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Apple releases Safari 3.1 supports Web 2.0

Apple today introduced the free Safari 3.1, what the company says the world’s fastest Web browser for Mac and Windows PCs. Safari loads Web pages 1.9 times faster than IE 7 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2. Safari also runs JavaScript up to six times faster than other browsers, and is the first browser to support the latest innovative Web standards needed to deliver the next generation of highly interactive Web 2.0 experiences.

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Safari gets major performance boost, other improvements

While undocumented in the release notes, last week’s Mac OS X 10.3.9 update includes a new version of Safari that brings substantially improved page load times. Safari 1.3 loads pages 35 percent faster than version 1.2, according to Safari developer Dave Hyatt. In addition to the performance increase, the new version of Safari has a very similar layout engine to that of the version that will ship with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

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Apple updates Safari for Jaguar users

Apple today released Safari 1.0.3 for Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar) users. According to the release notes, the update improves the Safari rendering engine to expand third party application support and includes the latest security enhancements. The latest version of Safari for Mac OS X 10.3 or above is 1.2.3.

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Secunia upgrades Safari advisory to ‘Extremely Critical’

Secunia has updated its security advisory for the Safari vulnerability issued yesterday to its highest severity rating of “Extremely Critical,” from “Highly Critical.” The vulnerability could potentially allow malicious Web sites to compromise a vulnerable system through the Web browser. “It has been updated due to details about ease-of-exploitation, describing this to be very basic to exploit,” Secunia’s Jakob Balle told MacMinute.

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Safari security advisory issued

Secunia has posted a security advisory for a “highly critical” vulnerability found in Apple’s Safari Web browser that could potentially allow malicious Web sites to compromise a vulnerable system. “The problem is that the ‘help’ URI handler allows execution of arbitrary local scripts (.scpt) via the classic directory traversal character sequence using ‘help:runscript,'” explains the security firm.

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Apple responds to Safari complaints

In a statement sent to MacMinute, Apple defended its move to release Safari updates that only work with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. The company said the recently released Safari 1.2 was “designed to leverage advances in Panther not present in the Jaguar release of Mac OS X. These Panther technologies are needed to deliver Safari 1.2’s most significant improvements.

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Apple releases Safari 1.2

Apple on Monday released Safari 1.2, the latest version of its popular Web browser. Version 1.2 offers improved compatibility with Web sites and Web applications, support for personal certificate authentication, and works with Java 1.4.2 to enable Web sites that rely on LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets. The update also provides improved application stability, full keyboard access for navigating Web pages, and the ability to resume interrupted downloads.

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Safari, Mozilla global usage share increases

OneStat.com today reported that the global usage share of Apple’s Safari Web browser has increased 0.14 percent to 0.25 percent since February 2003. According to the Web researcher, usage share of Mozilla climbed 0.4 percent to 1.6 percent in the same period. Netscape’s share has decreased 0.4 percent to 2.5 percent. Microsoft still dominates the browser market, with all versions of Internet Explorer accounting for 95.4 percent.   Read More

Washington Post: Safari offers ‘simplicity and speed’

“Safari is one of Apple’s finest releases, an elegant piece of work that shows a refreshing emphasis on two often-neglected qualities: simplicity and speed,” writes Rob Pegoraro for the Washington Post. “This browser — a free, 6.2-megabyte download for Mac OS X 10.2 — boots in a few blinks of the eye and displays pages faster than competing browsers.” See the full article for Pegoraro’s glowing review of Safari 1.0. Read More

Apple releases Safari 1.0

Apple today announced the release of Safari 1.0, the final version of its popular Web browser. Safari offers built-in Google search; SnapBack to instantly return to search results; a completely new way to name, organize and present bookmarks; tabbed browsing; and automatic “pop-up” ad blocking. Apple also released a software development kit today that allows developers to embed the Safari HTML rendering engine directly into their applications.

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Apple: Safari 1.0 coming ‘soon’

Apple said Monday that a final 1.0 version of its Safari Web browser is coming soon. The statement comes in response to Microsoft’s recent decision to stop development of Internet Explorer. “Safari is the fastest browser on the Mac, and has become the browser of choice for millions of Mac users,” Apple said in a statement.

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