models on a mobile operating system with full details and components in real-time, according to Raimo Kuismin, chairman, CadFaster. It was specifically developed to dramatically increase collaboration, productivity and effectiveness for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), mechanical and plant design firms seeking the fast reading and smooth handling of complex and large CAD data files, he adds. 
The tool allows distribution, annotation, and real-time co-viewing of diverse 3D designs using portable executable files that include CadFaster’s 3D engine. Annotations can be reviewed during the co-viewing session using pre-defined views. Immediately available for both...
Jan 19
Apple updates iDVD
Some have proclaimed it dead, but there seems to be life in iDVD yet. Apple has updated the DVD creation component of iLife to version 7.1.1. The update improves overall stability and ensures compatibility when sending slideshows from iPhoto '11 to iDVD.

 Apple says this update is recommended for all users of iDVD 7. It's a 34.53MB download and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6. or later and iDVD 7. You can obtain the update via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.
Jan 19
Apple releases MacBook Air Software Update 2.0
Apple has released MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 2.0 for the latest MacBook Airs. It's a 342KB download and requires Mac OS X 10.6.5 or higher. According to Apple, this update resolves an issue with some MacBook Air (Late 2010) systems that prevents the system from sleeping. You can obtain the update via the Software Updates component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.
Jan 19
Zhip up your iPhone, iPod touch
The Zhip ( is a new, US$24.99, pocket-size mobile accessory that securely and anchors any mobile unit such as an iPhone and iPod touch to the back of any fixed surface for on-the-go viewing and access, delivers just that. The Zhip (pronounced "zip") uses a "no-drop," three-foot extendable zip cord to anchor any smartphone to the back of a car seat: to entertain the kids while on the road with movies, music videos, and games; to the top of exercise equipment at home or at the gym to the back of an airplane seat to allow travelers to enjoy their own personalized entertainment selections; or to any desired fixed surface. The Zhip expands to fit any handheld mobile device and features special retractable, "scratch-free" grip handles with protective padding that attach tightly around a phone or iPod touch. The unit is compact (it measures 27/8 x 13/8 x 3/4 inches) and can fit into a small pocket. Plus, the “unbreakable” Zhip is made from 100% polycarbonate "bullet...
Jan 19
Mobile payment debuts nationally at Starbucks
Starbucks has launched mobile payment in all U.S. company-operated stores, allowing customers to pay for in-store purchases with select smartphones, including the iPhone (and iPod touch). This national program now includes nearly 6,800 company-operated stores and more than 1,000 Starbucks in U.S. Target locations. To experience mobile payment at Starbucks, customers just need to download the free Starbucks Card Mobile app. In addition to the mobile payment capability, the app allows customers to manage their Starbucks Card account, check their card balance, reload their card with any major credit card (iPhone users can also use the PayPal feature), check their My Starbucks Rewards status and find a nearby Starbucks store with the store locator feature. Customers can pay with their smartphone by holding their mobile device in front of a scanner on the countertop and scan the Starbucks Card Mobile App’s on-screen barcode to make a purchase.
Jan 19
Victorinox adds Slim, Slim Duo, Secure SSD USB to device...
Victorinox (, the brand behind the Swiss Army Knives and the Secure Pro USB devices, has launched new electronic additions to its technology range. Showcased at CES, the brand unveiled three new products: the Victorinox Slim, Victorinox Slim Duo and the Victorinox Secure SSD.   The Slim range includes advanced USB flash drive, which are available in flight friendly versions and feature data storage of up to 128GB. The Secure SSD is the world’s smallest 256GB solid state drive, according to the folks at Victorinox.   The products are waterproof, shock resistant and available in a range of colors, including red, blue, orange, pink, green and silver. The memory capacity is up to 64GB for the Victorinox Slim and 128GB for the Victorinox Slim Duo. Pricing hasn't been announced.
Jan 19
Seagate unveils new generation of SV35 hard drive
Seagate Technology ( has begun shipments of the sixth generation of SV35, a 3.5-inch hard drive designed to meet the high demands of surveillance digital video recording, and of new high-capacity additions to the Pipeline HD family of purpose-built hard drives for consumer video applications. Unlike solutions primarily designed for consumer video recorders, SV35 hard drives combine the high performance, capacity and reliability for the exacting workloads of video surveillance recording and network surveillance video recorders, according to the folks at Seagate. The Seagate SV35 now delivers up to 2TB of capacity to enable calable surveillance system storage design and is approved for 24x7 video surveillance applications with a MTBF of more than 1 million hours. Pipeline HD is now available in 1.5TB and 2.0TB capacities. Performance-tuned for video recording and playback, Pipeline HD drives support at least 10 simultaneous streams of high-definition movie content...
Jan 19
Monotype Imaging unveils Carter Sans typeface
Monotype Imaging Holdings has introduced into its ITC collection the latest typeface by typeface designer, Matthew Carter. The eight-font Carter Sans family can be licensed and downloaded from Monotype Imaging’s, and stores. Carter Sans is also available for web site design from . Recently, Carter was honored as a MacArthur Fellow for 2010 and was also inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame. Today, Carter and Cherie Cone run Carter and Cone Type, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which produces and markets Carter’s designs.
Jan 19
PulpMotion upgrade offers Facebook, YouTube features
Aquafadas ( has updated PulpMotion and PulpMotion Advanced, slideshow and animation software for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") or later, to version 3.2. Users are now able to export their creations to Facebook and YouTube. Simply log on to Facebook or YouTube, and PulpMotion will do the rest. PulpMotion 3.2 costs US$129 for PulpMotion Advanced and $49 for PulpMotion Standard. Other upgrade options are available to existing PulpMotion customers who purchased before this date. Version 3.2 is a free update for registered users of version 3.0.
Jan 19
SuperMeet announces free educational workshops
Final Cut Studio, Adobe, Avid editors and digital filmmakers from around the world will gather together for the Tenth Annual San Francisco SuperMeet, to be held on Friday, Jan. 28, at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, California. Free educational workshops will be offered during the day by Canon, Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic Design. Bay Area filmmakers will also have a chance to screen content in the SuperMeet Digital Showcase featuring 30 software and hardware developers. Tickets to the SuperMeet are now available for purchase online for US$15 each (plus ticket fee) and $10 (plus ticket fee) for students. Registration for the free educational workshops are also currently online. Free educational workshops will be offered during the day prior to the SuperMeet, featuring fresh content from Canon, Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic Design. Workshop attendees have 12 sessions to choose from. The workshops will end at 4 pm at which time the doors open to the "SuperMeet...
Jan 19
TopXNotes for Mac OS X improves note syncing with iOS devices
Tropical Software ( has updated TopXNotes, the note organizer for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, to version 1.7. It now has has improved synchronization (NoteSync) with Apple touch devices including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.   This new capability builds on TopXNotes 1.5 which modernized the user interface with a customizable toolbar with larger icons, a rewritten NoteOrganizer, two-finger scrolling, new icons, and many cosmetic improvements. What's more, version 1.7 streamlines the sync setup process and improves how it interacts with the latest iOS on Apple touch devices. TopXNotes 1.7 is available for US$39.95 from the Tropical Software web site and many Mac resellers. You can also get TopXNotes Touch for iOS devices at the Apple App Store.
Jan 19
Cronette for Mac OS X updated to version 1.4.2
Tension Software has updated Cronette (, a Cocoa task launcher for Macs and Mac servers, to version 1.4.2. The upgrade offers better handling of the "First process repetition" table. Cronette lets you specify tasks to be launched automatically by the Mac. It can be used on unattended Mac Servers or also on regular Mac workstations for tasks to execute during the night or for recurring tasks to be performed on a regular basis. It provides different type of launch tasks: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Any task can be specified to launch different type of execution: open applications or documents from disk; open different type of URL; execute different type of actions: restart, shutdown, sleep; sending a message to the log; execute a complex UNIX command. Cronette costs US$30 for a single user license, though version 1.4.2 is a free update for registered users. A demo is available for download. Cronette requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher...
Jan 19
TeamAgenda update includes latest TeamAgenda Web
Teamsoft, ( has announced a new version of TeamAgenda, a multilingual group calendar and scheduling solution. The new version of TeamAgenda includes the latest version of TeamAgenda Web, and an automatic server back up function. The new version is available immediately for free to anyone with a valid support contract. Go to , enter your license number, and download the latest version. Customers can also use Teamsoft's hosting service, and avoid having to install any server software whatsoever. TeamAgenda runs on Mac OS X and Windows systems, as well as Mac and Windows servers. All TeamAgenda products allow real-time access to all staff schedules, contact lists and to-do lists and allow managers and authorized team members to view, change and re-assign activities.
Jan 18
Macs grow at almost eight times industry average
Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said that Mac sales for the December quarter set another quarterly record with sales of almost eight times IDC's most recent estimate for the PC industry overall. There was growth in each geographic segment grew; Japan and Asia-Pacific grew over 50%. Oppenheimer says growth was fueled by strong demand for the revamped MacBook Air as well as continued strong sales of MacBook Pro. "Macworld" ( says 70% of all the Macs sold were laptops. However, it seems the iMac is still going strong, and is definitely Apple's best-selling desktop. The average selling price of Macs went up. Desktop Macs now have an ASP of US$1,410 and laptops have an ASP of $1,272. Asia/Pacific led the Mac growth with 67% increase year over year. That's 10x what the market there grew overall. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said that Apple has seen 19 straight quarters of Mac sales growth. Still, the Mac has a relatively small percentage of the...
Jan 18
iPad now in over 80% of Fortune 100 companies
Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer says Apple sold 7.3 million iPads in the December quarter for a sequential increase of over three million. The demand in corporate environment remains strong, he added. Over 80% of Fortune 100 deploying are test driving the tablet. That's up from 65% the previous quarter, says the financial officer. Recognized revenue from the iPad was US$4.61 billion for an average selling price of about US$600. If you combine the figures for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Apple saw sales of 160 million iOS devices through the December quarter, Oppeheimer said. He adds that the Apple App Store now has over 300,000 apps available and has seen nine billion downloads to date. When it comes to current and upcoming iPad competitors, Apple Chief Operating Officer says Apple is confident it can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the tablet arena. -- Dennis Sellers
Jan 18
iPod touch now accounts for 50% of all iPods sold
In an interview with the press and analysts concerning Apple's latest financial results, Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said the iPod touch grew 57% in sales year-over-year and now accounts for 50% of all iPods sold. The iPod remains the top-selling MP3 player globally with 70% of market share. -- Dennis Sellers
Jan 18
iPhone sales up 86% in December quarter
In an interview with the press and analysts concerning Apple's latest financial results, Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said iPhone's sales growth for the December quarter was up 86%. That compares to 70% growth for the global smartphone market overall. Oppeneheimer says recognized revenue from iPhones were US$10.74 billion for the December quarter compared to $5.85 billion in the year-ago quarter. The iPhone line has an average selling price of US$625. At the end of the previous fiscal quarter, there were 185 iPhone carriers in 90 countries. Oppenheimer says that the Apple smartphone continues to experience strong growth in all segments, with sales in Asia-Pacific and Japan doubling year-over-year. He adds that 88 of Fortune 100 companies are deploying the iPhone, and that interest in the Apple smartphone continues to grow in this market. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook says that the IDC predicts the smartphone market to quadruple in two years, so Apple has plenty of room...
Jan 18
Apple retail store revenue doubles in December quarter
Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said revenue for Apple's retail stores doubled in the December quarter to US$3.85 billion, compared to $1.97 billion in the September quarter. That's an increase of 95%. The stores sold 851,000 Macs, compared to 689,000 the previous quarter, an increase of 24%. And (you knew this was coming) Oppenheimer says that about half of the Macs were sold to customers who had never owned an Apple computer before. Apple now has 323 stores worldwide;. 87 are outside US. In fact, average international store volume exceeded the average U.S. store volume, Oppenheimer says, noting that the new stores in China stores are the highest when it comes to traffic and revenue. With an average of 321 stores open during the quarter, average revenue per store was US$12 million, an increase of 69%. The Apple stores had 75.7 million visitors in the December quarter, an increase of 49% from the September quarter. Oppenheimer says Apple had a cash stash of $$59.7...
Jan 18
Apple sees record, Mac, iPhone, iPad sales
Apple has announced the financial results for its fiscal 2011 first quarter that ended Dec. 25, 2010. The company posted record revenue of US$26.74 billion and record net quarterly profit of $6 billion, or $6.43 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $15.68 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.38 billion, or $3.67 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 38.5% compared to 40.9 % in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 62% of the quarter’s revenue. Apple sold 4.13 million Macs during the quarter, a 23% unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The company sold 16.24 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 86%t unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 19.45 million iPods during the quarter, representing a 7% unit decline from the year-ago quarter. The company also sold 7.33 million iPads during the quarter. “We had a phenomenal holiday quarter with record Mac, iPhone and iPad sales,” CEO Steve Jobs, now on medical...
Jan 18
'Fortune': Jobs went to Switzerland in search of...
"Fortune" is reporting ( that Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- who announced a medical leave of absence this week -- spent part of 2009 at a hospital in Basel, Switzerland seeking treatment for neuroendocrine cancer, which he had surgically treated in 2004. Jobs had surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004, taking a leave of absence to recover. He returned, then took a second medical absence for roughly six months in 2009. At that time he underwent a secret liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. However, also during that absence, "Fortune" says Jobs also took an unpublicized flight to Switzerland to undergo an unusual, hormone-delivered radiological treatment at the University of Basel for neuroendocrine cancer. The treatment isn't available in the U.S.
Jan 18
SanDisk announces SDHC card with UHS-I technology
SanDisk ( has introduced the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I card. The card features Ultra High Speed (UHS) technology from the newly released SD 3.0 specification and achieves up to 45MB/second read and write performance. As DSLRs offer increasingly sophisticated features such as high megapixel continuous burst shooting and high-definition (HD) video capture, photographers need advanced memory cards capable of unlocking their cameras' full potential. The card achieves high performance and efficient power consumption in UHS-enabled cameras such as the Nikon D7000, says Susan Park, director, retail product marketing, SanDisk. The SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC card adheres to the new UHS Speed Class 1 video class rating, offering 10MB/second minimum sustained write speed capable of recording HD 1080p videos or even 3D content. The card is shipping to major retailers worldwide and comes in 8GB to 32GB capacities carrying suggested retail prices ranging from US$109.99 to...
Jan 18
Future Apples releases iSpeak Translator for the Mac
Future Apps (, an iOS development company has released the iSpeak Translator for the Mac. It's available at an introductory price of US$4.99 at the Mac App Store and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 and higher. iSpeak Translator for the Mac is not just a mere text translator, but uses the highest quality text to speech syntheses available to speak the translated phrase back to you in the target language, according to Future Apps founder and CEO John Stefanopoulos. Instead of offering separate apps for individual language pairs, all languages are being combined into one application. iSpeak Translator for the Mac includes five languages for the initial release: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The application will be updated with many more languages in the very near future at no additional cost, according to Stefanopoulos.
Jan 18
Penn State students test driving iPads
Students at Penn State are test-driving iPads in a technical writing course. Last summer the school’s Education Technology Services (ETS) bought 40 Apple tablet computers for faculty and student projects. Michael Faris, an instructor in the Department of English, planned a technical writing course for fall 2010 featuring the iPad in its curriculum. “Students in my class were juniors and seniors who had already developed their reading, writing and research habits,” Faris says. “The iPad forced them to adapt to different strategies and change the way they think about their work.” Each student in the class received the touch-screen-only iPad and an accessory keyboard for the semester. Apple donated iTunes gift cards to cover the cost of applications students may have needed to download for the class -- like a word processing program -- as well as a gift card from publishing company Bedford/St. Martin’s, to cover the expense of the digital textbook they needed to download. Faris said that...
Jan 18
Ovum: Android OS will edge pass the iOS by 2015
The iPhone and iPad accounted for 90% of the 14 million devices running "lite" operating systems sold last year. By 2015, however, when 150 million sales are expected, the proportion of smartphones and tablets based on Apple software will have dipped to 35%, the analysts at Ovum told clients -- as reported by "The Telegraph" ( And I'd take this prediction with a big grain of salt. "This huge growth in shipments will be dominated by tablet-style technologies such as the iPad and will mainly be driven by consumers buying devices to complement their smartphones," says Tony Cripps, principal analyst, Ovum. He adds that the main beneficiary will be Google, and that by 2015 its share of smartphone and tablet sales will have risen to 36 %, edging ahead of Apple. The remaining 29% of the "lite" operating system market will be divided between Microsoft, RIM and HP's WebOS, the analysts said. -- Dennis Sellers
Jan 18
iPad accounted for nearly 90% of media tablets shipped in 3Q10
The worldwide media tablet market grew 45.1% in the third quarter of 2010 (3Q10), driven almost exclusively by global demand for Apple's iPad. According to the International Data Corporation ( researchgroup, vendors shipped 4.8 million units globally in 3Q10, compared to 3.3 million units in the second quarter of 2010 and iPad represented nearly 90% of the media tablets shipped worldwide in 3Q10. The growing popularity of tablet devices among consumers worldwide is evidenced not only by adoption of media tablets, but also of eReaders, saysIDC. The third quarter of 2010 saw global eReader shipments increase to 2.7 million units representing 40% growth over 2Q10, with the U.S. representing nearly three-quarters of the worldwide eReader market. According to IDC, media tablets are tablet form factor devices with color displays larger than five inches and smaller than 14 inches, running lightweight operating systems (such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS) and can...
Jan 18
Two charged with stealing iPad users' data
Two U.S. prosecutors filed criminal charges against two people accused of stealing the email addresses and other personal data of about 120,000 users of the iPad, reports "Reuters" ( Daniel Spitler and Andrew Auernheimer were each charged with one count of fraud and one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization, prosecutors said. The charges arise from an alleged hacking last year of AT&T's servers, which affected iPad users who accessed the Internet through AT&T's 3G network. The charges come seven months after a group calling itself Goatse Security said it hacked into AT&T's iPad subscriber data. The group obtained a list of email addresses that also included celebrities, chief executives, politicians and several senior government officials, adds "Reuters."
Jan 18
CDMA iPhone orders expected to hit 12-15 million in 2011
Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology has recently started shipping its Apple CDMA iPhones orders with total volume is estimated to be around 12-15 million units in 2011, reports "DigiTimes" (, quoting "sources from upstream component makers." Pegatron originally only forecasted internally to ship about 10 million CDMA iPhones in 2011. However, as demand continues to stay strong, the company has recently increased its internal shipment forecast to 12-15 million units, "DigiTimes" adds.
Jan 18
Analyst predicts sales of four million Macs for first fiscal...
Any drop in Apple's share price tomorrow "presents a buying opportunity ahead of earnings," according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty in a note to clients, as reported by "AppleInsider" ( He discussed the impact of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence, as well as an improved outlook for iOS and more favorable component costs than previously expected. "We expect the company to report strong December quarter results Tuesday night and continue to believe our bull case of CY11 $25 EPS (vs. consensus of $20.68) is increasingly likely on the back of stronger than expected iPhone/iPad shipments and gross margins." the analyst says. ""In addition to upward revisions from the recent Verizon launch, our meetings highlighted long iPhone lead times in China given strong demand. iPad touch panels, the major bottleneck over the past several quarters and 10-15% of the iPad's bill of materials, are now produced at 90% manufacturing yields with potential...
Jan 18
Ludwig receivers to be compatible with iPod docking stations
Ludwig Enterprise ( says its new receiver, dubbed The One, will be compatible with the Apple’s iPod docking devices. The One’s docking connector is designed to mate or electronically couple with “off the shelf” docking cavities in external speakers, clock radios, charging stations and more. Interoperability improves product performance and increases accessory choices. The One radio is designed to be a mobile or fixed based multi-channel, multi-purposed digital 2-way communication device. The device will resemble existing PDAs with touch screen for channel selection, GPS, USB port, and self-contained antenna. The primary service is audio but may be enhanced with video, signage, text, educational and social networking features. Availability and pricing for The One hasn't been announced.
Jan 18
WD expands line of SAS hard drives
Western Digital ( has announced the availability of its second-generation WD S25 SAS drives and its latest WD RE SAS 3.5-inch drives for the traditional enterprise market. Shipping now, the 2.5-inch, 10,000 RPM, WD S25 with SAS 6 Gb/second interface hard drives offer IT professionals storage with new 450GB and 600 GB capacities. The WD S25 line, including the previously released 147GB and 300GB capacities, is designed for mission-critical server and storage systems. Also shipping now to original equipment manufacturers, the new 3.5-inch, 7,200 RPM, WD RE SAS with 6 Gb/second interface hard drives offer 1TB and 2TB capacity points. The WD RE SAS drives mark a commitment to the expansion of WD's SAS portfolio for high-capacity data center storage, storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), direct attach storage (DAS), networked surveillance systems and cloud storage.
Jan 18
Brother expands all-in-one inkjets
Brother International Corp. ( has announced its second generation of Professional Series inkjet all-in-one machines (MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710DW and MFC-J6910DW) priced from US$249 to $349.   This new Professional Series from Brother offers small business owners an opportunity to print, copy, scan and fax up to 11 x 17 inches. The new models sport such features as duplex (two-sided) printing to reduce paper consumption and Super High-Yield ink cartridges to save on replacement costs. The machines also offer fast print speeds, an auto-document feeder and dual paper trays to increase total capacity up to 500 pages. All of the models will be compatible with the free downloadable Brother iPrint&Scan app by April, which allows wireless printing from or scanning to an Apple mobile device or Android smartphone. The Brother Professional Series MFC-J6510DW and MFC-J6710DW will be available at national office superstores, retailers, dealers and online resellers...
Jan 18
Virtual TimeClock update offers new payroll integration
Redcort Software has announced Virtual TimeClock '11 (, the latest version of the time and attendance software for Mac and Windows computers. Employers can now prevent or restrict clock in and out times based on employee shifts, instantly track late arrivals, and view shift reports and summaries to reduce overtime costs and more easily manage employee time and attendance. Virtual TimeClock '11's new overtime control features allow employees to record an early clock in as their shift start time or prevent early clock-ins altogether. Allowing users to clock in early but not starting until their actual shift start time is called a "Courtesy Clock In." Early clock-ins can be overridden by a manager with a new security access setting. Clock-out restrictions work in a similar fashion to control late clock outs, including a new automatic clock out feature. Assigning shifts to employee schedules, calculating shift differentials, shift and late arrival reports...
Jan 18
Invoices for Mac OS X gets interface improvements
Tension Software has updated Invoices (, a native Cocoa application to create and manage invoices in Mac OS X, to version 2.8.1. The upgrade offers some interface improvements and adds a display, above the form, of the paper format used. Invoices (US$40) allows you to create a new invoices with all data without using the keyboard, only with the mouse and all from a single panel view. You can make two different type of invoices, Plain and Table, where description of sold goods and services can be managed in a different way. Invoices automatically calculates totals and taxes, in accordance with the set-up the user specified using his own country's rules. Invoices requires Mac OS X 10.4. It's Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
Jan 17
Power Manager 4.0.3 includes new developer tools
DssW has released Power Manager 4.0.3 for Mac OS X. This release includes new developer tools and bug fixes. Power Manager is an automation and energy saving solution for Mac OS X. It boasts a range of energy saving events, including the ability to run applications and scripts to a schedule. New to Power Manager 4.0.3 is the Power application programming interface. Developers can now programmatically access the battery and power information. This information includes the battery health, charge, and time remaining. A range of power sources are supported, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). The Power API is available through C, Objective-C, shell, and AppleScript interfaces. Power Manager 4.0.3 also fixes a bug in the inactivity trigger. This bug affected how multiple inactivity triggers interacted, and could cause triggers not to fire. For more information, and to download a 30-day demo version of Power Manager, go to . Registration is...
Jan 17
US Mac sales up 18% year-over-year for holiday quarter
New domestic sales data from the NPD Group ) says Apple's U.S. Mac sales were up 18% year-over-year during the holidays, suggesting that the company remains on track to report its best quarterly Mac sales ever. In a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster unveiled the latest stats from the NDP research group. The figures showed that international Mac sales are growing even faster than domestic, which means Apple is in line to meet Wall Street expectations of 24% year-over-year sales growth. NPD data from the September 2010 quarter hints that Mac sales were up 22% year-over-year, while Apple reported actual Mac unit growth of 27%. Munster thinks Apple will sell 1.2 million iMacs in the December quarter, without a major redesign, compared to about 500,000 of the newMacBook Air. As it did in December, the latest NPD data shows that Apple remains on pace to sell as many as 4.3 million Macs in the...
Jan 17
Apple stock dips on Jobs' medical leave of absence
U.S. markets were closed on Monday in recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, but the announcement that CEO Steve Jobs was taking another medical leave of absence (with Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook again overseeing day-to-day operations at Apple), the company's stock was down nearly 10 % in Frankfurt, Germany, for European trading. It closed the day down 6.2 percent, to finish at €244.05. U.S. markets, including the NASDAQ, where AAPL is traded, will open at their regular time of 9:30 a.m. eastern on Tuesday. In a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" (, analyst Mike Abramsky said he expects Apple stock to be volatile in the near future, but also buoyed by the strong expected quarter for the start of fiscal 2011. He noted that Apple and Jobs' decision not to reveal the CEO's condition could "sustain uncertainty." However, the analyst noted that investors may also focus on the fact that Jobs has twice already successfully...
Jan 17
'Consumer Reports': don't buy the first Verizon...
"Consumer Reports" is advising people to hold off buying the iPhone 4 from Verizon Wireless next month, saying the device they'll be getting is a middle-aged smartphone that Apple will likely replace in the summer with a new generation (the expected iPhone 5). In an online blog (), "CR" says you do take the plunge with the first model, here's what you may be facing for the next two years: "No 4G. At this year's CES, it became very clear that 4G networks, which promise data connections up to 10 times faster than 3G and dramatically smoother video streams, represent the future of mobile technology. And any smart phone that doesn't have this capability will get old fast. "True, Verizon's fledgling 4G LTE currently reaches only 38 markets (an estimated 100 million people), but this desirable service is expanding quickly—Verizon promises to reach 200 million people by the end of 2011). More important: You can't upgrade phones to support Verizon's LTE network. "A slowish processor. The...
Jan 17
Beatles sell over five million tracks on iTunes
Sales of Beatles tracks on iTunes have topped five million since becoming available last November, according to Apple -- as reported by "New Media Age" ( What's more, sales of Beatles albums have topped one million, with the 1969 album , "Abbey Road," the band’s bestselling album on iTunes. The Beatles' catalog arrived at the iTunes Store on Nov. 16. This followed years of negotiations between Apple and The Beatles’ record label EMI Group.
Jan 17
Xsan, Final Cut Server, Mac OS X Server on the chopping block?
According to unnamed sources, the discontinuation of the Xserve by Apple would be only the beginning of an overhaul, which would lead to the disappearance of some professional oriented activities, according to a "Hardmac" report ( 
Noting that the info is "unverified," the article says that Xsan and Final Cut Server could be among the programs being discontinued. "Hardmac" goes so far as to say that the Lion version of Mac OS X Server could be the last server version of the operating system. In November, Apple announced it would discontinue its Xserve rack-mount server in January. Why? “Since its introduction in the fall of 2009, Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server has become Apple’s most popular server system," the company says. Apple will continue to sell its rack-mount server product through Jan. 31, 2011, and will continue to honor warranties and support contracts. Apple has posted a Xserve Transition Guide (
Jan 17
'The Daily' to forego Apple iAds for now
The launch of News Corp's iPad newspaper, "The Daily," has been pushed back, and now it seems the publication won't be running Apple's iAds. Instead, News Corp. will sell all its own ads, powered by Medialets' multimedia and analytics technology, reports "Advertising Age" ( Among the initial advertisers are Macy's, Verizon Wireless, Land Rover, Pepsi Max and Virgin America, the article adds. Ads combine the emotion of TV advertising with the interactivity of Internet advertising, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs (now on a medical leave of absence). He adds that iAd, which is built into iOS 4, allows users to stay within their app while engaging with the ad, even while watching a video, playing a game or using in-ad purchase to download an app or buy iTunes content. Developers who join the iAd Network can incorporate a variety of advertising formats into their apps. Apple will sell and serve the ads, and developers will receive 60% of the iAd Network revenue,...
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