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Oct 14
Akvis MakeUp gets new effects
Akvis has released Akvis MakeUp 2.0 for Mac OS X and Windows. The upgrade introduces the Glamour Glow and Vignette effects. Akvis MakeUp automatically smoothes small defects on the skin. The software is designed for processing marriage photographs, graduation party photos, or even to add the special touch to your avatar for social networks. The program is available in plug-in and standalone versions. It sells for US$39 for the Home version (either plug-in or standalone), $49 for the Home Deluxe (plug-in or standalone), $72 for Business (plug-in or standalone, for commercial use). On the Mac, MakeUp requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
Oct 14
Magnet case released for the iPhone 4S
AGF ( has introduced the US$35 Magnate case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It's a leather-inlayed rubber case. According to Adam Stubin, vice president of Business Development, AGF, the Magnate is created with durable, yet flexible rubber like (TPU-Thermoplastic Polyutherane) materials to ensure maximum pocket-ability, while also protecting against every day drops. The back of the case is inlayed with genuine leather highlighted with contrasting stitching.  The sides of the case are crafted with a rib design to provide added grip, making the Magnate a supreme carrying solution. The interior features a textured pattern, and the exterior is crafted with inlaid leather.
Oct 14
Dragons Rage App roars onto the Mac
Dragons Rage is now available for Mac OS 10.6.6 and higher. It's available for US$0.99 in the Mac App Store in the Games category. Here's how the game is described: "Dragons Rage is an addictive, medieval, action arcade game where users take the place of an angry dragon. They must fight to defend themselves against an onslaught of enemies like knights with swords, archers and pike men. With iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions already seeing success in the app store, the new Mac version is in good company. Simple controls and bright, fun graphics make this game a blast on the big screen! "Using the power of fire, the dragon must move quickly to defeat enemies as they attack from all sides. Users will fight their way through villages, towns and mountains to reach the castle and their final challenge. Dragons Rage offers bright, graphic visuals that enhance the imagination and in turn, allow the user to get lost in fast-paced game play. The simple controls and catchy music make this...
Oct 14
CS Odessa releases new presentation solution for ConceptDraw
CS Odessa ( has released a new solution in the ConceptDraw Solution Park for individuals whose work revolves around presentations. The ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange Solution can purportedly import a PowerPoint presentation in an instant. You can view the entire presentation's content from a single view point. You can drill down to any level and reorganize content so that it best suits you. Extracted presentation content is displayed graphically. Notes that were in the PowerPoint presentation are included in the note area of each topic. With the data extracted at this level, you can add to the information to make it more meaningful for you and your organization. You can hyperlink a particular topic to a web site or a selected document to add additional detail, or insert additional topics that clarify and expand upon the information contained in the presentation. You can even embed documents into your ConceptDraw MindMap to add more content. Also with the...
Oct 14
Seido launches Charging Vault
Seidio ( has launched the US$49.95 Charging Vault, the newest addition to their line of power solutions. It functions both as a wall charger and portable external power source. Seidio’s device features an internal battery of 2200mAh and has two USB ports, allowing users to charge multiple devices and the Charging Vault simultaneously when connected to a wall outlet. LED lights indicate the Charging Vault’s power level, and an automatic shut-off feature prevents overcharging. The Charging Vault is accompanied by a dual-head retractable sync and charge cable. The cable is compatible with both Micro-USB and Apple devices, including the new iPhone 4S. “
Oct 14
BusyCal and BusyToDo updates available for iCloud
Apple has launched iCloud, its new cloud-syncing service that replaces MobileMe. iCloud is free for all iOS 5 and OS X Lion users. Updates are now available for BusyCal and BusyToDo that support iCloud. BusyCal 1.6 is a free update that supports iCloud and adds the ability sync repeating To Dos and Location alarms with the iOS 5 Reminders app. BusyToDo 1.6 is a free update that supports iCloud and the new Location alarms in iOS 5. It is available now for all iOS 5 users on the Apple App Store. You must upgrade to iOS 5 before you can install BusyToDo 1.6. Before upgrading to iCloud, please read the following: "Upgrading BusyCal to iCloud" ( and "Upgrading BusySync to iCloud" (
Oct 14
EarthDesk for Mac OS X rotates to version 5.8
Xeric Design has released version 5.8 of EarthDesk (, the real-time dynamic desktop map for Mac OS X. The new version adds support for high-resolution cloud data. EarthDesk replaces your static desktop with a photo-realistic image of the Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination as well as real-time global cloud coverage (hurricanes, storms, and worldwide weather systems) on your desktop. It operates silently in the background, keeping your desktop updated while you work. Unlike a screen saver, which only appears when your system is idle, EarthDesk's dynamic desktop is continuously displayed as your desktop background (and optionally as a screen saver). EarthDesk requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer. Single user copies may be purchased for US$24.95. Upgrades are available for $12.95 for licensed users of version 4 and $17.95 for licensed users of versions 1, 2 and 3. Cloud access is available starting at $9.95 for a single user. A bundle...
Oct 14
Cookie Stumbler for Mac OS X baked to version 1.3.1
WriteIt! Studios has updated Cookie Stumbler (, an application to keep your Mac's privacy safe, to version 1.3.1. The upgrade Cookie Vault keeps all data that you want to retain, such as log-in data, safe. Cookie Stumbler includes tools to detect ad/tracking cookies. It features schedules, on-click filter and automator actions to make the process customizable. The app requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. With Cookie Stumbler you can scan and track cookies, then remove them with a single click. It supports Google Chrome, Firefox, OmniWeb, Chromium, Safari and Flash cookies, Cookie Stumbler comes with a one-year subscription to WriteIt's update service, which includes software and definition updates. Subscription extensions are available for $10 for one year and $17 for two years for both, single and family licenses. WriteIt! Studios is offering the product at prices starting from $18.95 for a single user license (it's normally $24.95) for a limited time.
Oct 14
iWeb Themes Park introduces new iWeb themes
iWeb Themes Park ( has introduced five new themes for iWeb, Apple's web design application. They're made from separate elements so can be modified. The new themes are Deal, Memories, Purchase, Stamp and Steel. They require iLife '08 or later. The iWeb Themes Box of 145 themes is priced at US$29.99. Each template is available for $11.99 or $12.99. Four iWeb Themes are free for everyone.
Oct 14
Silverstack LT H.264 offers XML interchange with Final Cut Pro X
Pomfort has released an update to Silverstack LT H.264 that includes support for the new XML interchange of Final Cut Pro X. With Silverstack LT H.264 Pomfort offers a workflow solution integrating Apple's recently introduced XML support for Final Cut Pro X. Additionally, a Final Cut Pro plugin DSLR Log2video is published for Canon DSLR fimmakers using Technicolor's CineStyle format. In Final Cut Pro X the plug-in now can be applied automatically to all clips without transcoding. For checking the quality of film clips, Silverstack LT H.264 comes with pixel accurate zoom, as well as channel, focus and clipping inspectors. Comments, annotations and ratings can be added directly to film clips. All information is saved within the library and travels with clips when they are transferred to editorial programs like Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer. Silverstack LT H.264 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. It costs US$129 and is available at the Pomfort website (http://...
Oct 14
Flexiglass for Mac OS X updated to version 1.5
Nulana has updated Flexiglass (, an application for management of Mac OS X windows, to version 1.5. The upgrade improves the multi-touch features and fixes some bugs. With Flexiglass, windows can be moved, resized, maximized and closed with a mouse, trackpad multi-touch gestures, and keyboard shortcuts. Application settings can be modified to move and resize, real zoom and quick layouts to suit user needs and preferences. Flexiglass supports English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. A demo is available for download. Flexiglass requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and costs US$7.99.
Oct 13
A look at who plans to buy the iPhone 4S
A new study by the Retrevo research group ( shows that 12% of Android owners and 24% BlackBerry owners are planning to buy an iPhone 4S when it goes on sale tomorrow. Forty-four percent of iPhone 3 or 3GS owners and 42% of iPhone owners plan to upgrade. Initial orders appear to be greatly outpacing iPhone 4 pre-orders, and 53% of potential buyers in this study don’t think it will be difficult to get however, with 18% saying they plan to camp out or wait in a long line to get one you could see some anxious buyers waiting outside the stores for their turn to buy one, says Retrevo. "Although some expressed disappointment in the lack of 'iPhone 5' features it appears that interest is high and demand will be strong for iPhone 4S especially among current iPhone owners," says the research group. "It also doesn’t appear likely that you’ll see many customers camping out in front of Apple stores around the country like we have for products in the past."
Oct 13
Many Apple employees getting Thanksgiving week off
According to "MacGeneration" (, Apple CEO Tim Cook is giving most Apple employees the whole week of Thanksgiving off. The publication says the following email was sent to Apple employees: "I consider it an honor to come to work every day alongside the most innovative and most dedicated people on earth. This is an extraordinary time to be at Apple, and it's all made possible by your incredible efforts. 

 "We've had a record-setting year so far and we're heading into the holidays with the strongest product lineup in our history. Customers are absolutely in love with the iPad 2, and the amazing new iPhone 4S is off to the best start of any iPhone we've ever made. The Mac is soaring to new heights with OS X Lion, and on the eve of its 10th birthday, the iPod is still the world's most popular music player. 

 "In recognition of the hard work you've put in this year, we're going to take some extra time off for Thanksgiving. We will shut down with pay on...
Oct 13
Apple, Hollywood talking about movies on iOS devices
Apple is negotiating with Hollywood studios for deals that would let people who buy movies from the iTunes Store watch streaming versions of those movies on Apple devices such as iPads or iPhones without manually transferring them, reports "The Wall Street Journal" (, quoting unnamed "people familiar with the matter." The service is expected to launch in late 2011 or early 2012. The report doesn't mention Apple's iCloud specifically, the publication said that Apple plans to "put movies in the cloud" to make it easier to share content across the many devices. Since iCloud launched yesterday, it seems likely that this could be the foundation for such a movie service. Also, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told clients earlier this year that: "Apple's iCloud service for media storage makes it simpler to own multiple Apple devices and share content among them. At first the only media iCloud will store is music and pictures, but we believe Apple may add movies and...
Oct 13
Valve software chief: Apple will own the living room
At this week's WTIA TechNW conference in Washington, DC, Valve Software chief Gabe Newell reckons Apple will soon become a major player in the console biz by launching a product that will own the living room, reports "Reg Hardware" ( The head of the company games such as Half Life and Counter-Strike, as well as the digital distribution network Steam, was discussing whether the console business has run its course, the article adds. "I suspect Apple will launch a living room product that redefines people's expectations really strongly, and the notion of a separate console platform will disappear," Newell said.
Oct 13
Apple Australia wins bit to block Samsung tablet
An Apple patent co-created by the late Steve Jobs helped Apple score a major legal win in Australia that lends momentum to its patent enforcement efforts against Samsung at a critical juncture, reports "FOSS Patents" ( The Federal Court of Australia ordered an interim injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 over strong suspicions of the infringement of two technical invention patents. According to "The Sydney Morning Herald" (, Justice Annabelle Bennett says Apple had a prima facie case that Samsung had infringed two of its patents relating to touch screens and the gestures that control them. Earlier this month, Samsung told the court it would scrap the release of the Galaxy 10.1 if the injunction were granted because missing the Christmas season would make the new tablet "dead" by the time it reached market. However, Bennett said she had to weigh this consideration against the loss and injury that could be caused to Apple should...
Oct 13
Apple updates iPhone Config Utility, Server Admin Tools
Apple has updated the iPhone Configuration Utility and Server Admin Tools. iPhone Configuration Utility lets you create configuration profiles that define how iOS devices work with your enterprise systems. Version 3.4 for Mac and Windows has been tweaked for iOS 5. Server Admin Tools 10.7.2 is designed to work with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2. The update for the Lion Server administration management application suite includes updates for Server Admin, Server Monitor, and more.
Oct 13
Apple now ranks third among US computer vendors
Stand back -- who knows how big this thing is going to get? The Mac's market share keeps on rising, according to reports from two different research group. Apple experienced the strongest growth among the top five vendors in the U.S. PC market, according to the Gartner research group ( Mac shipments increased 21.5% in the third quarter of 2011. The robust growth of the MacBook Air continued to lead Apple's overall growth in the U.S. market, says Gartner. Per the research group, Apple is now the third largest computer vendor in the US with 12.9% market share based on sales of 2.3 million Macs in the third fiscal quarter of 2011. That compares to approximately 10.8% market share on approximately 1.9 million sales in the year-ago quarter. Ahead of Apple in the US rankings are HP (5.2 million sales, 28.9% market share) and Dell (3.8 million sales, 21.9% market share). Trailing Apple in the top five are Toshiba (1.5 million sales, 8.4% market share) and Acer (1.4...
Oct 13
Bose releases new on-ear headphones
Bose ( has introduced its next-generation of on-ear headphones: the OE2 and OE2i audio headphones. They cost US$149.95 and $179.95, respectively. The OE2i headphones come with an inline remote and microphone that lets owners interact with select Apple products, including the latest iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, and MacBook Pro models. Users can control volume, tracks, and voice applications -- and switch between music and calls on an iPhone. The OE2 headphones come with a standard audio cable. In every other way, the OE2i and OE2 headphones are identical. They feature an enhanced proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure. With redesigned and newly tuned earcup ports, audio reproduction is more balanced and natural, according to the folks at Bose. The OE2 and OE2i headphones also feature a new design that’s smaller and lighter, with a slimmer profile. The headphone’s ear cushions, made from memory foam, are designed to conform to the user and combine with a...
Oct 13
Sight Sound Technologies, whose parent company is General...
Another day, another lawsuit. Sight Sound Technologies ( whose parent company is General Electric, is suing Apple for patent infringement, reports "Patently Apple." The company claims Apple is infringing on their patents for system and methods for transmitting desired digital video or digital audio signals. Read more at .
Oct 13
Verizon Wireless testing 4G networks across U.S.
Verizon Wireless says it's the first wireless company in the world to broadly deploy a large-scale 4G LTE network, which is the fastest and most reliable 4G network in the U.S. From CTIA Enterprise and Applications 2011, Verizon Wireless announced this week that the company's fleet of test vehicles is being equipped with 4G testing and monitoring equipment to encompass all of the major operating networks in the U.S. today. Verizon Wireless test men and women will utilize the 4G testing equipment to monitor the company's 4G LTE network as well as the high-speed data networks of competitors that use LTE and other technologies. Using testing equipment from Ascom, a global technology company, Verizon Wireless test men and women are performing mobile data tests on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network as it continues to roll out across the country. The collected data will be used to measure network performance, benchmark against competitors, and assist Verizon Wireless network engineers who...
Oct 13
Clarify is new Mac-compatible communications tool
Blue Mango Learning Systems has introduced Clarify 1.0, their new image-based communications tool for Mac OS X and Windows systems. Blue Mango CEO Greg DeVore says Clarify helps people create clearer communications through the combined use of multiple screenshots and text. Users capture screenshots turn them into documents, add text and image annotations and then share their documents as a PDF, as an email, via Dropbox or through Blue Mango's free Clarify-it service. "Too many screen capture applications focus on just taking picture," he says. "A picture isn't a communication. It's a single thought, a single example. In our experience a single picture or screenshot isn't enough to communicate most thoughts clearly. But the tools that have existed up until now haven't made visual communication easy. Clarify solves that problem." Clarify is now available for Mac or Windows for US$29.99. A cross-platform license can be purchased for $39.99. Licenses can be purchased through the Blue...
Oct 13
Runware launches heart rate monitor for iOS devices
Runware has released the US$69 Runalyzer (, a patented heart rate monitor made for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, compatible with all analog chest straps and integrated with several apps in the Apple App Store. The Runalyzer is aimed at both beginners and experienced athletes who want to measure the impact of their training and monitor their progress. It's also designed for casual runners and anyone who would like to start again a physical activity. The Runalyzer is a small electronic receiver weighing just four grams. It plugs to iOS device, removing the need for a watch while remaining compatible with existing chest straps. This makes it possible to correlate the heart rate transmitted directly to the application with the other measurements provided by the iDevice: altitude, three-dimensional acceleration and orientation, GPS location, average, maximum and instantaneous speed, number of steps, duration of the exercise, etc. Combining these data, it is...
Oct 13
Target offers in-store price lock for iPhone trade-ins through...
Target is expanding its trade-in program through NextWorth (, which specializes in consumer electronics upgrades and trade-ins, to offer a price lock guarantee for iPhone trade-ins to 1,470 retail locations nationwide. Customers can go to a nearby Target store to lock in a trade-in value for their old iPhone model and receive the quoted value when they pick up their new iPhone 4S starting on Friday, Oct. 14. This is the first time Target has locked in trade-in values prior to product availability. Trade-in values are based on used iPhones in good working order, rather than phones in excellent or flawless condition, as follows: ° iPhone 4 (16GB & 32GB): US$200; ° iPhone 3GS (32GB): $120; ° iPhone 3GS (16GB): $110; ° iPhone 3GS (8GB): $101. In addition to essentially providing a free iPhone 4S upgrade, in-store trade-ins provide instant gratification to those looking to trade up to the new iPhone. Rather than mailing their old phone and waiting for a check...
Oct 13
AquaFold releases new application server
AquaFold has introduced Aqua Data Server 1.0, the first release of a new product designed to help organizations simplify and lower the cost of their business intelligence and data warehousing environments by streamlining the development and production deployment of ETL (Extract Transform Load) tasks, data migrations, reporting, dashboards and form-based web applications. Aqua Data Server provides a an open API (application programming interface) for accessing, manipulating and visualizing data from many data sources. It's a cross-DBMS and cross-platform application server, fully integrated with the universal desktop database administration tool, Aqua Data Studio. Aqua Data Server works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux on the Java 1.6 platform. It's based on the Apache Tomcat application server and MySQL database for application metadata. The web-based interface is supported by modern web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. Aqua Data Server...
Oct 13
iPresentee debuts new RapidWeaver themes
iPresentee ( has debuted 10 new themes for the RapidWeaver web site creation tool. Each theme include different built-in styles, page styles and snippets. All the user needs to do is to add content. Each theme can be previewed before purchasing. The themes require Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and RapidWeaver 4.0 or later. Each individual theme is available for US$12.99. The set of 10 RapidWeaver Themes may be purchased for $29.99.
Oct 13
Casper Suite 8.3 released for iOS 5, Lion
JAMF Software, developers of the Casper Suite (an enterprise client management solution for Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones) has announced the release of Casper Suite version 8.3. The upgrade features full compatibility with iOS 5 and iPhone 4S. In addition to the new capabilities for managing iOS devices, this new release incorporates significant enhancements to the OS X management capabilities in the Casper Suite, according to Chip Pearson, managing partner at JAMF Software. He says a few highlights of the new features include: ° Administrators can now manage even more settings for iOS devices including settings related to iCloud. ° The Casper Suite is now able to automatically deploy App Store apps to iOS 5 devices using push notifications. Paid apps may also be distributed using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) codes. Additionally, App Store apps may be distributed as managed apps allowing administrators to configure security settings for apps and...
Oct 13
Free X-PDF 10, Crossroads workflow solutions guides released
XChange UK and ThePowerXChange have announced the availability of the free X-PDF 10 & Crossroads Workflow Solutions Guide, providing product details and system requirements for time-saving and productivity tools available for PDF creation, correction, preflight and delivery. The X-PDF Guide is available in interactive, page-flippable eMag format for online viewing or downloadable in PDF format. Its' available as a PDF download or viewable online as an interactive eMag version at either the XChange UK ( or at ThePowerXChange ( websites.
Oct 13
Karelia Software's Sandvox now in the Mac App Store
Karelia Software says that Sandvox (, its web development tool, is now available in the Mac App Store. Through Oct. 31, it's available at a special introductory price of US$$49.99 (it's regularly $79.99) and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The new Sandvox 2.1.10 adds a new Blueprint design, and builds on the new SFTP publishing system recently introduced with new WebDAV and MobileMe publishing subsystems. Sandvox lets you drag and drop content, add modern features in a few clicks, and see exactly what it looks like right on the screen before hitting publish. Sites created using Sandvox automatically comply with the latest HTML5 web standard, and can be seen on modern mobile devices, according to the folks at Karelia Software. Once finished, users can upload their site to their favorite host directly from within Sandvox.
Oct 13
Adobe runs new Creative Suite promotion
Adobe is running a promotion giving Creative Suite users on older versions of the design software a special opportunity to upgrade from their individual or suite product to the latest version -- including Creative Suite 5.5, Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator CS5 -- with a 20% discount. The offer runs through Dec. 31. This limited offer will be honored by all Adobe Resellers and for customers with a valid license to one of these qualifying CS2, CS3 or CS4 products:   ° Design Premium; Design Standard; Web Premium; Web Standard; Production Premium; or Master Collection; ° Production Studio Premium or Standard; Design Bundle, Web Bundle; Video Bundle; or Macromedia Studio 8; ° Adobe After Effects; Adobe Flash Professional; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Audition; Adobe Dreamweaver; Adobe Fireworks; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Photoshop Extended; Adobe Premiere Pro   Additional information about the promotion can be found at
Oct 12
Apple updates Aperture, Xcode
Apple has released Aperture 3.2 and Xcode 4.2. The former, an update of the software for photographers, supports compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5. This update also addresses minor stability, performance and compatibility issues. Aperture 3.2 requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 and is a 635.76MB download. Xcode, an update of the app creation tool, includes software development kits for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and iOS 5. Storyboards let you design multiple iOS screens, and define the segues among them. And Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) saves developers from manually managing retain/release. Xcode 4.2 requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and is a 1.68GB download.
Oct 12
Apple releases OS X 10.7.2, Lion Recovery Update 1.0
Apple has released Mac OS X 10.7.2, which includes support for iCloud as well as some general fixes. Apple says the 10.7.2 update is recommended for all OS X Lion users and includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. It also includes support for iCloud, a breakthrough set of free cloud services that automatically and wirelessly store your content on iCloud and push it to all of your devices. iCloud on OS X Lion includes the following features: ° iCloud stores your email, calendars, contacts, Safari bookmarks, and Safari Reading List, and automatically pushes them to all your devices. ° Back to My Mac provides remote access to your Mac from another Mac anywhere on the Internet. ° Find My Mac helps find a missing Mac by locating it on a map and allows you to remotely lock the Mac or wipe all its data. Getting started with iCloud is easy. After installing the update, OS X will automatically present an iCloud setup panel....
Oct 12
Apple releases iCloud, iOS 5
Apple has floated out iCloud (, a set of free cloud services, including iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream and Documents in the Cloud, that work with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content and push it to all your devices. iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, contacts, calendars, documents and more, keeping them up to date across all your devices. When content changes on one device, all your other devices are updated automatically and wirelessly. "iCloud is the easiest way to manage your content, because iCloud does it all for you and goes far beyond anything available today," says Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. "You don't have to think about syncing your devices, because it happens automatically, and it is free." iTunes in the Cloud lets you automatically download new music purchases to all your devices, so you can buy a song on your iPad and find it waiting...
Oct 12
Apple posts Apple TV 4.4 update
Apple has released Apple TV 4.4, which adds support for iCloud's Photo Stream (see separate story) and new content. The update also sports AirPlay Mirroring, which lets you wirelessly mirror the contents of your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S’s screen on your TV via the Apple TV. New content includes info from the National Hockey League, news and business commentary from "The Wall Street Journal," and a new Trailer area for movie trailers. Apple TV also sports new slideshow themes and support for Netflix subtitles.
Oct 12
Analyst expecting an 'iPad mini' in 2012
Take this one with a grain of salt, but Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White tells clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( -- that Apple is planning an "iPad mini" for 2012 to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The "mini" name doesn't necessarily refer to the size of the device, he said, but a lower entry-level price. White says such a device would allow Apple to tap into a "more price sensitive consumer segment," and also fend off the Amazon Kindle Fire, the retailer's first entrance into the touchscreen tablet market. "We believe this lower priced iPad could be priced in the mid-to-high-$200 range," White the analyst in a note to investors. "We expect this will be followed by a much more powerful, feature rich standard-priced iPad 3 in (the second quarter of 2012)." -- Dennis Sellers
Oct 12
Apple is most valuable global brand
Apple is the most valuable global brand, beating Coca-Cola, according to the European Brand Institute ( latest eurobrand report. The Eurobrand 2011 report lists the top 10 most valuable brands (in descending order) as Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, IBM, McDonalds, AT&T, P&G, Pepsico and Philip Morris. All these companies are US-based. Apple has a brand value of 69.7 billion euros ($96 billion) in the study of more than 3,000 companies in 24 countries. Apple also overtook Google in brand value in a separate report in May by WPP Plc’s Millward Brown unit.
Oct 12
Samsung may tweak their technology in ongoing battle with Apple
Samsung Electronics plans to sidestep a sales ban on its smartphones in the Netherlands by tweaking their technology to avoid violating Apple patents, in a move that could help break a deadlock in the companies' ongoing legal battle, according to the "Wall Street Journal" ( The article says a Samsung spokesman hinted that the company might take a similar approach in other markets where Apple is seeking or has already obtained a ban on Samsung's smartphones and tablet computers. The company plans to start selling the modified phones in the Dutch market this month.
Oct 12
Analyst: upgrades to iPhone 4S could drive Apple sales
In a note to clients -- as reported by "eWeek" ( -- Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says upgrades to the iPhone 4S could drive Apple's overall sales numbers. "We estimate 18.8 [million] users of the iPhone 3GS are likely to upgrade to the iPhone 4S," he says. "Given our survey work suggests 94% of iPhone users expect to buy another iPhone, it appears Apple has built in an annuity of smartphone buyers." The iPhone 4S managed to presell some one million units in its first 24 hours of availability. The analyst feels the original iPhone 3GS, now free with contract, will also continue to attract users.
Oct 12
Apple releases AirPort Utility for iOS devices
Apple has released AirPort Utility for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free app -- available at the Apple App Store -- lets you manager your AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express and Time Capsule base stations without requiring a desktop or laptop computer. With AirPort Utility, you can see a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and devices. You can change base station and network settings, or manage advanced features such as security modes, wireless channels, and more. AirPort Utility works with all Apple 802.11n Wi-Fi base stations.
Oct 12
Qumu: 88% of Americans believe release of new smartphone matters
Qumu (, a business video platform provider, today announced the findings of its September 2011 survey of 2,361 Americans aged 18 and older, conducted online by Harris Interactive.  The survey, which was drafted based on Qumu’s experience in mobile and tablet use in the workplace, found that 88% of Americans believe the release of a new smart phone (e.g., iPhone 4S, Android, Blackberry) would matter to anyone.  When asked which groups of people the release of a new smartphone would matter to the most, Americans selected the following groups of people: 69% - Tech Geeks; 58% - Business People; 56% - Teenagers; 26% - Creative Types; 15% - Working Moms; 14% - Parents; 8% - People who are promiscuous; 5% - Prostitutes; 5% - People who can’t get dates; and 5% - Other. An overwhelming percentage of Americans (91%) believe smartphones or tablets are at least somewhat influential in their owner’s tendency to misbehave at work (By "misbehave at work" Qumu means performing...
Oct 12
Planito is aerial imagery app for Mac OS X
Vitaliy Pronkin has introduced Planito 1.0 for Mac OS X. It's an online and offline multi-layered viewer for aerial imagery, maps, placemarks and other geospatial data layers for the Earth, Moon and other planets from various data sources. In its simplest form, Planito can be used as online and offline viewer for OpenStreetMap-family maps. However, there are more layers available with data for travelers, students, teachers, and scientists, including Wikimapia objects, hotels, current temperature from weather stations all over the world, US Topo Maps, UNESCO World Heritage sites. Planito requires Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and costs US$2.99. It's available on the Mac App Store in the Travel category.
Oct 12
Epson expands WorkForce line with new all-in-ones
Epson ( has announced a new line of all-in-one devices for small and home-based businesses -- the WorkForce 435, 545, 645 and 845. The company claims they deliver the world’s fastest print speeds and mobile printing capabilities through Epson Connect to ensure easy, hassle-free printing. The WorkForce 845 delivers one-sided print speeds of 15 ISO ppm (black) and 9.3 ISO ppm (color) and two-sided print speeds of 7.4 ISO ppm (black) and 5.4 ISO ppm color.  It also offers a 500-sheet input capacity. The WorkForce 845 boasts such features as automatic double-sided printing, copying and a 7.8-inch Smart Touch panel. The WorkForce 645 has 15 ISO ppm (black) and 7.2 ISO ppm (color) one-sided, and. 7.5 ISO ppm (black) and 4.6 ISO ppm (color) two-sided. It has a two-sided Auto Document Feeder for copying and scanning two-sided originals. The WorkForce 545 features a 250-sheet paper tray and ISO print speed of 15 ppm black, as well a 2.5-inch color LCD for photo viewing...
Oct 12
Landscaper's Companion grows on the Mac
InfiniteNIL Software has released Landscaper's Companion for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and costs US$9.99. It's available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Reference or Lifestyle category. Landscaper's Companion was first introduced as an iOS app by Stevenson Software. Stevenson Software commissioned infiniteNIL to bring the app to the Mac. The Mac app has all the same features as the iOS version, such as a database of over 8,500 plants and over 9,000 images. Plants can be browsed by 16 categories, marked as favorites, and searched for based on their name, color, type, sun, water, grow rate, size, and other characteristics. Most plants include cultivation information, common uses, and potential problems they may have. Users can add their own notes and images to each plant. The Mac version also takes advantage of the larger screen real estate and features of Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"), such as full-screen mode, and gestures for scrolling through images.
Oct 12
MacMost produces Video Guide To Lion
MacMost has published The Video Guide to Lion. Instead of a traditional book or a set of tutorials on a DVD, it is an application that can be purchased in the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and costs US$9.99. Targeted at new Mac users, or users who have just upgraded to Lion and are looking to learn about its new features, the Video Guide to Lion is a series of 21 video tutorials that can be watched right on a Mac inside the application. Gary Rosenzweig, the producer of MacMost, says the guide's two hours-plus of instruction includes topics like manipulating files, using Finder windows, learning about Mission Control, file sharing, browsing the web, using Mail, and accessing system preferences. Once a user has purchased the Video Guide to Lion, it will download to their Mac and can be run at any time. They can jump around between the videos, pause them, and resume them later. Mac users can also run the Mac App Store from their Dock and then search for it.
Oct 12
FMClips is new FileMaker database development tool
CampSoftware ( has announced FMClips to help FileMaker developers copy and paste reusable script steps, layout objects, fields, and more into FileMaker databases. FMClips is an US$19, unlocked FileMaker database that uses the free Clipboard Explorer plugin from Dracoventions. These clips server to save any busy FileMaker developer countless hours finding text in their FileMaker database scripts, tables and fields, according to Hal Gumbert of CampSoftware.
Oct 12
DataTale Crystal is new USB 3.0 external storage solution
Data Watch Technologies DataTale RAID family of data management solutions has added the Crystal USB 3.0 3.5-Inch hard drive enclosure with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.   Created with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 application, the new Crystal USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure is backward-compatible with all present USB 2.0 hosts -- which is good for Mac users as Apple isn't yet officially supporting USB 3.0. The new Crystal USB 3.0 enclosure comes with a "hidden" LED that shines downward onto the surface for instant monitoring. Curved rubber feet on its bottom panel stabilize the unit.   The Crystal enclosure provides an ozone-friendly housing environment for any 3.5-inch SATA hard drive. It has a white, heat-resistant casing and a vertical design that allows hot air to naturally flow through the top panel ventilation holes for better heat dissipation. A hard drive spin up/down feature stops the drive when the host is idle. There's no power switch; when the host is off, the enclosure is powered off and...
Oct 12
Quark introduces special upgrade program
QuarkXPress customers using any version of QuarkXPress can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for US$299. From now until Dec. 31, 2011, all current and prior users on QuarkXPress versions 3 through 6 can upgrade to the newest version of QuarkXPress for the standard upgrade price, which is typically applied to upgrades from versions 7 and 8.
 To take advantage of the special offer, users must have a valid, registered, and activated serial number for any version of QuarkXPress. Upgrades can be purchased through Quark Authorized Resellers, the Quark Store, and Quark Customer Service. Visit to upgrade and for further information.
Oct 12
Elven Legacy comes to the Mac
Virtual Programming ( has released the Mac version of Elven Legacy, an epic fantasy strategy game that takes place in a world populated by five races -- elves, orcs, humans, undead, and dwarves -- vying for control. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later and costs US$29.99. Here's how the game is described: "Players lead the elves or orcs in the single-player campaign or choose one of the five races when heading online for multiplayer combat. Elven Legacy's storyline, which involves the elves trying to stop forbidden knowledge linked to their distant past from being used and threatening Illis, takes players on a magic-filled epic quest featuring over 100 types of units and five unique heroes. "Players' choices dictate which of the various endings are used when the campaign concludes. A powerful built-in game editor lets players create new missions while multiplayer combat offers 16 scenarios where five playable factions vie for victory."
Oct 12
GraphicConverter update adds support for 3D file formats
Lemke Software has updated Graphic Converter (, an image editing tool for Mac OS X, to version 7.4. The new version adds support for 3D image file formats like MPO, JPS and PNS. Also, it does enhance the Lion support. GraphicConverter converts pictures to different formats and has tools for picture manipulation. With it you can import about 200 graphic file formats and export approximately 80 graphic file formats. It's a Universal Binary product, so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. GraphicConverter costs US$39.95 Site licenses are also available. It requires Mac OS 10.5 or later. Version 7.4 is a free update for registered users of version 7.x.
Oct 12
Learn -- Lion Edition video app updated to version 2.2
The Mac U has released Learn -- Lion Edition 2.2, an update of their video training app for Mac OS X. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs US$3.99. With over 80 HD training videos, this course covers the basics of Mac OS X Lion along with some more advanced content. It offers info on ways to perform basic file and folder navigation to how to best use applications like iCal, Mail, Safari, iTunes, Address Book and more. Each video is presented in HD video at 1280x720 resolution: Learn -- Lion Edition 2.2 is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. To learn more and view several free sample lessons visit The Mac U online (

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Apple has Certified Refurbished 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros (MD101LL/A) available for $829, or $270 off original MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook... Read more
QuickerTek Announces 5TB Apple AC AirPort Tim...
QuickerTek Inc. has announced their new 5TB hard drive upgrade for Apple’s AC AirPort Time Capsule. By customer request, this upgrade also features six external antennas and offers the highest... Read more
Apple Certified Refurbished iMacs available f...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2015 21″ & 27″ iMacs available for up to $350 off MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free. The following models are available: - 21″ 3.... Read more
Apple offering Certified Refurbished Series 1...
Apple is now offering Certified Refurbished Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches for 14-16% off MSRP, starting at $229. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each watch. Shipping is free: Series... Read more
1.4GHz Mac mini on sale for $449, save $50
B&H Photo has the 1.4GHz Mac mini on sale for $50 off MSRP including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 1.4GHz Mac mini: $449 $50 off MSRP Read more
12-inch Retina MacBooks on sale for $200-$250...
Newegg has the 12″ 1.2GHz Space Gray Retina MacBook (sku MLH82LL/A) on sale for $1349.99 including free shipping. Their price is $250 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model.... Read more
13-inch 2.0GHz Space Gray MacBook Pro on sale...
Adorama has the non-Touch Bar 13″ 2.0GHz Space Gray MacBook Pro in stock today for $100 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and Adorama charges NY & NJ sales tax only: - 13″ 2.0GHz MacBook Pro Space Gray... Read more
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