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Could Dashboard replace Sherlock?

Chris Bourdon, Apple’s Mac OS X product marketing manager, hinted yesterday that Dashboard and its Widgets (part of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger) could take the place of Apple’s Sherlock application. “There certainly are, I think, some obvious overlaps between the two of them,” Bourdon said. “I suspect we will see some widgets that are built that have some similar functionality.” Bourdon declined to comment on whether Sherlock will remain part of Mac OS X when Tiger ships. “Sherlock is a really great application.

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Apple releases Sherlock 3 SDK

Apple has released a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Sherlock 3, the company’s Web search tool that delivers stock quotes, maps, restaurants, and more without a browser. “Everything required to develop a channel is provided in the Sherlock 3 Channel SDK. The SDK includes technical documentation, a sample channel, a Project Builder template, and an Interface Builder Sherlock palette,” according to Apple.

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