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Small Tree facilitates NetBoot capabilities

Small Tree Communications has recently completed work on new firmware for its single port optical Gigabit adapters that will allow users to NetBoot Apple systems that use Open Firmware Standard (this includes all of Apple’s Power PC systems).  With NetBoot, users can boot from the network rather than from a local disk. The NetBoot capability in Mac OS X’s server permits multiple Mac systems to boot from a single server-based disk image, instead of from their internal hard drive. Read More

Small Tree intros single port PCIe desktop card

Small Tree Communications today announced the introduction of PEG1D, a new 1-port PCI-Express (PCIe) card that provides additional basic Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity for PCIe Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 users for US$99. “Offering high performance, reliability and low power use in a single integrated GbE controller chip, the PEG1D delivers increased performance, while significantly reducing CPU utilization.  Additionally, with the ability to achieve Gb speeds on commonly deployed CAT-5 cabling without costly cable replaceme

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Small Tree adds ATA-over-Ethernet storage products

Small Tree Communications today announced it has significantly expanded its product portfolio with the addition of ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) storage products. AoE is a standard technology based on a very simple specification that has been developed and tested well in the Linux marketplace. The new products come with a choice of pre-configured JBOD and RAID options and a Mac-like management GUI that allows them to plug-and-play out of the box. Read More

Small Tree announces 10GbE CX-4 switches for Mac OS X

Small Tree Communications today announced it has reached an OEM agreement with Fujitsu for its 10GbE CX-4 switches, enabling the company to offer a complete 10GbE CX-4 bundle solution for Mac OS X. “The end-to-end integrated solution provided by Small Tree includes a 12 port Fujitsu switch, Intel 10GbE CX-4 Network Interface Cards, Small Tree 10GbE drivers and BlazeFS file sharing system software.”

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