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Runtime releases Revolution 2.7.2

Runtime Revolution today announced the release of Revolution 2.7.2, the latest version of its multi-platform development tool. Version 2.7.2 offers: Universal Binary support for Intel-based Macs; improvements to the installation process; accessing the online documentation system; and several bug fixes for the IDE and engine. The Revolution 2.7.2 update is available for the entire product line, including Revolution Revolution Studio (US$299) and Revolution Enterprise ($899).

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O’Reilly releases ‘Revolution in the Valley’

O’Reilly has announced the release of “Revolution in the Valley” by Macintosh co-creator Andy Hertzfeld. The US$24.95 hardcover book “traces the development of the Macintosh, from its inception as an underground skunkworks project in 1979 to its triumphant introduction in 1984 and beyond. The stories in the book come on good authority: Hertzfeld, a core member of the team that built the Macintosh system software and a key creator of is radical user interface, was one of the chosen few who worked on the project with Steve Jobs.

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Revolution Seminar at Macworld SF

Runtime Revolution today announced the schedule for its first-ever Revolution seminar, to be held during Macworld Expo 2004 in San Francisco on January 9-10. The two-day seminar will be held at the Argent Hotel, just around the corner from San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Highlights of the seminar include a keynote by Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution; “Net Applications: Beyond the Browser,” with Richard Gaskin; “The Future of Revolution,” with the Revolution development team; and more.

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Revolution 2.1 enhances OS X support

Runtime Revolution today announced that Revolution 2.1, the latest update to its multi-platform software development environment, is now shipping. Version 2.1 contain numerous improvements, including improved conformity with the Mac OS X interface style guidelines; support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and Valentina, improved support for Mac OS X Aqua appearance; support for drawers and metal appearance on Mac OS X, and more. Revolution is available in three different editions: Read More