Greetings, and welcome to the new MacTech web site! Our home page is designed to be your Industry Dashboard — so you can have a snapshot of all that’s relevant in the industry in one easy location. Many readers tell us that because the information is updated so frequently, they are now checking the site multiple times a day.

Here’s a quick run down of the features on the new web site, which can be subtle.

  • We’re running regular raffles. If you want free stuff make sure to register. It’s easy and only takes a minute!
  • Registering for the site allows you greater functionality.
  • The first few blocks are original content from MacTech (for geeks) and our sister web site, MacNews (for general users)
  • Below that are MacTech’s scanners, which scan the web and organizes it into News, Rumors, and Documentation. Updated every 15 minutes.
  • Our Whitepapers, Screencasts, and Videos section give you insight into great products
  • The Community Search narrows your search to the most relevant of Apple related sites for better results
  • The forums give you a place to ask questions, and share your knowledge.
  • Our partners at MacUpdate, and the Jobs Boards keep you up to date
  • Want to see all the news in one big list? Check out our new Information Firehose
  • And, don’t forget the Apple Central area, and ads throughout the site. Advertisers are what make the site possible

We truly hope you register so that we can keep you up to date about new features as they are implemented. And, please use the BETA button in the top right to provide us any feedback, suggestions or bugs. We love to hear from you.