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Tag: macosxserver

Apple releases Mac OS X Server security update

MacUpdate notes that Apple has released Security Update 2003-07-23 for Mac OS X Server 10.2, which “improves the security of your system by assigning a ‘disabled’ password to a new account created by Workgroup Manager until that account has been saved for the first time.” According to Apple, “this ensures the new account cannot be accessed by an unauthorized individual.” The update is available via the Software Update preference pane. Read More

Apple releases Mac OS X Server 10.2.4

Apple today released Mac OS X Server 10.2.4, which “delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications, services and technologies: AFP, SMB and NFS file services, DHCP, NetBoot, Open Directory, QuickTime Streaming Server, Sendmail and Workgroup Manager. It prevents Xserve drives from being unmounted while locked, provides Digest authentication for WebDAV, management of Energy Saver settings, and supports NetBoot images greater than 2 GB in size.

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