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Skype for Mac 2.6 offers Mac-only feature

Skype today released Skype for Mac 2.6, the latest version of its communication software for Mac users. In addition to improved quality, stability and more features, the company has done something entirely new: for the first time, Mac users will be able to enjoy a new Skype feature before it’s available to Windows users. Skype has introduced a new call-transfer feature that is exclusive to the Mac platform. Users can now select “More > Call Transfer” to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user on their contact list.

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Skype for Mac 2.5 goes ‘Gold’

Skype for Mac 2.5 is now available in its final (“Gold”) release today. Version 2.5 features “the ability to send SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world, bringing friends, family and colleagues yet another step closer. Also, Mac users can now use Skype to hold conference calls with up to nine other people. Calls can be made to Skype contacts for free and to landlines and mobiles for a small fee, via SkypeOut.

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Skype launches new exclusive edition for Mac users

Skype today released a new version of its popular communications software for Mac, Skype for Mac OS X 1.5. The new version, currently in beta, has a redesigned interface and is now available in nine languages. A host of new features include: improved contact list, calls in windows and chat drawer; simpler contacts search function; Easy Dialer for straightforward calling to landlines and mobile phones at very low prices.

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Skype for Mac OS X beta available

– Skype Technologies has launched the beta version of Skype for Mac OS X. The software is now available for free download. As with its counterparts — Skype for Windows, Skype for Pocket PC and Skype for Linux — Skype for Mac OS X lets you control your online presence and contact lists, and has many options to customize your overall Skype experience.

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