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Tunewear announces PRIE Moccasin, Rawhide series

Tunewear today announced its “PRIE Moccasin” and “PRIE Rawhide” series of genuine leather cases for iPod 5G and iPod nano. The new line consists of an assortment of five compact leather cases, made from either smooth ultra high-quality vachetta leather, or nappa leather materials which will soften and mellow with age. Each case includes a hand strap which matches the color and design of the case and has a removable metal hook for easy detachment from the case.

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TUNEWEAR today announced “PRIE TUNEWALLET micro” series of genuine nappa leather cases for iPod nano. PRIE TUNEWALLET micro will be available in January 2007 for US$29.95. “PRIE TUNEWALLET micro is a smart and stylish leather carrying case designed to keep your iPod nano together with the cash and cards you need for an active life. As with all TUNEWEAR cases, this case has high-quality stitching and the soft nappa leather will become even softer with age. It matches both casual and formal styles.

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Tunewear announces ‘PRIE uni,’ ‘PRIE SilverBall cases

Tunewear today announced “PRIE uni” and “PRIE SilverBall” series, high-quality, genuine nappa leather cases for iPod nano. PRIE uni and PRIE SilverBall will be available in December 2006 for US$39.95. PRIE uni is a color stitch carrying case for iPod nano 1G and iPod nano 2G. It is made from black nappa leather and has vivid color stitching all along the front and back of the case.

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Tunewear announces PRIE Tunewallet for 5G iPods

Tunewear today announced the PRIE Tunewallet 5G, a wallet sized, genuine leather case for the 5G iPod. The new case will be available in three colors: black leather with red stitching [B/R], black Leather and white stitching [B/W], white Leather and white stitching [W/W]. it will also include Tunefilm 5G, a clear protective film that covers the front and back of the iPod for extra protection.

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Tunewear announces Tunefilm for 5G iPods

Tunewear today announced Tunefilm 5G, a clear protective film for Apple’s iPod 5G series of digital music players. Tunefilm 5G will be available in November for US$9.95 and will be included free with all Tunewear cases for the iPod 5G. Tunefilm 5G includes three pieces of adhesive clear film to fit the iPod 5G’s front, Click Wheel and the sensitive mirror finished back and provides protection for an iPod 5G against dirt and scratching. Read More

Tunewear announces Tunewallet, Tunetag for iPod nano

Tunewear today announced Tunewallet nano, a business card sized case, and Tunetag, a luggage-tag style leather case for iPod nano, both of which will be shipping from October 11, 2005 and will be available in three colors: black leather with red stitching, black Leather with white stitching, and white Leather white. white stitching. Tunewallet is priced at US$39.95 and Tunetag is priced at $29.95. Read More

Tunewear intros clear case for 4G iPods

Tunewear today announced the Icewear 4G, a transparent silicone case for Apple’s fourth-generation iPod. The IceWear 4G uses the same silicone found in diving masks, and allows access to all ports including the headphone jack, dock connector, hold switch and click wheel. Shock absorbing ribs on the sides not only serve to protect the iPod during falls, but they also function as a grip for the iPod when held in your hand or when placed on most any surface, according to the company. The Icewear 4G is priced at US$24.95.

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