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OWC announces 4GB upgrade kits for new MacBooks

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced that it is offering 4GB Memory Kits for Apple’s newly announced MacBook and MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo models, which began shipping yesterday. OWC is providing memory for these new MacBook 13″ 2.1GHz/2.4GHz Core 2 Duo Models and MacBook Pro 15″ & 17″ 2.4GHz/2.5GHz (including 2.6GHz optional configuration) Core 2 Duo models. OWC’s 4.0GB Memory Upgrade Kits are available immediately, priced at US$95.99 (configured as two 2GB memory modules). Read More

OWC announces Mac Pro Memory Kits up to 32GB

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced today its lowest prices ever for Memory Kits, including OWC 512MB x2, 1GB x2, 4GB x2 Kits. In addition, 16GB OWC Memory Kits are priced at less than 1/4th the cost vs. factory option. OWC 4GB x2 kits are available for up to 32GB of memory—twice the memory than Apple currently offers. A complete list of memory configurations are available from the Web site.

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