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Qdea releases Backup Simplicity 1.0

Qdea has released Backup Simplicity 1.0, a new Mac OS X backup utility. Based on the backup engine in Synchronize! Pro X, this utility makes a bootable backup of your Mac to a directly attached IDE or FireWire drive once a day. It can keep a history of old versions of files, and can keep a copy of the history on the main disk for safekeeping in the event that the backup disk fails. Introductory pricing until Jan. 15, 2004 is US$14.95 for a one-year license. Read More

Synchronize! Pro X 3.0 archives replaced, deleted files

Qdea today released Synchronize! Pro X 3.0, a major upgrade of its Mac OS X backup and file synchronization utility. Version 3.0 archives files that are replaced or deleted, so that old files can be accessed later. Archived files can be grouped into convenient sizes for writing to CD-R or DVD, and archive disk space is automatically reclaimed by removing the oldest files to make space for new files. Synchronize! Pro X sells for US$99.95 Read More

Synchronize! Pro X 2.0 released

Qdea has released Synchronize! Pro X 2.0, a major update to its Mac OS X system backup and file synchronization utility. The new version makes bootable Mac OS X system backups while logged in as a regular user, adding an “unprecedented level of convenience.” A comprehensive verify function is also included in version 2.0, allowing an entire hard disk or specific files or folders to be compared.

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