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WiebeTech announces RTX200H

WiebeTech has announces its new RTX200H-QR is now available, featuring RAID 0/1 for two drives in TrayFree bays. WiebeTech customers familiar with the popular RAIDTech 800 (RT8), now discontinued, will find the RTX200H-QR is a gratifying replacement for a dual-bay RAID 0/1. Not only does it offer TrayFree technology for fast SATA drives, it also offers other enhanced features, such as TrayFree technology; quadruple connectivity; all-metal bays make a fully hardened enclosure; built-in shock absorption; and more.

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WiebeTech to offer 1TB drives in many storage products

WiebeTech will soon offer 1TB Drives in many of its storage products including  ProSATA,  SilverSATA,  TrayDock and more. WiebeTech is taking preorders now and will ship early June. The new hard drives are SATA II with differing speed modes, a 32MB buffer, quieting acoustics, SMART and a 7200RPM spindle speed. “Twenty years ago one Terabyte drives seemed impossible,” said James Wiebe, President and CEO of WiebeTech LLC.

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WiebeTech announces new v4 combo adapters

WiebeTech today introduced a series of new v4 combo adapters to complement its v4 ComboDock imager. The earlier series of adapters has been completely redesigned to make the new v4 series sleeker and easier to use, notes the company. Combo Adapters work hand-in-hand with the WiebeTech ComboDock v4 or Forensic ComboDock. They plug into the IDE side of the ComboDock, and each adapter has a sled connector for attaching the required drive. Pricing starts at US$49.95. Read More

WiebeTech retools Mac Recovery Bundles

WiebeTech today announced that it has retooled its line of Mac Recovery hardware/software bundles to include the company’s updated DriveDock docking products and Prosoft Engineering’s recently upgraded Data Rescue II software. New DriveDock features allow users to identify that the host is attached and that power is operational. New Data Rescue II has a new user interface, supports more file types and offers faster scanning and recovery. It’s optimized for Mac OS X Tiger, Panther and Jaguar. Pricing starts at US$199.95.

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WiebeTech launches enhanced Web site

WiebeTech today announced it has launched an updated and enhanced Web site. The new design was developed by Mueller Design Interactive of Oakland, California, and WiebeTech personnel. It features improved navigation and new tech support features. Visitors can choose from a variety of user categories and instantly see the products in that category. In addition, a product finder allows customers to find products by name and product type.

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WiebeTech announces new bus-powered drive enclosures

WiebeTech today announced that its bus-powered UltraGB+ is now available with capacities of 250GB (US$399.95) and 500GB ($799.95). UltraGB+ is a 3.5″ storage enclosure that allows drives to be accessed without AC power through FireWire 800 (400 compatible). Also announced is new high performance, high capacity versions of the ComboGB pocket drive. The FireWire 800/400/USB2 enclosure is now available with 120GB 5400RPM ($499.95) and 100GB 7200RPM ($599.95) drives.

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WiebeTech announces new features for Forensic DriveDocks

WiebeTech today announced Forensic FireWire DriveDock+ and Forensic NoteBook DriveDock+, which offer FireWire 400 write-blocked interfaces for data retrieval from suspect 3.5″ IDE or 2.5″ notebook drives. The company says the new products add features suited for high-speed forensic analysis of data storage devices. Data can be read from drives without risk of writing data back to the drives.

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WiebeTech announces 500GB storage products

WiebeTech today announced the availability of storage enclosures based on Hitachi’s new 500GB IDE and SATA drives. The availability of 500GB drives also allows WiebeTech to increase top capacities on its reloadable RAID products, such as the TrayDock eSATA enclosure (US$2599.95) with an unformatted capacity of 2 terabytes.

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WiebeTech announces reloadable RAID for SATA and IDE

WiebeTech today announced TrayDock Extreme and TrayDock eSATA — RAIDs with either 2- or 4-bay reloadable drive trays. TrayDock Extreme provides a hardware based Striped RAID for IDE/SATA drives and attaches to any FireWire host. TrayDock eSATA offers a software RAID for SATA drives and attaches to eSATA hosts. Pricing on the 2-bay versions start at US$349.95. The 4-bay versions start at $449.95. Both versions will begin shipping July 6, 2005.

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WiebeTech 200GB UltraGB+ portable drive enclosure shipping

WiebeTech today announced that it is now shipping a 200GB 7200RPM UltraGB+ portable drive enclosure that is accessible through a FireWire 800 interface (400 compatible). UltraGB+ is bus powered, allowing users to access massive amounts of data without carrying an AC adapter. First announced in January at MacWorld, all versions of UltraGB+ are now shipping, including this new 200GB version. UltraGB+ is the world’s highest capacity, bus powered FireWire 800/400 drive. Pricing starts at US$359.95.

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