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QuickerTek N Antenna Upgrade announced

QuickerTek today announced its new QuickerTek N Antenna Upgrade, offering better wireless performance than its previous model. The new Antenna Array Upgrade can be purchased three different ways: a customer-installed upgrade is available for US$129.95, QuickerTek can install it on the customer’s Base Station for $179.95, or an already-upgraded Base Station is available for $349.95 for plug-and-play use. Once an AirPort Extreme Base Station is upgraded, it retains backward compatibility with previous wireless standards.

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QuickerTek announces 802.11n upgrades for iMac

QuickerTek has announced its 802.11n wireless upgrade is now available to 24-inch Intel iMac and Mac mini users. With this “N” upgrade, iMac users are not “left behind” in the wireless networking speed race. The user-installed version is available for US$179, while the upgrade can be installed by QuickerTek for $199 plus shipping of the customer’s choice. This 802.11n upgrade is made to the same specifications as the Apple wireless networking card, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later and the supplied QuickerTek software.

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MacBook Pro, iMacs and MacBooks get 802.11n wireless

QuickerTek has announced the availability of 802.11n wireless upgrade cards for Apple, Intel MacBook, Intel MacBook Pro models and Intel iMacs. Users can choose to buy the card and install it themselves for US$149, or send their computer to QuickerTek to have the card installed for $199, which includes the 802.11n upgrade card, tools and illustrated installation manual — everything needed to complete the upgrade at home.

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QuickerTek Connect Wireless Antenna software updated

QuickerTek today announced that its QuickerTek Connect Wireless Antenna software has been updated. The Connect is a wireless super-antenna that does not require opening the computer case for installation. Connect is designed to work with the MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook and iBook models. The Connect is the first wireless antenna that anyone can install and setup and have the benefit of 200 milliwatts of wireless RF power.

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QuickerTek announces a 2,000 milliwatt wireless transceiver

QuickerTek today announced a 2,000 milliwatt (2 Watt) transceiver, expanding QuickerTek’s line of Point-to-Point long distance wireless networking systems. The Transceiver is priced at US$599 and works with all 802.11/b/g WiFi equipment including Apple AirPort and AirPort Extreme. It works with all AirPort-supported Mac OS versions and requires no software drivers or extra steps each time you want to go online. In addition, the new transceiver carries a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Read More

QuickerTek announces new 5.5dBi antenna

QuickerTek has announced a new 5.5dBi antenna for the Apple 17″ MacBook Pro. This antenna more than doubles the wireless range and signal strength for US$100, notes the announcement. “With a 5.5dbi RF gain in signal strength, users can expect both a gain in the wireless range and in the signal-to-noise ratio — giving a stronger and faster wireless signal. The ‘boost’ means you can sit a lot further away from the wireless access point or Base Station when working wirelessly.

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QuickerTek Automator eases PowerBook antenna switching

QuickerTek today announced that its PC Card Buffalo Bundle users can now update their computers with this latest release. Using this new, free Mac OS X Automator, users can switch between the Buffalo PC Card and the built-in AirPort card while using their AirPort wireless connection. “The PC Card Buffalo Bundle consists of the 802.11g Buffalo PC Card 54g which offers the fastest 802.11 speeds available,” according to the company.

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QuickerTek Bundle for Power Macs announced

QuickerTek has extended its long distance wireless network products with a new bundle — ideal for Power Mac users without built-in AirPort capability. These users can use the Buffalo 54g PCI Card and the QuickerTek 27dBm Transceiver for maximum wireless performance. The QuickerTek operates like a super antenna, pulling in signals that are up to a mile away and providing full speed connections.

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PowerBook Transceiver and PC Card Bundle announced

QuickerTek today announced the release of its QuickerTek Transceiver with a PC Card Bundle, allowing PowerBook users to step up to 802.11g speeds and get improved wireless performance. “This small Transceiver is not much larger than a antenna, clips temporarily onto the PowerBook case and is easy to travel with and easy to pop on and use, where ever mobile Mac users go. It connects to the PowerBook through the Buffalo PC Card – just like an antenna,” notes the company.

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QuickerTek announces four new wireless antennas

QuickerTek today announced four new directional wireless networking Corner Antennas for Power Mac G5 and G4 desktops. “With 12dbi and 14dbi RF power, users can easily experience three to five times the wireless range over the stock Power Mac desktop,” the company notes. No software, alterations or other technical changes are necessary to receive this wireless boost.

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New antennas for aluminum PowerBooks announced

QuickerTek today announced two new 7dbi wireless antennas for 15″ and 17″ aluminum PowerBooks. These new antennas offer 7dbi of RF power and are an omni-directional design. “When using multiple wireless networks often, omni-directional antennas are the best performance solution,” the company says. The suggested retail price has been set at US$110 and is backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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