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Kanguru 16x 1 to 11 DVD Duplicator announced

Kanguru Solutions have announced the release of the Kanguru 16x 1 to 11 DVD Duplicator, a standalone duplication system with 200GB of removable storage capable of producing 11 DVDs or CDs simultaneously. The unit comes equipped with a 200GB KanguruDisk and is capable of storing multiple duplication jobs. The KanguruDisk, a removable hard drive, allows users to save images of their source discs to copy at any time, and provides the option of loading up to 40 full DVDs on the drive; ready to burn.

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Kanguru intros redesigned Quicksilver hard drive

Kanguru Solutions today announced a redesigned Quicksilver external hard drive. The Kanguru Quicksilver drive features a new exterior alloy casing that allows for improved heat dissipation during prolonged use; the ability to lay the product horizontal or stand vertical; and now features a high performance 7200RPM drive and up to 400GB storage capacity. The Kanguru Quicksilver is available in both USB 2.0 and FireWire/USB 2.0 combination options starting at US$129.95. Read More

KanguruMicro CF combines CompactFlash reader, USB drive

Kanguru Solutions today announced the release of the KanguruMicro CF, a new device that combines a CompactFlash card reader and USB flash drive. “Because of its unique ability to upgrade, the customer is not tied to one capacity and can, for example instantly add as much as 1GB of storage to their USB flash drive by simply inserting a 1GB Compact Flash card,” said Nate Cote, vice president of product management.

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