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XtremeMac spins off Pro division to Gizmac

XtremeMac today announced that “in an effort to focus all of its resources on the iPod market, it has sold its line of pro server products to Gizmac, LLC.” The XrackPRO and XtroVERT server products, will now be manufactured, marketed and sold by Gizmac. XrackPRO and XtroVERT comprise XtremeMac’s pro solutions business unit. Gizmac, an Apple-centric accessory company, is led by Tim Cave, one of the original founders of XtremeMac and co- creator of the pro product line. Read More

XtremeMac adds new SportWrap Armband colors

XtremeMac today announced the addition of three new colors to its line of SportWrap Armbands for iPod and iPod mini. The new SportWrap Armbands (US$29.95) come in yellow, red and blue with black trim accents. The SportWrap, made from Neoprene, is designed to go on either arm, and is able to hold the iPod in either vertical orientation. It also features a play-through cover that protects the iPod from moisture.

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XtremeMac intros Audio Splitter for iPod

XtremeMac today announced the Audio Splitter for iPod. The $12.95 iPod add-on converts the single earbud/headphone connection on your iPod into two connectors, allowing you to share your music with another listener. The splitter is compatible with the 3G and 4G iPod, iPod photo and iPod mini. It allows access to the iPod hold switch, requires no batteries, and does not draw power or lessen the iPod’s battery life.

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XtremeMac intros 11 silicone iPod cases

XtremeMac today announced 11 new silicone cases for Apple’s iPod and iPod mini. Protection against scratches and bumps, the new cases feature ribbed sides, tactile surface finish, and ventilation holes. They come in 3-color value packs. The “Neon” pack features fluorescent and vibrant Orange, Green, and Yellow. The “Hot Colors” pack includes Hot Pink, Bright Green and Electric Blue. The XtremeMac silicone cases are US$19.95 for the Clear Translucent cases, for all models, and $29.95 for the 3-Color Value packs.

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SportWrap iPod Armband, RecipeManager announced

In addition to its new wireless audio technology, XtremeMac has announced the SportWrap iPod Armband, a sports case designed for active iPod users, and the RecipeManager for Mac OS X. The US$29.95 SportWrap, which works with all iPods, is made from Neoprene, a water resistant and washable material. It’s designed to go on either arm and sports a place to tuck excess earbud cord.

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XtremeMac announces Deluxe case for 3G iPods

XtremeMac has announced an updated Deluxe iPod case designed specifically for the new 3G (third-generation) iPods. According to the company, the new design is the first and only iPod case to securely hold the new 10, 15 and 30GB iPod models with no material covering any part of the front of the device. The US$29.95 case is available in black leather, black ballistic nylon and designer camel tweed with saddle leather trim.

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XtremeMac drops U.F.O. pricing

XtremeMac has lowered the price of its U.F.O. USB and FireWire hub for the iMac to US$99.95 (previously $129.95). The illuminated digital pedestal hub sits directly under the iMac and features a blue glowing base and an integrated cable management system that routes the iMac’s keyboard and speaker cables under the computer. The FireWire and USB hub offers six self-powered expansion ports at the front of the computer with a sliding door system to hide unused ports.

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XtroVERT Xserve RAID vertical enclosure debuts

XtremeMac today introduced XtroVERT, a vertical enclosure for Apple’s new Xserve RAID. The XtroVERT’s shape is finished to match the Xserve RAID perfectly, and provides a fully integrated, single-unit look. XtroVERT features a pedestal that is made of extruded aluminum that extends the full depth of the Xserve RAID. The design includes a special base plate, coated to prevent scratching of the Xserve RAID when it slides into place. A steel cover provides protection, increased rigidity, and a matching finished surface to the main body of the RAID.

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